So my BFF has gotten into ice hockey.  Just one specific team that she roots for or is dismayed by in turn depending on whether they are winning or losing.  This is fine, I have no problem with ice hockey - I haven't been super interested in ice hockey (ever) before, but I've now watched a few games because, well, BFF.

She was trying to explain the reorganization of the leagues/regions/what-have-you.  Something about east and west but also within east and west there are blah blah blah.  Whatever, I kinda tuned some of this out.  All I really heard was Because Reasons.  I am fine with that.

But when I got confused I went and googled the reorganization on the NHL site and what I DON'T understand is why Florida has two professional ice hockey teams.  And why California has THREE.  Although New York also has two (three?), and for gods know what reason TENNESSEE has a team.  Really?  TENNESSEE?

I mean, wouldn't it make more sense to have ice hockey teams where there is actually, y'know, a possibility of ice?

Don't even get me started on the silly names of some of these teams (I mean at least penguins actually have something to do with ice and that kind of makes sense, but ducks? ...).

I do take a great perverse pleasure in quietly rooting for whatever team it is her team is playing against, so there is that.
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