So if only heterosexual couples are allowed to marry because only heterosexual couples can become unintentionally pregnant it follows that argument that marriage licenses should only be issued to those that ARE "unintentionally" pregnant.  No one else can marry, ever!  Only if you are pregnant unintentionally!

Because some asshat (and yes, on behalf of my ONE loopy State Supreme Court Justice, I offer my condolences) used the argument a decade ago to vote against same sex marriage here (he was soundly defeated, because the other state supreme court justices are more rational and not asshats).

A decade.  The actual laws change took a bit longer - it was 2004 when the first gay marriages were able to take place. But it has been a decade since the ruling.

I do not envy the Supreme Court.  But have my fingers crossed that the asshats using that ridiculous premise are defeated and the DOMA is overturned.  Because it is a stupid law and a hundred years from now people will wonder at the quaint customs we held as "modern" culture.


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