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( Aug. 2nd, 2012 01:10 pm)
Holy shit, its August. When the hell did that happen?

As you were.
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( Aug. 1st, 2012 10:13 pm)
In Vancouver. Weather is perfect. Meetings going well. Going to spend a little bit of time in Stanley Park tomorrow.
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( Jun. 11th, 2012 10:37 pm)
A disjointed "status of me" kind of update:

So I lit the spring ballet all day yesterday. One of the young women who was a lead dancer was having a wonderful time and while all her movements looked correct she was the most awkward dancer I've ever seen. Sometimes, no matter how much you practice, how much fun you're having or how well you execute the individual movements, some people just are not graceful. I know I am one of them, but then I am not dancing in a ballet (where I would likely be as graceful as a pig on roller blades).

One of the leads - in fact the princess lead - just graduated HS. She IS a graceful dancer. She also comes with an engineer dad. Which is only important in that he figured out how to make a hydrolic lift growing tree for the Nutcracker last December. And he made a couple of flats (the HEAVIEST flats I've ever had the displeasure to move - but they won't ever fall over!) He is sweet - and handy! And it is so nice to see dads who are just as involved with their daughters dancing and work to make their kid's shows better. If either of my nieces (or my nephew!) were interested in dance I expect my brother would be right there. As it is both girls are more athletic and the boy is not yet four (omg he turns four at the end of the month! yikes!).

Didn't sleep much (or well) last night. Hoping tonight I will collapse and sleep soundly!

Plans for the fake fire are moving a-pace. it will end up being about three feet long and maybe one foot wide.

I've got a number of projects that are nearing fruition - which is good because their deadlines are "dead" firm!

I got my annual review - and it was favorable. Which is also very good!
So this week I am headed for Paris, France for work. Periodically work sends me off somewhere in the world for about ten days. This spring's meeting location is Paris. I've been gathering up the things I am taking with and I have a couple of very... odd items that anyone who goes through my luggage might be perplexed at.

One of my co-workers is getting married in three weeks. In fact exactly seven days after she returns from Paris. We're getting together a little bar party while in Paris - a little mini bachelorette. I was tasked with proving the veil. Which I made, and is adorable (and hopefully I won't be bringing home).

The other "odd" item in my luggage will be a superhero cape, also made by me. I shit you not. The meeting was host-less until about eight days ago when we magicked up a host. So the person who magicked up his company as host (who gave $$$ to do so) is getting a dark green "superhost" cape with the superman-shaped emblem with a big ol' "H" in it instead of an "S."

Last Friday (a week ago) my boss asked me if it was possible to provide such a thing.

...Has she never met me? Of course it is POSSIBLE. The cape part is done (and fully lined, go me!), I just have to attach the emblem and the letters spelling out "Superhost" across the back and it will be done (and cutting out this lettering was SO much fun! I got to use my new toy!). This I will do in the morning.

But yeah, my luggage will be full of superhero cape and a bridal veil. Life is just a little weird around here at the moment.
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( Jan. 10th, 2012 05:30 pm)
So Ascendio is moving along. Tickets to the private WWoHP park event are on sale at a discount right now, so if you're going to get one I suggest you do so this month.

We're still accepting programming ideas - a lot of the informal programming is coming together - musicals and movies and wrock, oh my! Quidditch and live chess and fashion show and and and and... Again it looks to be a schedule full chock-o-block to the rafters with things to do at nearly every hour of the day and night.

In slightly more ridiculous news I spent some time this past weekend using an online resource to learn how to fold origami flowers.

We have a co-worker getting married the week after we all get back from Paris in April. We will likely take her out at some point while in Paris to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. Last time we were going to do this in Taipei for another one of the client leadership, Coworker C and I spent an afternoon making a crown and a (pretty wonky) flowered lei out of cardboard, blue gaff tape, small round pink stickers, a couple of meeting lanyards, and extra blue paper. We had office scissors (read not very sharp, and kind of huge - no delicate cuts possible!), black sharpie markers, tape, and staples (and a sewing kit from one of the hotel rooms).

