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( Jun. 10th, 2013 06:17 pm)
Ballet and sense or even plot do not go together.

I run the light board for a performing arts studio's shows three times a year.  Their Nutcracker, the Spring recital, and their Spring Ballet.

This year the ballet was "Don Quixote" which bears very little relation to the story of Don Quixote.  No.  I challenge you to find the plot.

All I got was there is this guy who occasionally has fits and visions and the young lovers (who have no much to do with out title character) are continually running away from her father who sold the girl off to a rich man.

I don't know where the gypsies come into it, or why Don Quixote and his sidekick are running around threatening things and people with a sword and a spoon.

Our sound guy and I kept looking at each other and asking "huh?" and our answer was inevitable "Because Ballet!"

Anyway.  It did mean I got home late enough to have missed the Tony awards, but I did catch the opening number online today.  Gotta say this is EXACTLY why I love the Tonys and am all "meh" about the Oscars.  And since NPR's Linda Holmes put it SO MUCH BETTER than I ever could, I urge you to read the whole thing:

but I quote part of it here because I want to say, yes, THIS! RIGHT HERE:
"The next time you're tempted to give an Oscar host a pass on the basis that it's an impossible, can't-win job, and that the lazy, easy, corny, toothless humor that passes for patter is a fundamental of the awards format, and that the jokes can't be better and the numbers can't be better and the hosting can't be better and the crowd can't get excited, keep in mind that that's exactly what people who want to keep making lazy awards shows want you to think.

Sure, theater people have an advantage with musical numbers, but if you run the Oscars and can't figure out how to do for and with love of film what the Tonys are doing for and with love of theater, you are terrible at your job and should hand it off to someone else."
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( Apr. 22nd, 2013 10:52 am)
It has been a while since I have done this -but not because there was nothing to blog about!  There has been absolutely too much going on in my life to blog about, actually.

I am living in the Boston area, and the events of last week's marathon bombing and manhunts hit pretty close to home - in that I am in the area of Watertown all the time, and life last week was a bit surreal.

I did manage to get to CraftBoston on Saturday, though, which was pretty nice.  EVERYONE was out and about on Saturday, probably to make up for Friday's "Shelter-in-Place" order. I work from home, so it was no real inconvenience to me (and I am outside the "Shelter-in-Place" radius, anyway).  I just worked as usual and watched the 24-hour no-commercials network news later in the afternoon.  I am sure when the lockdown went out in the very early morning they didn't expect it to last all day, but even way out here in the 'burbs the police were asking everyone to stay off the roads if they didn't need to be out and about.

I am glad they caught the suspect.  As a suspect in such a wide-reaching crime and in federal custody, I am certain the wheels of federal justice will move but they will likely move away from here. I don't think anyone in the greater Boston area could impartially take part in any kind of justice in any way - from judges to clerks to anyone.  We were all too much affected by his actions.

In other, more personal news, rehearsals continue for the show I am in which goes up in a couple of weeks.  We're going to add more props, set dressing, and costumes this week, and our crew is in as well to get prepared for next week's tech week (the show is On Golden Pond, and I play the daughter of the couple.  Or y'know, for those that have seen the movie, the Jane Fonda part).

So, life After the Boston Marathon Bombings is continuing on as usual, which is the only and best thing we can do.
I usually leave awards shows on "in the background" while I do other things.  I couldn't do that with this years Oscar show.  I lasted a grand total of sixteen minutes.  Between the lame Captain Kirk segment and the "boob song" there was NO WAY I was subjecting myself to that drivel for three plus more hours.

I thought the host was bad, tasteless, and irritating.  So I didn't actually see any of the awards presented.  Which is fine - I am not all that invested in actually watching people thank Mom and God and everyone else.

I'm glad Brave got the Oscar for animated feature - I loved it (I also loved ParaNorman and was glad to see it nominated).  And Paperman (for animated short) is completely adorable.

For awards shows, I am far more interested in the Tonys than the Oscars - mostly because of the actual numbers from shows running on Broadway (makes me think - hey I like that - and make a note to get the album) and theatre actors are so much BETTER at putting together an actual show that is a good balance of THEATRE and awards.  Plus people who work day-in day-out in live theatre just do it better, imo.

