I usually leave awards shows on "in the background" while I do other things.  I couldn't do that with this years Oscar show.  I lasted a grand total of sixteen minutes.  Between the lame Captain Kirk segment and the "boob song" there was NO WAY I was subjecting myself to that drivel for three plus more hours.

I thought the host was bad, tasteless, and irritating.  So I didn't actually see any of the awards presented.  Which is fine - I am not all that invested in actually watching people thank Mom and God and everyone else.

I'm glad Brave got the Oscar for animated feature - I loved it (I also loved ParaNorman and was glad to see it nominated).  And Paperman (for animated short) is completely adorable.

For awards shows, I am far more interested in the Tonys than the Oscars - mostly because of the actual numbers from shows running on Broadway (makes me think - hey I like that - and make a note to get the album) and theatre actors are so much BETTER at putting together an actual show that is a good balance of THEATRE and awards.  Plus people who work day-in day-out in live theatre just do it better, imo.

Yes, there are in jokes and navel gazing and a bit of onanism - but the self-gratification is less and we feel part of the process more because it isn't the film-company that depends on us seeing the movie it is the entire theatre-company that depend on us coming to see them live night after night.  There is an immediacy to the thankfulness for theatre actors that there isn't for film-actors.  Film-actors went and did their job and it was over, and they went on to other projects, and then weeks and months later they are suddenly in the spotlight for something that for them was finished a long time ago.  Theatre-actors are (a lot of the time) still doing the job they are being honored for.

I find it means more.
If Suede refers to himself in the third person again I will reach through the television and smack his annoying face. OMG why so irritating?

Cranky? Me? Not at all.
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( Nov. 8th, 2007 09:08 pm)
Non-spoilery comment on tonight's Supernatural.

Where the hell did they find these absolutely gorgeous, huge bathrooms? I want one!
So I've been watching the season and series premieres that strike my fancy. I've liked "Chuck" for the action/humor and clever patter. Also, twice in the pilot episode Chuck mentions Zork. And I have a fondness for Zork, since my dad was the president of the company that formed to produced Zork (and I played it long before it was commercially available). Even if the game did have one honking big flaw.

"Journeyman" is intriguing. And I like it, but it is one of those you have to PAY ATTENTION TO or you'll miss something. But it doesn't seem to be one that hinges on seeing *every* single episode or you are lost. Yes, there is a through story-line but it seems like the primary story for each of his "jumps" into the past are episode enclosed. The secondary story seems to be the through-line of his wife and job and family. As long as you go in thinking, okay he has trouble with all the real-life stuff, you can pick it up or put it down and won't get confused if you miss an ep or three.

Loved loved loved for the absurdity and cleverness and all-around storytelling of "Pushing Daisies." It is completely cute, and the way it is filmed in such bright color reminds me of the way they created Edward Scissorhands with the houses all in bright candy colors. I hope we see the Aunts again and again, because they were just too wonderful characters to let alone (The red haired Aunt most everyone will recognize, and why, yes, we've seen the dark haired Aunt before... She was Audrey in the movie version of "Little Shop of Horrors.").

Most of the season premieres have been okay - nothing really special yet. And I haven't been able to see the season finale of Eureka - but I'll see the SciFi channel streaming online of it sometime this weekend.

The "Supernatural" season premiere is tonight. And JUST IN TIME for it Gwen finished her massive meta on statistical analysis of the whys, hows, and whens of Dean Winchester touching other people. She's posted it to her LJ here:
And believe me, she's been working on this damn thing all summer long. For those who are *far* too obsessed.
OMG!!! How awesome was this season ender? Can't wait for the whole of season two to come out on disc, because I'm pretty sure I missed an episode here or there. And we're making our way through season one, because, well, we haven't seen the bulk of those episodes, yet.

It really was a satisfying end to the season - and bringing us full circle with the last shot mirroring the same shot in the pilot, beautiful! Well done! Yaye! Kripke is made of win! \o/

So because I had a meeting tonight (that went on and on and on), I am still winding down enough to sleep and I just realized that my cable company has been mucking about with the channel line-up. VH1, a channel I never watch, has been moved into the midst of channels I *do* watch. And I got sucked into watching the "40 Most Awesomely Bad Love Songs... Ever!" (which has really bad grammer, but is surprisingly acurate).

And I just realized that 90% of these songs are from the eighties and early nineties. Yep - during my formative teenage-to-early-twenties years. Between the hair and the eighties style I am laughing my ass off, as well as feeling nostalgic for school dances. Lots of Journey, Foreigner, and NKotB - Do you remember NKotB? They were *huge* when I was in high school. Man, the eighties had *bad* bad BAD love songs.

I kind of agree with everything they said about the Sting/Bryan Adams/Rod Stewart trio of "All for Love" - the semi-homoerotic menage a troi Three Musketeers love theme from 1993. Also making the list? Meatloaf with "I'd do anything for love... but I won't do that." Topping the list? Truly by Lionel Richie... Wow. God, that was bad. I have just had it proved to me yet again why I don't watch VH1... Programming like this.