I am prepared! I can make a delicate origami flower wreath or something for Coworker A that will be lovelier than the thing I whipped together in an afternoon in Taipei on short notice and with no contemplating time.

I think I like the origami tulip the best because if you fold it correctly you get to "inflate" it and it is so damned cute. But the lilies will be the easiest to form into a crown of some kind, I think.

Yeah. Origami flowers. So not as difficult as they look!
I took the red-eye home last night but we were delayed two hours on the California end which means it took me an hour to get home in morning traffic and not the 25 minutes in pre-dawn traffic. It was a fairly uneventful flight - I put in my earplugs and put on my eyeshade and pretty much dozed the whole five plus hour flight. It was not restful, and it certainly was not peaceful, but it was as comfortable as an uncomfortable place could be.

Besides being uneventful, the flight home was a little stinky. Someone near me had gas. And the young man next to me needed a shower (ETA - although faint BO is far preferable to cologne of any kind - there is so much cologne out there I am allergic to. BO is just the human condition). I was a little queasy by the time we landed. "Fresh," cold, tarmac-tainted air never smelled so good.

Had a conversation with CoWorker A before I left the office on Thursday. She got engaged in October, and is getting married in April. We have a mutual work trip the last week of March. She'll get back to her home in the DC area seven days before her wedding which takes place in Texas.

She isn't really freaking out at all. She is actually remarkable sanguine about the whole thing. The venue has its own caterer so she doesn't have to vet a caterer. She is not all about the long white dress (and she isn't sure if "white" would even be part of it) - she was looking at dresses from JCrew (yes, they have a wedding and party line) - and they ship in five days. She said she did boutique shopping and hated everything she saw (plus with her timeframe they were all like - uh, possibly not possible).

To her, it is NOT "all about the dress" - to her it is more about standing up in front of friends and family and being married. And by the time our work trip to Paris happens in March she hopes to have all the details for the wedding taken care of. She was contemplating that she might fly direct to Houston from Paris, but I pointed out that Paris in March is much different weather-wise than Texas in April. And she'd need a change of wardrobe at the least.

She said both her and her mother wouldn't know what to do with themselves if they had more than six months to plan the wedding. They'd likely wonder what the hell they were doing taking so much time and energy and making it not what she wants it to be (she really wanted to do it in her parent's backyard but they nixed that idea, which made her sad).

Also spoke with CoWorker S about her want of a dog. She and her intended just bought a house (as in JUST - closed at the end of October) and she wants a dog. First they need to put a gate up at the side of the house - they have a fenced yard, but it opens to the driveway, and they want to install a gate so the dog has the run of the yard. I don't think it should be difficult to do, but then I don't know how handy L, her intended, is.

CoWorker C and I spent the week in one of the small conference rooms. I enjoy the way C doesn't require conversation. We can work separately but together, and only speak when needed.

Ah well. I am going to have dinner with my folks tonight since I am working on the Nutcracker all weekend. Can you also say "not finished with holiday shopping"? Yeah. I've got a few things to pick up. But it totally does not seem like the holiday season even with the xmas music all over the place.
I'm in California this week (ugh waking up at 5am Do Not Want) and yesterday my company spent the day at its holiday party activities.

We started the day "volunteering" - that is preparing things for one of the local soup kitchens. I was delegated to the arts and crafts table making cards for dual thank you and holiday cards for the group to give its most stalwart volunteers. Other folks put bagged lunches together, and made chex mix and packaged it, and put together sample packages of diapers and toiletries for folks in need to pick up. We would have also been set to cutting vegetables in the kitchen, but the chef didn't arrive in time for us to do that activity. But it all seemed to go well.

