Didn't lose power (yay).  DID get about 27 inches of snow - and most of it fell between 11pm Friday night and 11am Saturday morning.  Breaking out of the house was fun on Saturday, and I got the drive shoveled (I am one of the last remaining person-powered snow removal device users left in the neighborhood).  Took two hours, and that was having parked the car down the drive just out of reach of the kick-up from the plowing.

So Saturday was a complete loss - there was a travel ban on until 4pm and nothing was open ANYWHERE.  I think it was noon before I saw a car actually traveling down the road, not just pulling out to shift the snow from around the parking spot.  But man, any vehicle they could slap a plow to the front of got one.  For thirty-six hours the plows were working pretty much non-stop and they did a phenomenal job 9yes, even though the plow crust across the head of the drive was waist-high and packed three feet wide.

Went to my folks' for lunch today.  Mom and I washed the (stinky) dog.  He doesn't quite know what to do with snow that is almost taller than him.  He can stand and rest his chin on it - which makes it a little bit of a daunting prospect for him to forge through it.  He can, because he is a 70-plus pound lab.  But it is still daunting.

Dad went off to watch the girls swim at their meet today.  I guess they both did all right.
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( Oct. 29th, 2012 01:41 pm)
Still here. Still have power (for the moment). Power has bobbled a couple of times, and the wind is picking up.

Stay safe all East Coasters. And stay off the roads (it is very very quiet apart from the wind).

ETA: The tall cedar tree in my front yard just came down (DID NOT hit the house or car or neighbors - if it had to pick a direction to fall it picked the best path). Son of a bitch - I won't be able to take care of getting it taken away until I get home from the trip I am going on on Wednesday.
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( Jan. 22nd, 2012 06:51 pm)
Just got home from a road trip weekend to four inches of snow on the ground. And what looks like the tracks of a fight in the front yard.

While shoveling the driveway I think I figured out what all the tracks were about (because while my house was very quiet this weekend, apparently my yard was the happenin' place to be!).

Friday I had to shovel the driveway before I left - only about two inches but I knew we were expecting a storm on Saturday, so - drive and walks were clear when I left, and there was about an inch to two inches of snow in the yard. Friday sometime after I left I got an oil delivery - the bill was stuck in the storm door (I hate it when they put it stuck to the storm door because it isn't protected from the weather). It must have been Friday as they did not disturb any snow - and I had shoveled the path enough for them to get to the tank).

Friday night into Saturday it snowed about four-ish inches. Mail came on Saturday after most of the snow had fallen - his prints were pretty clear. Also on Saturday someone had a big old party all over my front yard - or there was a deathmatch by all the prints and trails. I am assuming, since the tracks come from the general direction of next door, that the little girls who live next door annexed my yard to theirs to expand their play. I am also guessing by what I could see by the light of the nearest streetlamp that they were either dragging each other about or perhaps making snow angels (probably the snow angels thing... my clean expanse of unmarked yard was probably too tempting to pass up).

I arrived home to shovel out the driveway. Which was neither difficult nor long to do.

The weekend, I think, was very successful. Although I am sure there will likely be at least one more weekend like this one. And whew, I am tired tired tired!
Hello from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Which is on the Outer Banks. And is Under Threat of Hurricane Irene. We've had a marvelous time exploring this week - we've seen many little museums of maritime and native and wilderness history. We've seen lighthouses and points of interest (and the Wright Memorial from the road). We've flown kites, and dug sandcastles, and played in the ever-strengthening surf. We've had an earthquake (only one of us really felt it, though), and had a front seat to Guys Moving A House Down the Road And Tying Up Traffic in Both Directions.

And now Irene is making the end of our week together a little more exciting. So we're leaving the Outer Banks a wee bit early (currently under mandatory evacuation order as of 8am today, but our plans are to leave tomorrow morning bright and early). We're watching the path of Irene pretty closely, so no worries there, and tomorrow we should be safe enough inland, ready to journey further north on our respective paths on Saturday, well ahead of Irene. Although I expect she'll chase us all the way home.

Hopefully Dulles is still operating on Saturday and the one of us who needs to fly out will be able to.

Hunker down, everyone on the East Coast. Batten down the hatches. This looks to be a big one!
My parent's dog, Max, a pretty good sized black lab, is shedding like hell right now. After I helped my mom at the shop we went to my folks' for lunch today. After lunch we took Max out on the deck to brush him, since my dad hadn't done it after his walk. Fistfuls of fur came off him! And he treated it like a huge game.

