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( Jun. 16th, 2013 11:46 pm)
So Only Nephew, L, turns five in a couple of weeks, and as he and his sisters usually move to the Cape for the summer where his other set of grandparents have a home and they get to swim and sail at the boat club program, he decided this year he wanted to have a party with his school friends.

So Saturday I dropped by his party (a Lego party) which he had seven little friends from school.  Amidst the rain lately Saturday was an absolutely perfect, gorgeous day.  So he is five.

Today (Sunday) as I was having lunch with mom and dad my brother brought over the kids and I had that yearly conversation I dread with B.

B: Aunt A?  Why aren't you married?

argh.  Cue tearing of hair in frustration.  Why must we have this conversation every few months?  Yes, I am single, yes, I did not produce children.  Yes, I am completely OKAY with all of that.  B is NINE FRICKIN' YEARS OLD.

WHY must she persist in questioning my life choices?

We had a fairly short but serious conversation about yes I could have gotten married, but I was very young at the time and decided I wasn't ready even if he was (and he was even younger than I was at the time).  And yes, I could have had children, but for much the same reason as I didn't marry, I never felt ready, and I am definitely not going to go into single parenthood just so I can be a parent.  Parenthood is not a driving need in my life.  I just do not have that "biological clock" urge to procreate many women talk about.

Oy.  Well, at least I know now we have Had The Talk, I'll have a few months to a year reprieve before she decides to tilt at that windmill again.


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