Watching the British television series Touching Evil from 1997.  The third episode deals with an online game that translates into real life drug use (LSD) and maybe murder?  I don't know, I'm only a little bit into it, but omg the online "game" - in fact the whole online everything is completely rudimentary and simplistic.

I love the characters, and the cases are interesting enough, but man the technology is stone ages practically.  In this day and age of smart phones and iPads and tablet devises, to see this glimpse of fifteen years ago is kind of a trip.

Other things...

My college class is celebrating our 20th reunion, and because of other commitments I can't be there.  Which is fine.  I don't really need to be.  I knew the kids I graduated high school with far better than the kids I went to college with.  After all I spent twelve years with most of one crowd, and only four with the other.


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