And just to be thorough, we decided to bathe him (since the brushing brought all the sand and grit he loves to roll in to the surface). Ugh - more fistfuls of fur! We clogged the tub drain several times. He was good, though, and leapt into the tub when we wanted him to, and even if he was a little confused as to why we wanted him to stay there, he did - long enough for us to wet him down, soap him up and rinse him off. Then I took him back out to the deck to dry in the sunshine so my mom could clean the bathroom - where I pulled even more fur off of him.

So when I left I was completely covered in dog hair... Every single thing I was wearing went into the laundry (and I showered this morning - I kind of feel like I need another one!)

But the shop is in good shape - I took apart and rebuilt some of the glass cubes - and figured out that the FEWER people involved in building one of these displays the sturdier it becomes. I was in on building another one in the front room several months ago and it still shocks me it is standing, that thing is so danged unsturdy. The one I built today is very very strong - like it should be. But there were four people who were actively involved in building that one and I think that is WHY it is as rickety as it is.

And we removed half of the column of two glass cubes from the very front (and alternated out the hardware for half of it as it stood - which I think would have had fewer breathless moments of "omg is this going to collapse" if we'd just pulled it apart and rebuilt - but since I arrived while they were in the middle of that project I couldn't exactly SAY anything.

Really lovely day - low humidity, sun shining, and about seventy-two degrees out. PERFECT day.
Hello, from the State of Emergency in Massachusetts...

Dudes, Reporters, you are not very bright are you? Asking the governor of the state questions on the STATE OF THE WEATHER isn't useful. HE's getting his information FROM YOU (reporters are morons).

First group of SuperCell storms have gone by, but we're expecting another string of them.

It is quite dark, thunder has been rolling continuously for the last three hours. No hail where I am (yet).

(...and the networks have been broadcasting WEATHER and nothing but (no commercials) for the last three hours straight - preempting everything but the Stanley Cup Final)
So after shoveling about six inches of snow yesterday while we were "between storms" I went out today to about six more inches, only there was an inch crust of ice over it all. I had to break through that to shovel anything today. As I was trying to clear the driveway (I got most of the driveway cleared, I had just started the high crusty stuff the plows added to my driveway - a good two and a half feet high of icy, compacted snow.), ninja!neighbor guy came along and motioned for me to back up and he used his snowblower to clear the head of my driveway! Thanks neighbor man who wandered away as easily as he wandered up!

So, instead of three hours hard labor, it was only an hour and a half, and I managed to also clear off my car, and shovel a path to my oil tank hookup because I should be getting an oil delivery pretty soon.

It is supposed to snow again on Saturday. It is also supposed to be 40 degrees on Saturday, so we'll see which storm system ultimately wins. Since Sunday is also supposed to be as warm as 40 degrees - I am really really hoping that one wins out. We could use a bit of a February thaw.

In other news I am consistently using the Wii. I think the Wii Fit Age is completely ridiculous. I've been as young as 23 and as old as 54. And pretty much every age in between.

For those affected by the recent spate of WEATHER! please be safe and warm.
Between Friday night plans (tickets to a local production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"), Saturday errands and Saturday night plans (dinner and budget meeting with [livejournal.com profile] flourish and [livejournal.com profile] gwendolyngrace (and Dr. Blue joined us for just the dinner part), Sunday plans (lunch with my family in honor of my mom's 72nd birthday) and rehearsal Sunday night, this weekend was quite busy.

Highlights include the show (which was pretty damned good, very high energy, but the narrator was a little flat, and kind of annoying), trying out Flourish's Kinect (which I am hilariously bad at, because I am not terribly coordinated on the best day), glancing out my parent's back windows and seeing what I *thought* was a deer at first in the woods (big grey brown/grey shape moving through the snow), but what resolved itself to being the biggest (most gorgeous) damn coyote I've ever seen. He was picking his way over the snow along their property edge just within the yard's tree line. Just passing through.

No rehearsal tonight, but I've got rehearsal tomorrow and Thursday. Today I am kicking around in my PJs because I can, and the end of this cold is being a bitch to lose.