Then we had lunch at Palacio in Los Gatos (which doesn't seem like it is usually open for lunch - we had the whole place to ourselves). During lunch we did a modified white elephant ornament exchange. I'm glad the ornament I ended up with isn't glass. Delicate, but not glass.

Then we were set loose on the streets of downtown Los Gatos with a sum of money and told "spend it or lose it - and you must spend it on yourself!"

OMG STRESSFUL (last year they gave us the same amount in amazon gift cards and I still have some left over from that)!!! I did not spend the whole amount - but I have an item in mind that I *will* spend it on, and that seemed to be okay - but it is a gadget and I need to research more about them before I purchase (e-reader for those who want to know - Kindle or Nook or Other?). Four people put the whole amount toward the purchase of an iPad (it got them more than halfway there), and two people upgraded to the iPhone4S. The apple store did very well with our crowd!

A few people cheated (a bit) and got kitchen/cooking stuff. I know it isn't technically cheating, and I suppose if cooking is where it is for you it might be fine, but I still felt appliances aren't "personal" enough. Whatever.

I got a few baubles in one of the cutest boutiques - just to have *something* to show. One of the ladies and her husband are going on vacation between Christmas and New Years to where they had their honeymoon, and she saved most of hers to go toward the golf cart rental which is the preferred mode of transportation on the island resort. I thought that was a good use of the money - because it will make their vacation that much better.

We ended the day at a wine bar, and spent some time showing off what we got - or describing what we were going to get. One woman has a fancy party for her father's 75th birthday and thought she knew which fancy dress she was going to get, but tried it on and decided not that one! so she saved it for when she finds a dress (and if any is left for shoes, etc.).

Shopping - especially under a time crunch like that - is incredibly difficult for me. The one co-worker I hang with the most gets even more stressed out and freaked because we are both "let me think about it" types. She, however, decided to upgrade her iPhone to the new one and spent it all in one fell swoop. Which left her so much more relaxed than I remember her being two years ago when we did this same activity. I guess the take away for the holiday party is *always always always* have a short list of pricy items you would love to own but might put off buying yourself to trot out and either talk about purchasing when you get home, or actually get while there.

The day was a lovely one though, sunny and and not cold at all (damned California and they still have roses and pansies blooming in freakin' December - which is a weird juxtaposition with the evergreen holiday decorations!).
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( Dec. 8th, 2011 06:22 pm)
So Coworker C and I have a fondness for SyFy Original Movies, and even though we live on opposite coasts we try to keep each other updated with possible New Movie News. Today we had this conversation via jabber:

