... but I'm not gonna lie.  The Fruit of the Loom ads with the race car pit crew doing their thing in their boxers makes me laugh every single time.  And the announcer is talking about how high performance their underwear is in crazy prose.

Well done, ad people!  Clever ad, that is entertaining *and* was good enough I remembered your product. (Yes, I realize there is the stunt woman action sequence for the ladies, but it was the crowd of guys swarming a car in their undies that I saw first).
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( Oct. 1st, 2013 08:35 pm)
So there are mixed reviews all over my flist about Agents of SHIELD.  I am totally enjoying it in all its frothy ridiculousness.

No idea if it will last - but the non-stop action and snarky commentary is currently a lot of fun.  I love that the team includes three pretty cool female characters. Do they have their issues? Sure.  But it is a frickin' television program that doesn't invite a hell of a lot of navel-gazing.  I mean its "canon" is a series of comic books with improbable and crazy premises.
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( Jun. 10th, 2013 06:17 pm)
Ballet and sense or even plot do not go together.

I run the light board for a performing arts studio's shows three times a year.  Their Nutcracker, the Spring recital, and their Spring Ballet.

This year the ballet was "Don Quixote" which bears very little relation to the story of Don Quixote.  No.  I challenge you to find the plot.

All I got was there is this guy who occasionally has fits and visions and the young lovers (who have no much to do with out title character) are continually running away from her father who sold the girl off to a rich man.

I don't know where the gypsies come into it, or why Don Quixote and his sidekick are running around threatening things and people with a sword and a spoon.

Our sound guy and I kept looking at each other and asking "huh?" and our answer was inevitable "Because Ballet!"

Anyway.  It did mean I got home late enough to have missed the Tony awards, but I did catch the opening number online today.  Gotta say this is EXACTLY why I love the Tonys and am all "meh" about the Oscars.  And since NPR's Linda Holmes put it SO MUCH BETTER than I ever could, I urge you to read the whole thing:


but I quote part of it here because I want to say, yes, THIS! RIGHT HERE:
"The next time you're tempted to give an Oscar host a pass on the basis that it's an impossible, can't-win job, and that the lazy, easy, corny, toothless humor that passes for patter is a fundamental of the awards format, and that the jokes can't be better and the numbers can't be better and the hosting can't be better and the crowd can't get excited, keep in mind that that's exactly what people who want to keep making lazy awards shows want you to think.

Sure, theater people have an advantage with musical numbers, but if you run the Oscars and can't figure out how to do for and with love of film what the Tonys are doing for and with love of theater, you are terrible at your job and should hand it off to someone else."
I usually leave awards shows on "in the background" while I do other things.  I couldn't do that with this years Oscar show.  I lasted a grand total of sixteen minutes.  Between the lame Captain Kirk segment and the "boob song" there was NO WAY I was subjecting myself to that drivel for three plus more hours.

I thought the host was bad, tasteless, and irritating.  So I didn't actually see any of the awards presented.  Which is fine - I am not all that invested in actually watching people thank Mom and God and everyone else.

I'm glad Brave got the Oscar for animated feature - I loved it (I also loved ParaNorman and was glad to see it nominated).  And Paperman (for animated short) is completely adorable.

For awards shows, I am far more interested in the Tonys than the Oscars - mostly because of the actual numbers from shows running on Broadway (makes me think - hey I like that - and make a note to get the album) and theatre actors are so much BETTER at putting together an actual show that is a good balance of THEATRE and awards.  Plus people who work day-in day-out in live theatre just do it better, imo.

Yes, there are in jokes and navel gazing and a bit of onanism - but the self-gratification is less and we feel part of the process more because it isn't the film-company that depends on us seeing the movie it is the entire theatre-company that depend on us coming to see them live night after night.  There is an immediacy to the thankfulness for theatre actors that there isn't for film-actors.  Film-actors went and did their job and it was over, and they went on to other projects, and then weeks and months later they are suddenly in the spotlight for something that for them was finished a long time ago.  Theatre-actors are (a lot of the time) still doing the job they are being honored for.

I find it means more.
Watching the beginning (until it bores me... it won't take long) of the fully staged production of the 25th Anniversary production of "Phantom of the Opera" filmed in London.