We still have one more number to choreograph for Annie - the "Gonna Like it Here" number. "New Deal for Christmas" is fairly simple for us Adult Ensemble members. Lots of getting into position and standing there, but I found out I can not kneel down on one knee and lean back without tumbling over. Balance issues. The precision needed for the "You Won't Be an Orphan For Long" number is something I am working on daily - none of it is terribly difficult choreography, but it is necessary to do it precisely and at exact times. So I work on it. Our two teenage boys in the adult ensemble are thirteen and fourteen, but both have had their first growth spurt, so both are taller than me, I was telling them that I watch the videos we make each choreography rehearsal every day. Neither one has even looked. But then, one is Dancer Boy and the other is also pretty damned good. I need the remedial training.

Ah well. That's the news from this ice-encrusted part of the world. And we expect more big snow this week. The idea of the spring thaw kind of scared me this year.
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( Jan. 3rd, 2011 12:00 am)
Our January thaw hit early this year. Yesterday we got up into the mid fifties, and today we were just shy of fifty degrees. The snow is melting at a very rapid rate (we got seventeen inches last a week ago). Today, we had snow fog. It is not a foggy day, but the snow is melting so fast, there is a mist hanging over everything, even though the sun may be shining and the sky blue.

Today is also my eldest niece's birthday! She is now NINE years old. Which is shocking and distressing. She is becoming a TWEEN. Went over after dinner for cake and presents. She got quite a number of fabulous things - her folks gave her a "design your own converse sneakers," her younger sister gave her a light-up ant farm. My folks got her three origami kits. Her little brother gave her a replacement for the toy he broke (and at 2.5yo, he really doesn't understand what is going on, but was still enamored of the toy in its packaging.). She got a renewal of the magazine series from me, plus a solar powered snap together kit that makes six different things, that are powered with a teeny little solar cell rather than batteries.

Well, back to work tomorrow. I didn't get through half the things to do on my list, but it has been a really good break, I think.

Currently, my first rehearsal is on Thursday night (did I mention I was cast in Annie? Yeah, one long three-month earworm). It is a music rehearsal, so singing! In public! For the first time in years! Thankfully I am in the ensemble, so nothing is riding on me singing by myself (which I am sure you are all thankful for).
It is that time again. The yearly acorn fall onto the roof of my house.

I both love and hate that oak tree.



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( Sep. 2nd, 2010 12:05 pm)
So, Hurricane Earl is still bearing down. I expect we'll see some rain, but not much else. We're too far inland to get much more than a glancing blow.

Very glad I was on vacation at the Delaware Beach LAST week, and not this week. And I have a ton of things to say about vacation, travel, and life in general, but I don't really know where to start. Perhaps with the fact I put 1270 miles on my car in my Adventuring - and it was totally awesome!

The beach house we rented was almost smack dab in the middle of the Delaware coastline. Just north of Rohoboth Beach. And about fifty yards from the water. We spent most of the time while IN the house in the three-season porch, which had a picnic table, two Adirondack chairs, a small occasional table, and three other chairs. We moved in another cushy chair, the kitchen table, three kitchen chairs, and a floor lamp - completely rearranging the space so we had a table to do puzzles on right in front of the wall of windows.

We spent a number of hours out on the beach flying kites (both the ones [livejournal.com profile] drvsilla and I brought with us, and two others we purchased at a beach shop), picking up shells and ocean-washed pebbles, taking pictures, and generally goofing off. We also went exploring in Delaware. Not a heck of a lot there but agriculture and beaches. But we did tour Nemours Mansion and Gardens which was the home Alfred du Pont built for his second wife in 1910. It was well worth the $17 each price tag - they really showed a LOT of the house and grounds in the three hours we were there - although I could have used about another half hour wandering the grounds - they are not used to folks who really want to wander as freely and see as much as us.

We played an EPIC game of trivial pursuit - although the original is quite dated now - lots of the answers are now incorrect or OBE (overtaken by events, or obsolete by events) - especially history and geography. But we had fun. And by the end, we all had either all six wedges, or were one short, so we were pretty well matched as well ([livejournal.com profile] purestoneworker won!).

We had picnic lunches and home-made dinners, and watched sunrises and sunsets. Saw a double rainbow (what does it MEAN?), and a surprise giant Indian Head in Bethany Beach.