On other TV that I saw bits of tonight - Junk Brothers on HGTV. How cool is this? They go trash picking and pick up likely things. Then the refurbish what ever garbage furniture people had put out for trash collection. They tell you what they plan to do and then they take you through the process of making the trash into treasure. Then - THEN Do they sell their magnificent freebie? Not they Don't!!! they take it back to the original owners and ring the doorbell and run like hell. Only in Canada! It's like they're saying, see this old bureau you threw out? We've made it into something useful and pretty for you!!! Don't want that old stove? No worries! We'll turn it into an amazing grill just for you to cook out on!

And besides being brothers and having cute Canadian accents, they are rather nice to look at, in a pure "regular guy" kind of way.
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( Sep. 29th, 2006 10:28 pm)
So [livejournal.com profile] gwendolyngrace is away for the first of three consecutive weekends, so I have a whole weekend with absolutely nothing planned. Oh, I have stuff to get done, but nothing scheduled.

It is getting colder out and autumn has truly begun. I love this time of year. Weather-wise, the days start to have a crispness to them, but the sun still shines brightly and warms us easily. I find myself leaving work for lunch and just wandering around in the sunshine. Even rainy days don't last long. Autumn colors are the best - rusts and reds, oranges, browns and golds and yellows. And that deep deep green. Yummy colors. And pumpkin everything is showing up! I love pumpkins! And pumpkin pie, muffins, bread.

Okay, so enough with the thinky-thinky. So this week's "Project Runway" was so good! I was glad they took all four to Olympus Fashion Week. Only three more episodes this season - and this time I really have no idea. I mean they each have a different design style, and their POVs are so strong. I just hope Uli and Laura can show us different aspects of their design style. I'm pretty sure Uli can, as she rightfully won the last challenge with a stunning dress. But Laura, I want her to give us some color! I nice rich blue, or purple or RED. Enough with the black, white and nude.


The fall also brings us the new network seasons of television. New shows I love? Studio 60 is brilliant, funny, and from the original team of "The West Wing" and is has that same intelligent spark that made the first two-three years of TWW so damn GOOD. And another brilliant thing about this show? It is available ONLINE from nbc.com every week! I watched the second episode on my laptop. It was obviously sponsored by visa because there was a fifteen-twenty second visa spot before each of five or six segments, which didn't really bother me. But I knew *knew* they were going for Gilbert and Sullivan - way before it happened. "We are the very model of a modern network tv show" indeed! Bwahhaahahaha! Shades of Pirates of Penzance.

"Justice" - a crime legal drama with a twist. First, the lawyers are for the defence, and at the end of every episode they show you exactly what happened during the "crime."

Conversely, "Shark" takes a legal eagle who *was* a defence attorney, but has switched sides to prosecute. I've only seen one episode of this show, and it didn't suck, so if I happen to be channel surfing I'll watch it. But I don't have it on the *must see* list.

"Eureka" is a fun little sci-fi show. Gwen told me last week as we watched it that the sheriff is the "Xander" of the cast, and I though, huh, Buffy has ingrained itself so deeply into our culture we can use the archetypes of the characters to immediately reference other things. Perhaps it is the new Wizard of Oz. Maybe the backbone of american culture has grown into Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Our little farm girl in blue gingham grew up into a high-heel wearing, ass-kicking, smart-mouthed California-blonde who is the poster child for Female Empowerment.

Hehem. I digress. We were discussing Eureka. Yes, Jack Carter is the "Xander" of the town. He's the normal guy that all the weird sticks to. His smart-house AI is overly fond of him. He can't understand the least little thing, and he cuts through the bull with relative ease. And he's funny. Cute little show. Also not on the *must see* list but I will seek it out if I am home.

Some of my favorite returning shows? "Supernatural" (yep, I'm on the band wagon for this one), "House," "NCIS," "Criminal Minds," "Cold Case," and "Numb3rs." These are all *must see* and I tape them if I am not going to be home. Other shows I'll watch but am not married to: "Bones," "CSI (all versions)" and "Law and Order (CI and SVU)." Huh. I'm not one for the sitcoms am I? And those shows like "24" that tell one continuous story through the season - um, I can't be bothered to try to keep up like that (one of the reasons I stopped watching West Wing in the final two seasons - it got to be you miss an episode and you're lost for the next five weeks. Sorry, but I have a life, and I am not married to my TV set). I watched "Vanished" for the first three episodes, and then it started to bore me. And "Kidnapped" looks to be very similar. I don't mind substories that are a continuity thread, like glimpses of family life, but god! To belabor the main story through twenty or so episodes - please. My own life is complicated enough, thanks.

Alright, you've heard enough blather from me tonight. Tell me, what do *you* love about the autumn?


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