Currently on vacation with some friends.  We rented a beach house and while swimming on Tuesday morning I got savagely pincered by a crab (pretty sure it was a crab, but I didn't actually lay eyes on the bugger).

Since I was bleeding pretty good, and crab are not clean critters (and the injury is on my foot - side/bottom - which right there, who knows what got into it as I was exiting the surf and wandering the beach back to the house), I am on a course of broad spectrum antibiotic for ten days.  Thankfully there is a plethora of walk in clinics in the area, and between my insurance and my FSA I was just fine - but the day has been labeled "CRAB ATTACK!" in our minds forevermore.

Peter Parker got cool superpowers when he was bit by a spider.  Bruce Banner ran afoul of something radioactive ... as did Matt Murdock - both of them were changed by the experience...  Me?  I get a totally pissed off crab and nothing to show for it but a foot injury and a vague sense of unease when I look at the sea.

...although I am not certain I would WANT to run around sideways for the rest of my life like a crab.  So there is that.


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