Yes, there are in jokes and navel gazing and a bit of onanism - but the self-gratification is less and we feel part of the process more because it isn't the film-company that depends on us seeing the movie it is the entire theatre-company that depend on us coming to see them live night after night.  There is an immediacy to the thankfulness for theatre actors that there isn't for film-actors.  Film-actors went and did their job and it was over, and they went on to other projects, and then weeks and months later they are suddenly in the spotlight for something that for them was finished a long time ago.  Theatre-actors are (a lot of the time) still doing the job they are being honored for.

I find it means more.
I've seen it, Jeff Dunham ALWAYS makes me laugh.

Between Jose Jalepeno on a Stick, Achmed the Dead Terrorist, and Peanut, I laugh like hell every time I come across him on TV.

In other news the show ends tomorrow (omg so tired! But I see the end of the three month long ear worm), and I fly to Europe on Tuesday. I haven't even begun to pack.

So the temp is dropping (55 degrees at 7am when I put out the trash and recycling for collection, 33 degrees right now), and it is INCREDIBLY windy here.

Lost power for about twenty-five minutes due to the wind. Happily I'd already bathed for the day, so I wasn't forced to take an ice cold shower/bath/washup.

Tonight is the cue-to-cue, tomorrow is our first dress, which worries me as I have only one complete costume. I have bits for one more, and two others are a complete ???? I don't really want to be naked on stage, so I hope they have come up with something by tomorrow.

I'm on green room snacks tonight - gotta go cut up some veggies!
So we continued the costuming portion of the show last night (and then we ran act 2 OFF BOOK OMG!), and for the housekeeper I tried on a vintage dress. It is lovely, but slightly (very very slightly) too tight in the sleeve/upper back/bustline. It is a size 10, but a size 10 from fifty years ago is very different than a size ten today. Plus my girls are slightly too big. Now, most of this can be "fixed" with the proper foundation garment (not all, certainly, and I'll be watching what I eat far more in the next three weeks).

So I shall be looking for ridiculous, minimizing underwear this weekend. It has been a really long time since I went looking for ridiculous underwear. It is always a show that brings me to looking for it, too.

Other news is not so much news. I am singing, loudly, all the musical numbers I am in and trying to remember my harmonies. Sadly, I have to sing them down - where the basses are singing them, rather than up where the altos are *supposed* to be. Teenage boy voice, I swear.

And going to see the Full Monty tonight at Turtle Lane. Ugh, I want to see the show, but I kinda don't want to leave my house. The weather sucks outside.
So back when I agreed to be a part of the Adult Ensemble in Annie, I gave them exactly one date/weekend I would be unavailable for rehearsal. Thursday Feb 17-Sunday Feb 20. There was only ONE rehearsal affected and that was Thursday night.

It was also a Run Act 1 (off book) rehearsal.

Last night at rehearsal no less than FIVE people said "welcome back!" "Glad you're back!" "Yay, Amy!"

Which, I mean, I am glad I am appreciated and all, but what the hell? Everyone else has missed at least one (or many more) rehearsals. I am far from the lynch-pin the show depends upon. I am a spoke in the wheel, perhaps. Cog in the machine. I'm just in the frickin' ensemble, people. I'm not a good or strong singer, and can't really dance much at all - so it isn't as if the rest of the cast is looking to me to prop them up in that way - not that any (or, well, MOST) of them need propping!

Made me laugh, but also made me puzzled. Ah well. Rehearsals are going well, and we are on target. Tonight we run Act 2 - Act 2 off book on Thursday (I have exactly one line in Act 2 - "Yes Sir" - and my cue line is "Mrs. Greer! Champagne!" Done. Learned. Off book!).

Last night we did choreo/music review - and at the end of the night I got fallen over - not that I fell - I got fallen over. Our final pose in NYC is all of us lined up at the front of the stage. I was on the extreme Stage Left side, and my final pose is low, to the left. Marty, one of our taller (and older) menfolk was next to me, and tried to counter left to let someone else into the line, didn't see me, and went right over the top. He fell well, and neither one of us were injured. I guess I broke his fall just enough that he hit light and slow, and I was balled up enough that it was like water flowing over a rock. I was the rock. I could see the alarm on people's faces as they realized what was happening, but none of us could stop it. Unintentional pratfalls!

