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( Mar. 31st, 2013 11:53 pm)
My parents have an electronic invisible fence for their dog, Max.  They've had to put it on the highest setting and make sure to place the collar high on his neck, because otherwise he goes right through it.  Because of this, today we had an interesting stand off between Max, a 70 pound black lab, and a couple of deer, just wandering by.

Max saw the deer when he was inside and started to go a little crazy wanting to go out (usually he is not a barker).  We didn't catch sight of the deer until he was already out the door and racing toward them.  Because of the fence, he stopped a good twenty feet from the deer that just stood and stared at him.  He spent five minutes growling and barking while the deer just stood there just inside the tree line and looked at him.

When it turned and bounded off (only a few yards - maybe thirty) Max chased her along the treeline (and along the "fence") until she met up with her deer-friend.  Then he turned around and came back, happy he'd driven them off... while they continued to stand in full view and nibbled on the undergrowth.

Big hunter-dog.  Chased the fearsome deer for all of a handful of yards before feeling like he'd done the job and returned inside.



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