The reveal of the chandelier with the heavy rock beat is surprisingly reminiscent of the landing of E.T.'s space ship. Just putting it out there.
In the grocery store tonight I was picking out gum (I get the three-in-one packs in the candy aisle) and I notice "Stride" has a new(ish) flavor. I've never noticed it before - but I have no idea how long it has been on the shelves.

the flavor is called "Mega Mystery." Now, this may be just me but the LAST thing I want when I pop a piece of gum in my mouth is a MYSTERY. I mean, what is that? Is it fruity? Bubblegummy? Minty? I want to KNOW what I am likely to get.

I mean I picked up a pack a few weeks ago of 5 React 2 which had the dubious tag line of "a unique mint flavor experience" on the packaging. Now, I don't really know if it was a "unique" experience with mint flavoring. I mean, it was kind of peppermint meets spearmint with a dash of wintergreen. But at least the packaging told you out right it was MINT! You expected mint, you got mint.

I'm not likely to try "Mega Mystery" because... well... I want to KNOW.

(apropos of nothing... watching the Big Bang Theory repeats on cable and they just mentioned Zork. Yay Zork! (and I likely played the "buggy beta version" Sheldon mentions... because I played it while it was in development many many many moons ago in a galaxy far far away...)
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( Oct. 13th, 2011 10:51 pm)
"After the Runway"... this is the first one of these I've seen as I was on a plane last week and I think it premiered last week.

Anyone else think they are just... how to put this delicately... pleasuring themselves?

Yeah. Me too (also still hate Joshua M).
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( Sep. 3rd, 2011 01:17 am)
Reality TV is particularly terrible. But I think it was said best this way:

"The prettiest sight in this fine pretty world is the privileged class enjoying its privileges."

Which, granted, it doesn't have as fine a ring to it written as it does spoken, where it was edged in sarcasm and gentle mocking.

But yeah. Reality TV.
Watching one of those endless reruns of Criminal Minds on A&E... WHY is it said with such dismay when Hotch decides to drive home "over seven hours" - like that is such a huge deal? And then Rossi tells him to stretch it day or two. A day or two? For a seven hour drive? REALLY?

I mean, I know that sometimes the writers give the actors crap to say - and they have to imbue that silly dialogue with as much sincerity as they can. And I kinda get that Rossi telling Hotch - take some time you need it works well... but someone being dismayed that he would take seven hours to drive home instead of fly (when medically speaking he shouldn't be flying) is just ridiculous.

Real human beings road trip occasionally, don't they? I mean in a couple of weeks I will be driving from my home outside Boston to Quebec City. I expect it to be a very pretty sevenish hour drive. That, BTW will be at least $200 cheaper than flying (and from the time I leave my house to the time I get to the hotel in Quebec City considerably more time that seven hours would have elapsed - so driving - I'll get there quicker and with less stress.).

This isn't the first time watching a show I've had the "*snort* Whatever!" reaction. But really.

COMPLETELY unrelated - I LOVE it when authors introduce me to new words - or perfectly legitimate ways of using words I know, but not that particular definition. Awesome.
...when you talk back to the screen with gems like "At least I KNOW my stove isn't original to the kitchen! The house was built in 1955 and my stove is from 1961! Oh, wait..."

Yes, my stove is not one anyone can ever service anymore. It is too simple - they don't know what the heck to DO with it. It is a 1961 Fridgidaire Custom Imperial stove. For those that need visuals:


and showing the cooktop (which slides out underneath the ovens):


Mine is missing one knob, and is not as shiny as either of these - but then, mine has worked hard all its life. And a fifty year old stove is allowed to be creaky (and cranky).
I've seen it, Jeff Dunham ALWAYS makes me laugh.

Between Jose Jalepeno on a Stick, Achmed the Dead Terrorist, and Peanut, I laugh like hell every time I come across him on TV.

In other news the show ends tomorrow (omg so tired! But I see the end of the three month long ear worm), and I fly to Europe on Tuesday. I haven't even begun to pack.
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( Feb. 9th, 2011 09:30 pm)
So watching Criminal Minds... And so far I am reminded of the Suskind book "Perfume."

So flipping channels tonight I came across an ad for this:

what I THOUGHT was a Saturday Night Live sketch was actually... Not.

Really? I am dismayed that this ...line... of products actually exists.

I suppose even SNL couldn't make this up...

ETA: This has not been a good week for my utilities... First no heat (circulator pump was broken - seems to happen once a season - guy (or gal) comes and fixes it in about an hour and a half), then no power. Thankfully, the power was only out for a couple of hours tonight, but, really, what the hell? (I'm guessing wind related? We're having quite the rainstorm here, and the wind is pretty high) And I discovered anew that I can *really* hear the Mass Pike traffic from here when the sheer noise of power/technology is gone. Is there anything more silent (and slightly chilly) than a power-dead house?