I've been reviewing music and choreo via the handy youtube links our choreographer has been forward thinking enough to tape every rehearsal (so we are getting progressively better at it). Ah, technology! I'd be so damned lost without it!

Time for something to eat before hieing off to rehearsal.

Tomorrow night I have to gather any possible costume bits and pieces I have or can possibly loan for Thursday. I don't really think I have much of anything, honestly, but I'll take what I can find.
Our Daddy Warbucks gave everyone in the cast pink beanie baby hippos for valentines. Pink "Dancing Hippos."

He said it was because he is a big dancing hippo in the show - kind of blundering around.

He is very sweet, and kinda strange.

So. Bright, cotton candy pink hippo.

...maybe I'll let my nieces "steal" it.
Between Friday night plans (tickets to a local production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"), Saturday errands and Saturday night plans (dinner and budget meeting with [ profile] flourish and [ profile] gwendolyngrace (and Dr. Blue joined us for just the dinner part), Sunday plans (lunch with my family in honor of my mom's 72nd birthday) and rehearsal Sunday night, this weekend was quite busy.

Highlights include the show (which was pretty damned good, very high energy, but the narrator was a little flat, and kind of annoying), trying out Flourish's Kinect (which I am hilariously bad at, because I am not terribly coordinated on the best day), glancing out my parent's back windows and seeing what I *thought* was a deer at first in the woods (big grey brown/grey shape moving through the snow), but what resolved itself to being the biggest (most gorgeous) damn coyote I've ever seen. He was picking his way over the snow along their property edge just within the yard's tree line. Just passing through.

No rehearsal tonight, but I've got rehearsal tomorrow and Thursday. Today I am kicking around in my PJs because I can, and the end of this cold is being a bitch to lose.

We still have one more number to choreograph for Annie - the "Gonna Like it Here" number. "New Deal for Christmas" is fairly simple for us Adult Ensemble members. Lots of getting into position and standing there, but I found out I can not kneel down on one knee and lean back without tumbling over. Balance issues. The precision needed for the "You Won't Be an Orphan For Long" number is something I am working on daily - none of it is terribly difficult choreography, but it is necessary to do it precisely and at exact times. So I work on it. Our two teenage boys in the adult ensemble are thirteen and fourteen, but both have had their first growth spurt, so both are taller than me, I was telling them that I watch the videos we make each choreography rehearsal every day. Neither one has even looked. But then, one is Dancer Boy and the other is also pretty damned good. I need the remedial training.

Ah well. That's the news from this ice-encrusted part of the world. And we expect more big snow this week. The idea of the spring thaw kind of scared me this year.
...and awake stupidly early this morning.

At least I was up early enough to put out my trash and recycling. They request it be out before 7:00am. It was, by quite a margin. And the temp is in the negative numbers, too! Currently about -4 degrees (F), and it has warmed a bit since I was out putting the trash at the head of my driveway.

I have a pretty messy cold - the random cough is setting in, and I'm pretty drippy - although I'm still working my way through my second box of kleenex.

Last night's rehearsal was choreo - from 7:45 to 10pm, all dance all the time. We cleaned up and worked "NYC," and then the last thirty minutes was review for "Hooverville" and "You Won't Be an Orphan."

One of the other ladies in the adult ensemble - who normally has leading parts - she was our Lily in "Secret Garden" our Anna in "the King and I," and is now content for this production to be down in the trenches with us, mentioned that having a leading role is so much less work. Ensemble is HARD! I lolled. And we're not even in the core dance group - we're the ones who can just about manage to step at the right time, but forget it if it also requires you to move your hand or head at the same time - and add in the singing and you're dreaming big. We have about six more weeks, I think? Maybe only five now, but hopefully by the time we go up we'll have a bit more clue.

Our choreographer is terrific, and while she is working us hard, she also uses her phone to video it and posts it so we can all watch and practice between rehearsals. The ONLY thing that is saving me from wandering around not knowing what the hell I am supposed to be doing when.

