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( May. 25th, 2013 11:52 am)
I am an arts kid.  Any kind of arts - I am there, I am with you, I speak your language.  Arts, crafts, performing, whatever.  Even if I can't personally know an art like you do (my musicality is kinda lacking) I at least understand the passion.

Sports - not at all.  The most I can say is I was around when my dad watched sports on TV?  I've heard more sports jargon I don't understand.

Back in '93 when the Bulls were set to "Threepeat" I got into the basketball games because the insular community I was a part of that spring and summer were HUGE Bulls fans.  To this day, I could not tell you who they were playing - this is how sports information does not STICK in my brain.

My best friend (also and arts kid - who has more musicality in her little finger than I have ever aspired to - but then I can do fine arts and she can't even do stick figures - it all balances out) has developed over the last few years an abiding love for ice hockey.  Not any ice hockey, mind you - JUST the Penguins.

There is some big thing the hockey people are vying for?  Yeah.  Hockey, that's the one on ice when the players all strap blades to their feet and hold a stick and the ball is the flat black one, right?

(golf - the one played in vast lawns with the small white ball and the long sticks aiming at a hole in the ground, right?  basketball - the one where there is a big bouncy ball and the goal things are in the air overhead, right?)

So yeah, I've been subjected to more about hockey and specifically the Penguins than any one not a fan should have to.  I am more amused by it than anything.  But I asked her why all the players were so scruffy she immediately replied "playoffs" like that should answer the question.  Also the color commentary of the game I watched last night sounds like the purple prose of bodice rippers when they start in on how well some of the players are working together - and they even mentioned one player feeding another player his mother's cooking... I mean courtship rituals, anyone?

I swear the more I learn the more hockey players seem to have more rituals and superstitions than any old-time religion. I found myself clicking on a yahoo sports news link because it mentioned the Penguins - I AM NOT INTERESTED IN HOCKEY! Yes, I realize the irony of that.

I'm an arts kid. But I have a feeling I am going to be learning so much about hockey for the rest of my life by osmosis if nothing else.  I'm okay with that, and sort of resigned.  I mean, it could be worse.  Hockey is at least interesting to watch.  It could be *shudder* baseball.


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