Me: Having to do with nothing really I read that SyFy is having another terrible original movie this Saturday  "Snowmageddon" --which I think premiered last week, but I haven't really been paying attention to TV lately.  Points to SyFy for the ridiculous in the extreme.
Coworker C: I'm actually really surprised they haven't already used "Snowmageddon" as a title
Me: Yeah - except it is supposed to take place in Alaska (which looks suspiciously like Vancouver woods *not in winter,* but whatever) on Christmas - and stars a magical freaking snowglobe.  Oy.  Even the Magical Easter Island Heads Save the World had a better (if just as thin) plot.
Coworker C: Oh, Vancouver.  It looks just like everywhere else, except how it doesn't really
Me: Yeah.  And funny how no matter where in the world a SyFy Original Movie takes place it ALWAYS looks like the Vancouver woods.
Coworker C: Magic snowglobes, huh?  But is it an EVIL snowglobe?
Me: Well, YEAH.  Anything that happens in the snowglobe happens in the town.  Apparently.  Although I have to give it to the actors they get for these things.  They're all SRS BIZNESS and the audience is all "ORLY? HAHHAHAHAHAHAAH!"
Coworker C: Like a voodoo snowglobe?  Oh, man, THAT's what I should have asked for for Christmas
Coworker C: (And yes.  Those poor, poor actors and their dignity)
Me: VOODOO SNOWGLOBE! (voodoo - who do? you do - do what? remind me of the babe) From a "synopsis": When the Miller family discovers a mysterious gift outside their home on Christmas Eve, they could never imagine it would contain the power to doom their idyllic mountain community. The gift contains a snow globe with a perfect reflection of their own town inside. When they shake it, snow even begins to fall - whatever happens inside the snow globe happens to their town for real. But when buttons on the snow globe unleash a series of terrible disasters on the town, the family must band together and find a way to destroy it - before it’s too late.
Me: (I assume they mean destroy the GLOBE not the TOWN.)
Coworker C: HA!
Coworker C: And who did they get to star in this masterpiece?
Me: David Cubitt ("Medium"), Michael Hogan ("Battlestar Galactica"), and Magda Apanowicz ("Caprica") star in this Cinetel production from director Sheldon Wilson (Shallow Ground, Mothman)
Me: So people you will likely recognize but not know immediately...
Coworker C: Yeah, SyFy tends to have a lot of "Hey, It's That Guy" people
Me: Well, they gotta make mortgage payments and rent payments and eat, too.  Want to do a SyFy Original Movie? Uh, well, gotta eat, so sure.
Coworker C: See, if I was an actor, my response would be, "Only if it's extremely ridiculous."
Me: ITS SyFy ORIGINAL MOVIE!  Of COURSE its ridiculous!
Coworker C: Exactly
Me: I swear they must be written by committee - and not a good one.
Coworker C: Round-robin!
Coworker C: continuity? what continuity!
Me: If these are the scripts that get made into movies, I REALLY don't want to see what their "reject" pile looks like!
Coworker C: I'm guessing that the reject pile is frequently visited for new ideas
Me: ...oh.  oh.  OH!  THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!
Coworker C: Quick!  We have 48 hours to write a new movie!  'Well, if we take the first act of "Megatron vs Sharktopus" and put that after the third act of "Really Cold Weather" and tie in the dropped plot threads from "Ridiculous Movie X..."'
Me: No funds for location shots?  Okay we can just transplant whatever ancient thing we need for this plot point somewhere else in the world and bury it underground... Aliens did it!
Coworker C: Ooooh!  Rip off Stonehenge Apocolypse and make the plot be about a terroforming device that's changing the Earth to be EXACTLY LIKE VANCOUVER
Me: ...when Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is an exponentially better movie than anything you can come up with it might be time to hang up your screenwriting... YES - Stonehenge Apocalypse REMIX!  (THE VANCOUVER CHAPTER)
Coworker C: :D

And what I didn't tell her, but will tell you... I've read better BADFIC than some of the crap SyFy comes up with for scripts. On the other hand, they do sometimes cast some pretty people. So at least there's eyecandy to go with the Ridiculous Plot of the Moment(TM).
On my way home from Taipei, Taiwan and I fly through Tokyo/Narita - which is where I am right now. So I am in the United lounge (thanks K for getting me in!) and using the free wifi. The snacky bits are also way better than airplane food, so I've eaten a bit since I am about to board a twelve-plus hour flight.

Tie-Dye Friday came off swimmingly - I think we'll do it again in Paris.

I am coming home with the same cough I left home with - which is incredibly annoying. On the plus side one of the elderly Taiwanese men who worked janitorial at the convention center gave me cough medicine - he spoke no English, and I spoke no Mandarin, and yet...

The sun rose as we left the hotel this morning (Saturday). It is setting over Tokyo now, and it will rise and nearly set again, also Saturday before I land in New Jersey for my final layover before my final flight to Boston.

I have a couple of really loud talkers near me - which is incredibly annoying. They are four tables away, and yet it is like they are talking directly at me...

Random thoughts are random... so I think I will sign off... from Tokyo/Narita, Japan.

...I can't wait to get home!
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( Jul. 29th, 2011 10:26 am)
of some glee...