So. Summer vacation over. I am currently looking to get my tickets to Beijing for work. Hopefully I'll have my LOI soon so I can get my travel visa. Which I think I have to send away for (PITA!). Never a dull moment!
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( Jul. 6th, 2010 02:50 pm)
havin' a heat wave, a tropical heat wave...

It says it is 99 degrees out there.

I think it is too hot to wear pants. Today should be survived pants-less. I'd escape to an air-conditioned Starbucks but for a. lack of pants, and b. I have a teleconference at 4:30...

Joy. Weather dot com says 101 degrees right now for my town (feels like 105 degrees).

serves me right for even looking...

lemonade, I think.
So it was about 89 degrees yesterday, and crawled up to 95 degrees today. Thunderstorms are whipping through, and with them? We've dropped over forty degrees in about three hours.

Yeah. We went from end-of-July-type-weather to early-May-type-weather.

Tomorrow we may get up into the seventies, which would be average-ish for Memorial Day weekend.

How's the weather in your neck of the woods?
It is record-breaking weather patterns like the month of March which make me glad my house sits outside of the 500-year flood plane - never mind the 100-year flood plane which we've hovered at or beyond for a week or more. We've had about 12 inches of rainfall this month. When your average rainfall per month hovers between 3.5 and 4.0 inches (on average November is the wettest month here with a general rainfall of almost 4.5 inches), getting three or four times that in a three week period kinda puts stress on all the systems.

Kind glad my town spent all those months last year upgrading the run-off pipes in my area. We may be wet, but we're not under water!

And my section of the river may be flooding (because all rivers are - there is only so many places for the water to *go*), but it is no where near my home. I am way up high - so far safe. And it is supposed to rain for another day. March is going out like a lion this year. A very wet, very pissed off lion.

I wish I didn't have to go out - but I am pretty much out of food.

And I did my usual and came home from traveling sick. So on the whole, not doing too well, here in chez Amy.
So between the rain, sleet, and snow last night into this morning, we got about three inches of the white stuff by the time it stopped - fading back into rain a little bit. But it was three inches of beyond heavy, wet, icy crap to shovel.

Described on the evening news as "like lead or cement" to remove. Joy. So I went out to shovel (and OMG, this was the worst bit of now we've had this season so far! Much prefer two feet of the white fluffy stuff than the three icy, saturated inches I tried to scrape off the drive). I was just starting the head of the driveway which had about two feet of plow deposits when The Mad Walker came down the street with her dog. Now, The Mad Walker is an elderly lady who got a dog not too long ago, and this must be the most well-exercised dog on the planet. Rain or shine, snow, sleet or dark of night will not deter her from her appointed rounds through the neighborhood at *least* four times a day. She used to walk by herself, but now she has the dog to keep her company. She is sweet, and I am sure that I once knew her name, but I can't remember ever introducing myself to her. We wave, and smile, but today she stopped and we chatted. I crossed the street to say hello to her sweet puppy.

And down the cross street comes a guy pushing his snow blower. And without a word or a look to us he makes a bee-line for my driveway and starts to carve into the ice-bound drift plowed-in head of the driveway.

Neither of us recognize him. But wow, he just tore through the bank and started to clear what I hadn't yet got to. I stayed out of his way, but I did go back to clearing walkways and cleaning up the drive behind my car. And without a word, he'd finished his appointed task and when I look around for him he is halfway up the cross street, done. I yelled a "Thank YOU!" but, he didn't make any indication he heard me.

So I feel I have to pay it forward. Which may take some thought, but I usually can find an opportunity to do so.

Who was that mystery man with the snow blower?
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( Dec. 20th, 2009 07:39 pm)
So yesterday I spent the whole day doing Nutcracker things for Miss Michelle. She had thirty kids in the show this year, and I like the changes she'd made (and the new sleigh is awesome). The two top dancers, one a freshman at BC and one a senior in HS are still beautiful dancers - I've seen these two girls dance for *years,* Since they were pretty wee.

We all went for dinner after an extremely quick strike (I got to be the "drop folding maven" again, and lots of the teens have been part of my drop folding 101 speeches, so this drop got folded so damn well, and really damn quickly). Dinner was a lovely capper to the day, and the snow had not yet started to fall by the time I got home.

I was exhausted when I got home so I went to bed fairly early. No snow. Got up this morning and OMG SNOW. Between twelve and fourteen inches fell overnight into the morning. I went out midafternoon to shovel and it took me about two hours. It was lighter than the first snow of the season (which was rain, snow, rain, so half what I shoveled was wet slush/ice), but there was about three times as much of it. This snow was cold,snow,stilldamncold - so there has been no melt at all.