In other news, I am particularly loving the Wii. And [ profile] gwendolyngrace and I are working our way through the Lego Batman game. I fooled around last night when I got home and figured out how to change Batman's suit! We're doing story mode together, but I've gone back and replayed parts of levels to see if I can figure out how to do more. Last night I replayed the Poison Ivy section of Chapter One, and figured out a few things (and died a lot, but whatever). I think I might have to try to get the Lego Harry Potter 1-4 once we've trounced the Batman game. I now understand the need for more memory - I'll pick up a memory card in the next few weeks.

Plus the Wii Fit is *fun* - and I never thought I'd work up much of a sweat, but I do - so when it is negative numbers out there like today (and only *might* break into positive double digits), I can work out in the safety and warmth of my own home. Awesome. Between the Wii and shoveling the driveway twice a week (and I am as ready as I can be for the next storm system), and dance rehearsals at least once or twice a week, I am working hard.

Ugh. Come noon, I'm *so* going to want a nap - and I've got rehearsal tonight. Nyquil tonight, I think - knock me out enough to get some sleep.
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( Jan. 3rd, 2011 12:00 am)
Our January thaw hit early this year. Yesterday we got up into the mid fifties, and today we were just shy of fifty degrees. The snow is melting at a very rapid rate (we got seventeen inches last a week ago). Today, we had snow fog. It is not a foggy day, but the snow is melting so fast, there is a mist hanging over everything, even though the sun may be shining and the sky blue.

Today is also my eldest niece's birthday! She is now NINE years old. Which is shocking and distressing. She is becoming a TWEEN. Went over after dinner for cake and presents. She got quite a number of fabulous things - her folks gave her a "design your own converse sneakers," her younger sister gave her a light-up ant farm. My folks got her three origami kits. Her little brother gave her a replacement for the toy he broke (and at 2.5yo, he really doesn't understand what is going on, but was still enamored of the toy in its packaging.). She got a renewal of the magazine series from me, plus a solar powered snap together kit that makes six different things, that are powered with a teeny little solar cell rather than batteries.

Well, back to work tomorrow. I didn't get through half the things to do on my list, but it has been a really good break, I think.

Currently, my first rehearsal is on Thursday night (did I mention I was cast in Annie? Yeah, one long three-month earworm). It is a music rehearsal, so singing! In public! For the first time in years! Thankfully I am in the ensemble, so nothing is riding on me singing by myself (which I am sure you are all thankful for).
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( Sep. 27th, 2010 02:36 pm)
My not-quite-nine year old niece is learning how to play the string bass (how cool is that?). It is bigger than she is.

My six and a half year old niece is going to start piano lessons in the next couple of weeks.

My brother is still working on the addition to their house to try to get the upstairs live-able. He just has to complete installing the bathrooms, cut a door into the new part of the house, and move the girls into their new rooms. B is a little anxious to have her own room. We pointed it out (gently, of course) that her Papa said he was hoping to have it done this fall, and Fall is only a couple of days old, so he's got until after Thanksgiving, at least. But I guess she's been hounding her mother. She is one of those people who is still after instant gratification, instantly. Her older sister is far more patient, and able to see the bigger picture. Always has been.

This past weekend was incredibly busy - I helped backstage for a brand new theatre company trying to get off the ground - their very first production was "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum..." which I'd never seen before. Sure, I know the music - "Comedy Tonight" is a classic, as is "Everybody Ought to Have a Maid" and "Pretty Little Picture." Less well-known, but still pretty standard are "Lovely," "Impossible," and "Free."

But, as the cast tells us in the opening number ""No royal curse, no Trojan horse, and a happy ending, of course!" it is a pretty mad-cap musical that is never PC, and kinda dated, but still damned funny. It seemed as if the audiences ate it up and laughed for two hours. Two sold out shows, and a third that was nearly three-quarters full. Not bad for a show that is almost fifty years old!

The costumer, who I enjoyed working with very much, is one of those people who you know for two days and are already old pals. I've known her for less than two weeks, and yet, she is completely awesome, talented, and knows a heck of a lot about many different subjects. And she is one of the sweetest, most genuine people I've ever had the pleasure to meet. I told her I want to be her when I grow up.