So yesterday evening I was with a group of about ten folks going to dinner after the last session (I'm in Quebec City) and we walked to rue st jean to pick a pub/restaurant to eat/drink at. We chose the Pub Sainte Alexandre. And of the ten of us I am pretty much smack dab in the middle age-wise - of not tending toward the older end of the spectrum.

I GOT CARDED!!! Drinking age here is EIGHTEEN, and from the group she picked to card me. SO GLEEFULLY DELIGHTED, you have no idea!

When she looked at my age verification, her reaction was sort of a horrified "oh, my!" Yeah. That's right. Nearly FORTY and you thought I looked young enough I needed to prove my age.

Anyway - pretty much packing up here to head home tomorrow.

Been a really good trip (even if I can't seem to get into one of my email accounts from here). But I can't wait to get home.

Gorgeous little city (from what I've seen of it). We went to the international fireworks competition show last night. Spain's entry was very colorful. Also loud. Next Wednesday night is Russia's entry into the festival and then a new entry each Saturday and Wednesday night until August 10. We were amused at the announcements before the show because they would go on at great length in French - speaking for a few minutes at a time, and then the English "translation" was maybe eight words long. So we missed a heck of a lot of what was going on. It didn't deter our enjoyment of the show, though.

The preshow - which was projected onto the waterfall and surrounding hillside was a fifteen minute monologue in French, and while very pretty, we didn't understand a word. Seriously, all I got was "woe woe angst and woe. tearing of hair, rending of garments, oh, wait! slight ray of hope? Huh. Maybe not."

I looked it up on the Web when we were back, and it is the story of a young woman (the Woman in White), who falls in love with a soldier and is engaged to marry him. He is called off to fight, he dies, she mourns a year and then dressed in her wedding dress throws herself over the falls. Her body was never found and it is said she haunts the falls to this day dressed in her wedding dress.

Yeah, typical. It was kind of pretty if you didn't actually listen to the overwrought Tones of Doom.

And then there were fireworks!

Food has been good. The convention center is mostly underground, so we're feeling a little like mole people (which will only get worse as the week wears on). Other than all that, Things are Going Well.
Was in San Francisco, and we split into teams to play a Go Game ( which is a cell phone based scavenger hunt type thing.

My team was four people, and we ran all over Union Square in the rain. But one specific "photo mission" I was incredibly proud of was the "iconic image" mission. To take a universally known image and recreate it using props and costumes and set dressing. We wandered through the lowest level of Macy's where we found a grey Snuggie (out of the packaging), a red loopy scarf, and a table containing former holiday items on sale.

The one item we found there was a black skull candle. Everyone I've told this to starts laughing at this point "Alas, Poor Yorick!" they say, and I say, yes, precisely! And that is what I named our photo - it was me, in the picture, wearing the Snuggie and the scarf over my head, and holding the skull. And my facial expression is such that I look grave and like I am talking to the skull very seriously. We thought it might be too high brow for the image, but it got the best marks for that item!

So, the Go Game - very fun yet weird experience. I enjoyed the interaction with the actors hired to play along with us - Agent Hotpants, Art Critic, and the Pirate, thanks, I enjoyed flirting with, selling to, and ARGH-ing with you!
Are nearly over. I've got some great pictures, that I will post a few when I am home. The last two and a half days we've done so much - Silk Market (did not like), back to the Pearl Market (did like), Tiannamen Square and the Forbidden City. Hiking on the Great Wall.

Saturday was our day to putter around the city, which a group of eight of us did via subway. I was nicknamed "Julie" as I was the designated cruise director. Since one of our number usually filled that role (and he's a guy, them calling him Julie was more poking fun at him in a good-natured way) he was all for abdicating responsibility to me.

I got us where we were going, through various hurdles and Subway stops, and back where we belong. And six of the eight of us were internet engineers. Herding cats, anyone?

