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([personal profile] etakyma Nov. 18th, 2013 05:53 pm)
So I recently started receiving Graze boxes (  Which, if you don't know what that is is a healthy snacking service where you make a whole bunch of choices of things you like, love, or are willing to try (unless something completely turns you off or can't eat X, you should at least put all snacks in the try category - then you can rate them after you've had them).  And every two weeks (or four weeks, or every week) you will receive a box with four snack packs.

I've had two boxes and only one of my trys was a complete dud.  And since I despise apples in anything but the fresh-off-the-tree-preferrably-still-on-the-core-not-skinned state, I immediately trashed anything with (dried, whatever) apples in it.  I also can't stand bananas, so for the same reason anything with dried banana went into the trash. I went through the entire list trashing anything where even one of the ingredients turned me completely off - but left things that could go either way, So everything left on my try list is everything else.  Which comes down to about half the possible snacks (they have over 90 snack boxes listed, so thats still a lot!) and I've now tried about 6% of my possible list.

Each box is $6.  Which is $1.5 per snack box.  And you can end the service (or suspend it if you're going to be traveling) at any time.

Which is really a kinda long winded way of saying I've got codes if anyone (in the US) wants to try Graze. 
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