Today, back to the grind stone.
So Starlight Express...

Thomas the Tank Engine on LSD? Y/N?

And did he think that Cats was such a big hit, that a similar set up with trains - putting everyone on roller skates was a good idea??!?
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( Jun. 22nd, 2010 12:47 am)
So every time I travel to the SF Bay Area to visit the mothership... I mean the home office... which happens about three or four times a year, I make a visit to a used bookshop a couple miles from the hotel that carries a hell of a lot more than books. They also carry vinyl, CDs, DVDs, games, cassette tapes - I even saw a small section of 8-tracks.

This last visit I picked up a couple of CDs - the two CD set of "Aspects of Love" a Webber musical that did not do well (and boy, I understand why!). I also picked up "Bloomer Girl" and "Starlight Express."

But while I knew nothing of "Aspects of Love" other than the main anthem ("Love Changes Everything"), I finished listening to it in the car. It has some nice anthems, but it is definitely WEBBER - with quite a bit of melodrama and overwrought-ness.

It traces the relationship among a young actress, her younger lover, her eventual husband, his long-time mistress, and the actress's daughter (with her husband - all we needed to make it more incestuous as well as molestation if the girl turned out to be her younger lover's). In short, it is more of a mess than the most convoluted soap opera. And it would be more believable if it took place in 1900-1920-ish instead of between 1947 and 1967-ish. Just for era and mores. Although I give it points for lesbianism (the long-time mistress and the young actress get along REALLY well when they meet, much to their shared man's delight. And the mistress kisses the young actress at her wedding to her husband - as the mistress stood up for the man as his "best man" she claimed her right to kiss the bride. I don't know, but it made me laugh - at this point in the story it is like 1950. So.).

I think I'll put in "Starlight Express" the next time I'm out. I am only really familiar with two or three numbers, and while I know its a pretty ridiculous premise, it still seems like it might be kinda fun. And well, it was all of seven bucks.
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( May. 2nd, 2010 01:54 am)
Dance studio show today (yesterday, whatever). Which means I spent a goodly amount of time at the theatre Friday night to help build and move in, and then got to the theatre at 9am this morning (Saturday, yesterday, fuck, whatever) for rehearsal and then two shows this afternoon/evening. Yesterday afternoon. The show itself ran LONG for one of these - two hours and fifteen minutes (no interval).

This year there was one senior - and this is her last show. They asked what she'd like to do and she suggested "Mary Poppins." So it was all flying kites, votes for women, and spoonfuls of sugar. Several of the kids have absolutely no stage presence, and I worried that most of them would never be heard in the audience the way they were softly speaking. The difference in volume between the rehearsal and the first performance was astounding. I didn't think some of the girls had t in them. The one weak spot was the girl playing Bert. She was hopelessly outstripped in both acting and dancing by most of the rest of the cast, but in her defense, she got the part two weeks ago when the original Bert had to drop out. So kudos to her for coming as far as she did (and she kept up pretty well in the dancing part) in very little time!

And the performing arts school is still very new, although growing yearly. One of the girls who graduated last year, and this year's senior girl I've watched dance for the last eight or so years. And in the hordes of little girls going through the schools I've teched for, I remember these two, and a couple of others. By name, even. These are the dancers who you can pick out of any group just by how good they are. And I'm not talking just "good by comparison" either. I'm saying these girls are *good* - dedicated, multiple classes a week, student teacher good at what they in regards to dance. I've seen them do everything from be a candy cane in Nutcracker, to Clara in Nutcracker, to Snow Fairy, to Dew Drop Fairy, to Sugar Plum Fairy. I've seen them dance various roles in various shows over the years. And there are two or three younger girls that I expect I will be able to pick out for years to come just given how they are onstage *now* - how they draw your attention in any number they are a part of.

But strike went smoothly - and done in about forty minutes. Then they took me to dinner. Got home after 11:00pm. And am planning to sleep sleep sleep, but can't quite manage it yet - still a little wound. So I am spending some time online before trying to sleep again.