So unless there is an unseasonable warm up, we are white for Christmas. And New Years. And likely through January and February and into March (although, who knows, they are predicting highs in the fifties on Saturday, and possibly rain).

I was *going* to have lunch with my parents today. I was also going to continue my holiday shopping. Neither happened. Instead I shoveled out my driveway, cleaned off my car, and not much else.

But I have food, water, power and the internet, so I am better off than many up and down the east coast (especially in those states that don't know what to do with (or just don't have the machines available to take care of) snow/snow removal... like the DC area).

Hope everyone is okay! How was *your* blizzard?
So we've gone from mid springtime to deep summer without so much as a "by your leave." Temperatures are *supposed* to be in high-fifties and mid-sixties for this time of year. This weekend? Eighties. Today? Ninety-four! Ninety-four? Really? That sucks!!! Heat makes me cranky.

This is normal for late JULY early AUGUST - NOT APRIL!!! (bring back my pretty april weather, pretty please?)

Yikes. So. I need shorts, seeing as all of mine are currently four to eight sizes too big. I was hoping to put off any clothes shopping for another month - but if the weather is going to be this warm, I cannot go around in jeans. Right now I'm wearing an oversized tee over my underwear, because wandering around the house in jeans is Just Too Hot. Especially considering I don't have air conditioning.

In other news - I know so many people born at the end of April! Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] pegkerr and [livejournal.com profile] drvsilla! I hope your day brought you tea and cakes and peace!

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( Jan. 16th, 2009 01:07 pm)
It has gone up thirteen degrees in the last hour. Sounds impressive, doesn't it? But when you start with a temperature of 2F even 15F isn't all that impressive. So yeah, kinda cold here.

In other news I am coming to the end of the costumes I have to make for Hansel and Gretel - only three more items and I'm done. And one of those items is over halfway complete. But I do have a number of props to complete before Sunday's rehearsal. So I have a feeling that tomorrow will be another long day at the sewing machine.
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( Jan. 7th, 2007 02:00 am)
It was over 70 degrees here today. In January. In New England. We had a bit of snow a week ago, that was gone the next day (enough for G and my mom to have a snowball fight (she's FIVE and takes direction very well) but it didn't amount to much of anything but looking pretty for a few hours.).

And today I was wandering around in short sleeves and no jacket, sweater, or sweat shirt. Yesterday set a record (63 degrees - which broke the last record (set thirteen years ago) by 1 degree) and today did too - but I missed by how much. Amazing.

I got a birth announcement a few weeks ago from an old ex-boyfriend. His wife just delivered their first child in November. It is odd to me that I get correspondance from them. Usually I'll get a christmas card (it used to come to my parent's house, but they must have done some research and updated to my address because it comes here now). But to be included in the birth announcement mailing? Weird. We broke up years before he married his wife, and they've now been married for five years. I got an invitation to that when it happened, too. Which came out of the blue, since at the time I hadn't spoken to him in a couple of years (since the night we broke up, actually - Long distance relationships are difficult at the best of times).

So the question is, should I send a gift? I sent a gift for their wedding (nice, impersonal, and silver) - should I feel obligated to gift their child? I don't know.

Other gift-related questions... I have been invited to a bridal shower for the daughter of a friend. I don't know the daughter - I mean I've met her, but we've perhaps exchanged a handful of words. But I do know the mother of the bride, as well as all her social circle. Do I go? It is a "time of day" shower, and I got "dinnertime." If I go, anyone have any gift ideas for someone who is on a budget? I don't know if they are registered anywhere, and that sort of thing always makes me itch. It seems so... greedy. Like "I am passing a huge milestoine in my life, and here is the stuff I want, so gimme." Usually I make something up - and I do have an idea... I just don't know how viable an idea it is.

I don't know. In other news, I think I am caught up with Top Chef - and I am liking Cliff to be in the final few... Even colorblind he pulled off "purple" food that was presented well (looked yummy) and the judges said it was tasty. I think he is a strong contender. I also hope Sam is in the final group. Only a few episodes to go!

Note to self... Copious amounts of laundry to do tomorrow... Maybe a good cleaning out of the dresser drawers would be a good idea...


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