But we walked through Tiannamen Square and the Forbidden City, came out the other end and found the subway south to the Pearl Market where we had a late lunchish snack, shopped until the market closed and took the subway home again. Love them all, but four of the eight didn't seem to have much of a sense of direction. It was a Really Good Day.

Sunday we were up really early and the hotel provided a small bus to go out to the Wall. We went to the Mutianyu section, rode up the chair lift to watchtower 6, walked/hiked/crawled along the wall to watchtower 1 (and actually beyond the "no admittance beyond this point" sign to a ruined watchtower we dubbed minus-one. Took lost of pictures, hiked/walked/crawled back to Watchtower 6 and took the luge/slide/tobbogan down the side of the mountain to the bottom where we fortified ourselves with hot tea and coffee for the ride back to the hotel.

Then we had a late lunch, I was fitted for a custom made shirt I bought (and which I will pick up in a matter of minutes) and got ready for our massage. Massage (Chi Balance) and dinner, and early bed.

So I have just the shirt to pick up and pack, and then we'll be headed for the airport. We've dubbed it the (name of my client) Express, since we know TONS of the people on this plane!

Anyway, I am ten hours into a day that will last me almost fifty hours, so time for me to turn this off and get moving! See you all online when I get home!

...a hell of a lot more than I can say.

I am not sure I can put it better than this photo anyway (please note the girl in yellow is about five feet tall. The gentleman in the urn is about six foot four):

ETA: Cedric brought me fresh Chinese Green Tea this morning in a glass mug/strainer/top combination. Delicate taste, fragrant aroma, perfectly delightful. I am well taken care of (spoiled!).
The hotel staff here at the Shangri-La is pretty phenomenal. Cedric, who is our food and beverage contact, has learned I do not drink alcohol. But I do drink tea. So far, I've had black tea, green tea, jasmine tea, Chinese tea (large loose leaves steeped hot in a tall glass tumbler). Last night at the event for the staff and client leadership, he gave me a glass with a tea bag, a wedge of lemon, and fresh mint. He then poured a cold bottle of evian water over the top, told me to let it steep for two or three minutes. Delicious! It was Morrocan Mint tea from a German company.

I look forward to trying as many different types as he provides. And, of course, tea is taken unadulterated here. Which I am also enjoying very much.
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( Nov. 6th, 2010 06:15 am)
Beijing is a beautiful city. The hotel is quite lavish - they provide slippers!

I have adjusted to the time zone - after several days of zombieland, I woke up this morning at 6:45am, feeling quite refreshed.

I am drinking far too much tea, and eating far too much food, but other than that I'm doing well.

We've ventured out of the hotel exactly once since arriving - we went to the Pearl Market. Yes, I bought pearls - a pretty necklace that is fairly simple, but also not the norm. I am not comfortable haggling over prices, but I am comfortable saying "No, thank you" so it all works out.

The guys have the network up and running - and they are running about making things work. The hotel is filling up fast with our attendees - more and more familair faces are being seen in the hallways.

The hotel hosted us for lunch yesterday (OMG delicious) in their fanciest restaurant. Small plates of fancy deliciousness. And far too many desserts to taste. The hotel boasts an "all cuisine buffet," a Chinese restaurant, a Japanese restaurant, and a fancy shmancy high falutin' restaurant (sort of an Asian-European fusion type place).

Otherwise, I'm doing well. The air quality is not good, and there are smokers everywhere in the hotel, but that is small pain.

Going to get a foot massage tonight. Sleepy. Hours to go before.
San Francisco International airport gives you 45 minutes of free wifi while you wait. Not as good as some (unlimited time) but better than others (no wifi at all).

I am awaiting my flight to China, so I will be very very scarce for the next couple of weeks. Looking forward to seeing the sights and experiencing the experiences. Not looking forward to the actual flight.

Lovely Halloween party last night with good friends, both just met, new, and old. I trotted out my Victorian lady costume, which one of the women there who is far more into costuming than I, and also has a knowledgeable eye when it comes to accuracy, loved my outfit - thought it was brilliant. So that made me feel good.