Well, I am feeling now calm enough I might be able to sleep - so g'night all.
...woke up today with a massive bloody nose. Going to bed feeling kind of nauseous. Lots of crap happened in between. Not the least of which I had to figure out how to make a "butcher's apron" look like the butcher is currently working hard. Brown and red and yellow paint, way watered down, and applied to damp fabric with glove-covered hands. Drip dry. I sang "The Ballad of Sweeney Todd" while I was applying the paint.

At least my tub no longer looks like I've been sacrificing small animals. Or, y'know, maybe dismembering a corpse.

Went to rehearsal tonight and spent it sewing, fixing, making bits and pieces of costumes. I am so glad there are six of us working costumes. Because, wow. So *many* people in this show.
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( Feb. 19th, 2010 12:18 am)
I have so much I want to say, and can't find any words. Probably because I am tired. And work today kinda kicked my ass. Our regular 2.5 hour meeting stretched out to over 3.5 hours... so I didn't get lunch until after 3pm. I thought I was gonna gnaw my own arm off I was so hungry by the end of it.

I spent last weekend in Orlando at the HPEF Board retreat (three different hotel rooms in four nights... what an adventure!). We got a *lot* of momentum going and reapplied ourselves to making the events as special as we can. I think Infinitus is going to be *fabulous* because the team creating the experience seems to have lots of excitement and some really neat, fresh ideas. And while I think the park event will be the "crown jewel" of the event, the rest of the crown looks to be pretty shiny and sparkly, too. From the special guests to the formal programming to the informal programming - it is all really coming together well. And as someone who is not a fan of Wrock, just talking to the coordinator of the Wrock events I was getting kind of excited for events I've been "meh" about in the past. So all those Wrock fans out there, y'all are gonna have a "wrockin'" good time!

I spent the evening prepping more blocks for the t-shirt quilt I'm making for the Infinitus auction. I've got three more t-shirts coming, and a few iron on transfers to do - plus some more stabilizers to iron in, and then I can start to resize the blocks to their "finished" size before sewing the whole thing together.

I am deeply involved with the local production of "Fiddler on the Roof" in costuming, this time. I have a feeling I'm going to be spending the weekend creating the hats for the bottle dancers.

I've been watching bits of the Olympics, and have enjoyed some of the pageantry more than the events themselves. I've liked watching skating, but I find it kind of stressful to watch, so a few skaters and then I have to turn the channel or focus on something else. It helps that when I am working on the quilt blocks I am turned away from the TV. It also helps I "watched" Project Runway and only have tuned in sporadically to the evenings events.

Now I think I'm gonna go to bed. Because wow, I could sleep for a year.
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( Feb. 1st, 2010 07:27 pm)
Monday started off with a bang!

But first, my weekend! Let me show you the fun! Friday night I went to a party! I had a pretty wonderful time, and the party was low-key and fun. Our hostess was relegated to *sitting* in the living room. She had spent Thursday night in the hospital having tests done (gallstone was the diagnosis), and she didn't tell anyone until we got to her home Friday night. If it were me, I'd have canceled the party, but she didn't. So I took over her kitchen as the party was set up to be pot luck. I did a lot of "So what'd you bring? Do you need a serving plate? Does it need to be heated up? Microwave or oven? What temp, and how long?"

Which will make those of you who know me LOL as I don't cook. At all. But, by damn, I can heat shit up with the best of them! The only thing I would have done better is start the coffee earlier. But what the hell do I know from coffee? I don't even know how to make it! I had to ask our hostess to explain her coffeepot. But next time! Oh, next time I will make the coffee earlier!

Saturday I went and explored some of West Concord with [ profile] gwendolyngrace. She had to pick up dance shoes at the dance shop, and conveniently there was a quilter's shop right next door. So we went in there and poked around at the gorgeous fabrics. Then we amused ourselves in the 5 and 10. So cool! I love 5 and 10s. There are so few of them still around. Gwen found some green boot polish, and I got a nail brush.

After that we wandered into the local artists shop - and I recognized some of the artist's work! Some of these same folks are in the CHG, my mom's co-op.

We got a late lunch together and she went off to rehearsal, and I went off to the Players "Coffeehouse Capers" which is sort of an in-group variety show. I was set up help. So I went early and put together the centerpieces, and started to help in the kitchen. I ended up being one of the two or three people making the event unfold smoothly. I guess I was house-elfing this weekend.

