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([personal profile] etakyma May. 24th, 2014 01:51 am)
So one of my favorite grocery stores to shop at has those little personal scanners so you can scan your groceries and bag them as you shop.  I love that feature - because I can break up my types of items and nothing gets squished having been bagged by some high school student who just hasn't a clue.  So I tend to shop there for most of my normal food.  I also shop at Whole Foods for specific things (their instant oatmeal packs are better for one, and I can get my organic shampoo there).

But today I was in the scan-your-own groceries store.  After you scan and bag, you can use the self checkout and it takes your order and automatically loads it to the machine.  Tonight I paid cash.  I was supposed to get a few dollars and thirteen cents back in change.  I got the few dollars, but I got twenty-two cents instead.  It actually took me a few seconds of thinking "that's not right" to figure out what happened.  A group of young, male, employees were congregating at the employee station to take care of self checkout problems and I approached and asked them... "So, that machine gave me two dimes and two pennies, instead of one dime and three pennies... do you care?" And each and every one of them paused to parse the fact that a.) the machine failed at change, and b.) that I was actually asking them if they wanted to correct the issue.  Then, almost in Dolby Surround Sound I got "no, not really."

So I paid nine cents less for my groceries than I was supposed to.  But if they didn't want the hassle of figuring out how to square it with the machine... who am I to argue?
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