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( May. 28th, 2013 06:32 pm)
Can it be called a "plot point" when discussing the upcoming season of a "celebrity"-based reality show?

I mean.  "Plot point" kinda makes you think "someone thought this up and crafted the story just-so" not hey, this event in my life is a "plot point" for this "season" of my actual life...

Still hating most of what is on television.  Enjoying exploring streaming netflix (through the Wii!) and getting introduced to all sorts of wonderful British TV dramas ("Cracker" and "Waking the Dead") and catching up on some movies I've missed.

So - I'll take recommendations of things to see!

I just watched the British move "From Time to Time" which is a family drama with supernatural overtones, and stars Dame Maggie Smith as the grandmother (basic plot - teenage boy sent to live with his estranged grandmother during WWII while his mother goes to London to seek information on his father who is MIA.  The family estate has secrets and ghosts.  The supernatural elements are well done).  Well crafted, and with understated elegance of storytelling - which the British do so well and the Americans generally have a difficult time doing at all.


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