Am tired, was up all night, got maybe two hours broken sleep to SFO. Boarding in about an hour. Y'all be good while I'm gone, 'kay?
This tops "umpty squat."

In a business meeting today I came across this technical term I'd never heard in this particular form before, for this particular activity.

A proposed first meeting for a possible new group was just described as a "group grope."
Saturday I ran about doing lots and lots of errands - one of which was a three dollar solution to a fifty dollar problem for [ profile] gwendolyngrace. We are crafty! But I also went to Lowes to research some things for the shop.

Sunday I went into the shop and helped out with display. My mom was "big picture-ing" it - she was moving large items hanging on the walls around and making the shop look really good. LLC set me on "little picturing" it - I was relegated to clearing off and re displaying one shelf of jewelry in one of the cases, and making a list of the designs the shop had sold out of. I really enjoy the time I spend in the shop - it gets me out of the house and talking to people. I love the ladies who meet for Sunday morning display work. They're pretty fun and entertaining. Plus DL, the leather worker at the shop has given me three large bags of leather she no longer uses. There are some full skins as well as some pieces she's cut things out of. All of it will be fairly useful in costuming, for items or trims. Maybe a patchwork vest. I've never worked in leather, so I am looking forward to it. Interestingly, for health reasons DL has been vegan (celieac-casin? Something to do with gluten allergy and other animal protein, maybe?). She is no longer strictly vegan, but she is on a limited diet.

My dad came in with the dog while I was there to get everyone tea and coffee from Starbucks. I got a chai tea - which was a mistake, as Starbucks has changed their tea. Don't get me wrong, it was delicious, but man, I was shaking with the caffeine hit an hour later. Starbucks tea did not used to do that to me. But now, with the new "full leafed tea" and the tea bags are about twice as big as they used to be, it is also three times as strong. Guess I won't be getting any caffeinated tea from Starbucks anymore (bastards).

Then Mom and I went home for lunch with my dad. And after lunch my dad turned on the football game and my mom and I sat and chatted in the living room while I cut up a pattern I was thinking of using, and she covered a couple of pillows with some soft rugs she got at the discount shop for less than two dollars each. The pillows look fabulous.

Monday began benignly enough, and sort of went down hill from there. But it did end with a dinner date with my dad, so it wasn't all bad (mom was at the monthly meeting for the store, so dad was at loose ends). Today began with email from my client who hadn't received my email from Friday testing a new tool. So it looked as if I blew him off. I did not. So I resent my Friday email, and followed it up with an IM. ARGH!

Hopefully the rest of the week goes a little smoother. In other, better news, it looks like I am vacationing in Delaware this summer. Beach House! I can't wait. I wonder how hard it is to make a kite?
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( Aug. 2nd, 2009 07:39 pm)
Part of my job is moderating/running a two-and-a-half-hour teleconference for about twenty/twenty-five people every two weeks. I've done this for literally *years.* And while the lineup of people involved has changed and grown over the years, I have stayed on through three different companies holding the contract for this particular client. I have not missed a teleconference since I took over as moderator, summer of 2003. That is SIX YEARS for those playing at home. Six years of every other week. For many many many of those years I had to schedule everything around the two week schedule - including getting ill. I've moderated the teleconference with laryngitis. With a fever of 102. Sick or otherwise not at work. Because for five of the last six years I've had no backup. And nobody who could take over if anything happened to me. Thank providence I didn't have to go in for surgery.

This particular part of my job is why I am so damned valuable to my client, and why I was one of the "key people" they wanted to go when they chose the new company for the contract.

The schedule for the next quarter is out, and I am about to miss my very first teleconference IN SIX YEARS because I am going to be on vacation. I get to have a vacation, because I have very capable backup now, with the company that currently holds the contract.

I can't wait.


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