Sunday I went to the CHG and helped my mom and DL with display. I completely tore apart one of the artist's display of jewelry and rebuilt it, making it look so much better than it did. And almost the moment I locked the cases back up after having finished working on it, a woman came in and bought a bracelet from the case! So, it was also pleasing to the customer. The bracelet was $145. Which more than made the artist's rent for the month, so I felt good about that (and didn't mind having an empty spot to shift things around to fill).

Lunch with mom and dad as per the norm of my days going to the CHG. I left my copy of MOON with them so they could see it. They're currently working their way through the first season of "The Wire" that my brother gave them.

Last night was an early night as I was tired from two nights up really really late. I got up this morning and checked my email... I had a quick project (as in, must be done in three hours, but you know you're on a conference call in two, and both need about two hours of your time to prep for...).

I sent back my reply with the needed information for the project just in time to log in to the conference call. The conference call went quicker than they were expecting, and this time I was strictly listen and take high-level notes, no talking necessary! That ended in time for a late lunch, and I had the rest of the afternoon to try to get my normal daily work completed. Which I did at about 6:35pm... Whew! Seeing as I started this morning at about 8:27... It has been a damned full day! Glad I had that wild blueberry tea (OMG, so damned delicious - but also caffeinated, so I must be careful to only have it really early!). I now have two favorite teas... one caf and one decaf!

Whew! I think I'm gonna go veg out for a little while and figure out dinner...
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( Oct. 17th, 2009 01:34 pm)
But wow - busy couple of weeks. The second weekend of the play is a third over- and going well. My parents came back last night and brought my Uncle V and my brother with them. Uncle V. lives about seven hours away, and he drove in just to see the play - which was amazing. Especially since my father kept it secret (from me) and I had no idea who would show up. Tonight some theatre friends are coming - so hopefully they will like the show - it has been very well received thus far. Tonight has the most pre-sold for ticket sales. As of right now there are less than fifty seats in the theatre available. Hopefully walk-ins will fill us up!

Work is going along - it has been the busiest two weeks in a four week cycle, so I've not had much time for anything else. Other news... I am now an advisory board member for HPEF - which will be an interesting adventure - but one I can't properly appreciate until after the play is over.

It is getting progressively colder outside - dipping down to the low thirties at night, and cresting near fifty during the day. I understand there was a dusting of snow the other morning, but I didn't bestir myself from the house in enough time to see it. I've now had the heat on, albeit on low, for over a week now. I tried to hold out for November, but it just got too damned cold, so I folded. I've got the house set at about 65 to 66 degrees, which is comfortable-ish. However, it does mean I need to turn off the heat about forty minutes before I shower if I want hot water. Ah, the quirks of this house are just... lovely.

Most of the trees around my house are holding onto their leaves (oaks wait until the very last moment to drop their leaves) - which means I likely won't be raking until November. I haven't looked up the leaf collection schedule, but my trees drop leaves so late I generally miss it, and have to take the bags of leaves in myself. One year between my travel schedule and the late fall, there was snow on the ground before I raked. Spring cleanup kind of sucked that year, so even if I have to take a weekday afternoon, I am determined to rake before the snow flies in earnest. But it all depends on when the trees let go of the leaves.
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( Oct. 11th, 2009 10:00 pm)
...opening weekend for the play I am in went very very well. Three more performances next weekend and we'll be done. It has been really really good getting back onstage this fall. I've had a wonderful time with the cast, and the (very very limited) crew.

I haven't seen the new season of just about any television show out there - and I am stuck in the middle of last season for a couple of shows I watch regularly. So I have no idea what is going on in TV lately (except for Project Runway - I am up-to-date there).

I think bed early tonight - as I am exhausted from the weekend of shows... Columbus Day tomorrow - no trash pickup, I think. So trash pickup will be Tuesday (confirmed from town's Web site) instead.

Other than all that, nothing of particular note happening here. It is coldish - 50's during the day, thirties and low forties at night. And the leaves are turning - not much on the ground, yet, but my trees are all oaks, and they tend to keep their leaves a long time and shed them late.


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