Sometimes, in the suburban parking lots near my neighborhood, tractor trailer trucks overnight. The state thru-way rumbles by less than a mile from here, and I can usually hear some of the traffic on quiet nights - and in my neighborhood all the nights are quiet. We'd have to be having huge storms for it not to be quiet.

Tonight, the subsonic rumble from *something* (I suspect one of those tractor trailer trucks) is driving me out of my mind. And keeping me up. It isn't exactly a sound - but there is a definite (if subtle and very very low) vibration. I feel like there is atmospheric pressure on my ears - but that isn't quite right to describe this feeling/sound/whatever either. The best I can tell it is similar to that thing that makes noise-canceling earphones so uncomfortable for me to use - I hate them, can't use them.

I can't fall asleep - and the constant rumble/pressure/pain has me keyed up.


I suppose it doesn't help that my house is a slab ranch - meaning its foundation is a flat concrete slab that house sits on. No basement.
There is absolutely no way I am going to see HP7.2 tonight. I was up wicked early this morning, and there is no way I'd be able to stay up until three am - and I have to work in the morning (I can't take a day off right before the meeting - I just don't have the time). Perhaps next week before I go off to Canada I'll be able to go and see it.

So everyone who is going off to see it when it opens at midnight, have a great time! And please cut tag any spoilers... please? Thank you!
what the fuck - ow.

so it feels like i've been kicked in the arm. motherfucking tetanus shot. last time i had one of these fuckers i was high on the good shit and the ache after the shot was nothing compared to the overall pain and agony i was already in so it didn't rate. now? with no reason other than it was (long past) time to get it again and no good shit it feels like my right arm had been beat black and blue. the flu shot arm aches a bit but only when touched. the tetanus shot arm aches every time i move it. or don't move it. or breathe. or generally just exist. sometime i think it is not worth getting out of bed in the morning. but then i realize, i would still be in pain, just also in bed. which kinda makes me want to go back to bed, because what better place to be?
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( Sep. 10th, 2008 03:38 pm)

So I got my electric bill today in the mail. Post marked September 8. Unfortunately, it is (was) DUE on SEPTEMBER 7!!!

WTF? C'mon, people! I can't go *back* *in* *time* to pay the bill on time.

...having a craptastic day, how about you?
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( Oct. 26th, 2005 02:27 pm)
For my week-and-a-half in Vancouver. Anyone ever been there? I'm going for work, so most likely I will not see much of the city. Airport to hotel and environs of hotel back to the airport. At least the hotel is right on the water and I am told there are copious restaurants, and park-like walking paths all around. Taking my umbrella and my walking shoes.
whinging and whining about a number of things y'all can just ignore - also cut because of potty-mouth language. )

More amusing - I get home after pizza with Gwen to a message on my answering machine obviously not for me. It is a teacher at the High School for the parents of, let's call him "Barney" (not the name given to me) who is not doing his homework and has a test on chapter eight this Friday and is failing Earth Sciences. The teacher want the parents of "Barney" to understand the situation and goes on for a while about what he hopes the parents do for getting "Barney" back up to doing the work for class. The teacher slurred his name (or else had such a broad accent I couldn't understand it) and did not specify what High School he was calling from. As I have no child named "Barney" (or otherwise), and no husband named "Harold" or otherwise, I listened to the message carefully so I could call the teacher back and let him know his telephone message went awry.

No number was included. I figure, okay, no way can I track this down and go to bed. I am still awake at two am and get the bright idea to look up online if there is a Earth Sciences teacher at the most local high school whose name vaguely resembles the one I wrote down earlier from the phone message. I get onto the HS site, and find the Science department is bigger than any four departments put together at the HS I attended many years ago. But there is one possible guy, and I shoot him off an email telling him I hope "Barney's" parents get the message this time, if he truly is the teacher in question.

Haven't received a reply, but if "Barney" fails the test on chapter eight on Friday, don't come crying to me. I did everything I could, probably more than most.


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