Also, boring. Really very boring. Packing by candlelight is a new one for me, though. So if I look like a color-blind drunk dressed me while in California, well, it was dark!

...and because the power was out, and my computer was off so I didn't actually get the alert, I just realized I missed a meeting! *headdesk* SORRY!!! Had my phone had a full charge (it didn't) I might have been able to sign in and attend, but, no power, no WiFi for the laptop. :(
Back in July, I was in Maastricht, the Netherlands. While there I saw the very first of three episodes of Sherlock. Then I came home.

Sherlock came here, and I saw episode one *again*. Then I went to Beijing (and episodes two and three aired while I was gone). Tally: episode one - I've seen it THREE times, episodes two and three ZERO.

Now, another not-as-local PBS station will be showing Sherlock on Monday nights, this time. I WILL get to see episode 2 on Monday. Episode three? I'll be in FRICKIN' CALIFORNIA. And so, won't get a chance to see it.

I am NEVER going to get to see this stupid show, that I have been talking about to everyone I know since I saw the first one AS IT AIRED in Europe. It is a conspiracy, I tell you. My timing SUCKS.

Annoyed annoyed annoyed. Eventually, I know I will see all three episodes. But how annoying is it that events just conspire as if to say "NOT FOR YOU!"
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( Sep. 14th, 2010 01:36 pm)
Have the Syfy movies gotten progressively worse? Because I thought, with "Stonehenge Apocalypse" it couldn't possibly get worse. Boy, was I wrong - "Stonehenge Apocalypse" at least had a few marginally good actors in it (which, y'know, at least we know they paid rent or a mortgage payment or two out of the project. Kept food on the table, that sort of thing). Saturday, we caught most of "Mandrake" - thinking, well, it will be terrible, but probably good for a laugh or two! Um, no. Just really very bad. The setting was the amazonian jungle. Which looked suspiciously like a northern forest. The plot was... nearly invisible.

(search for a bejeweled dagger, which when removed from it's final resting place, awoke a hungry bloodthirsty plant that picked our plucky explorer/treasure hunter people off one by one).

And the ending was telegraphed an hour before the movie's end. So, not even grounds for *good* mocking. It was just SAD.

And Syfy's next offering? "SHARKTOPUS!" Which, wait, WHAT? Really?

... ... ...

I guess it always can get worse.
...was Austin just picking berries and collecting them in a gold lame CLUTCH PURSE? Oh, Austin, never change!
And also for things like this.

The high school friend who posted this link asks plaintively why republicans hate America. I just want to know why folks are stupid enough to believe the hate-mongers that seem to be the fore-front of the republican party these days. I know there are republicans who don't believe this crap, but they are very very quiet and let the idiots do their talking for them. Why is that?
"I prefer the wooley balls" - Tim Gunn

O.o! You can not make this shit up...
Since I was in Europe last week, I missed the Project Runway premiere last week, so catching up tonight. And caught the ad for "On the Road with Austin and Santino." Um, not to be a doubting doubter who doubts a lot BUT WTF???!!!???

Austin and SANTINO? I can't think of two people whose styles are so ... opposed? non-mixy? as AUSTIN and SANTINO.

This is either a hot hot mess, or comedy TV reality gold.

ETA: Five minutes in, comedy gold, definitely comedy gold... (with maybe a side of hot mess).
And I have to say I really enjoyed it! I am lucky enough to be in Europe for work, and winding down from the first day of registration turned on the TV. I was not expecting to see Sherlock, in fact I did not expect to find much of anything but German or Dutch TV. I was surprised they filmed an updated Sherlock Holmes, which was clever and funny and a bit obvious, but on the whole well done.

Our Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) was pretty intense, and did very well (I think the actor could make a credible Regulus). I *loved* Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson quiet-seeming adrenaline junkie - injured in Afghanistan in the army, and sort of at loose ends but wholly intrigued by Holmes.

All in all, Sherlock mocking the police via text message, and failing a key piece of deduction after he meets Watson was pretty cool.

Masterpiece Theatre on PBS will be airing the three episode series, but I don't know when - it isn't up on the site yet, so probably not til next year. I would be very happy to see the next two installments (sadly I'll be home by the time two and three air over here, so I will miss them).

Maybe they'll put it out on DVD...


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