Didn't lose power (yay).  DID get about 27 inches of snow - and most of it fell between 11pm Friday night and 11am Saturday morning.  Breaking out of the house was fun on Saturday, and I got the drive shoveled (I am one of the last remaining person-powered snow removal device users left in the neighborhood).  Took two hours, and that was having parked the car down the drive just out of reach of the kick-up from the plowing.

So Saturday was a complete loss - there was a travel ban on until 4pm and nothing was open ANYWHERE.  I think it was noon before I saw a car actually traveling down the road, not just pulling out to shift the snow from around the parking spot.  But man, any vehicle they could slap a plow to the front of got one.  For thirty-six hours the plows were working pretty much non-stop and they did a phenomenal job 9yes, even though the plow crust across the head of the drive was waist-high and packed three feet wide.

Went to my folks' for lunch today.  Mom and I washed the (stinky) dog.  He doesn't quite know what to do with snow that is almost taller than him.  He can stand and rest his chin on it - which makes it a little bit of a daunting prospect for him to forge through it.  He can, because he is a 70-plus pound lab.  But it is still daunting.

Dad went off to watch the girls swim at their meet today.  I guess they both did all right.
So between the rain, sleet, and snow last night into this morning, we got about three inches of the white stuff by the time it stopped - fading back into rain a little bit. But it was three inches of beyond heavy, wet, icy crap to shovel.

Described on the evening news as "like lead or cement" to remove. Joy. So I went out to shovel (and OMG, this was the worst bit of now we've had this season so far! Much prefer two feet of the white fluffy stuff than the three icy, saturated inches I tried to scrape off the drive). I was just starting the head of the driveway which had about two feet of plow deposits when The Mad Walker came down the street with her dog. Now, The Mad Walker is an elderly lady who got a dog not too long ago, and this must be the most well-exercised dog on the planet. Rain or shine, snow, sleet or dark of night will not deter her from her appointed rounds through the neighborhood at *least* four times a day. She used to walk by herself, but now she has the dog to keep her company. She is sweet, and I am sure that I once knew her name, but I can't remember ever introducing myself to her. We wave, and smile, but today she stopped and we chatted. I crossed the street to say hello to her sweet puppy.

And down the cross street comes a guy pushing his snow blower. And without a word or a look to us he makes a bee-line for my driveway and starts to carve into the ice-bound drift plowed-in head of the driveway.

Neither of us recognize him. But wow, he just tore through the bank and started to clear what I hadn't yet got to. I stayed out of his way, but I did go back to clearing walkways and cleaning up the drive behind my car. And without a word, he'd finished his appointed task and when I look around for him he is halfway up the cross street, done. I yelled a "Thank YOU!" but, he didn't make any indication he heard me.

So I feel I have to pay it forward. Which may take some thought, but I usually can find an opportunity to do so.

Who was that mystery man with the snow blower?
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( Dec. 20th, 2009 07:39 pm)
So yesterday I spent the whole day doing Nutcracker things for Miss Michelle. She had thirty kids in the show this year, and I like the changes she'd made (and the new sleigh is awesome). The two top dancers, one a freshman at BC and one a senior in HS are still beautiful dancers - I've seen these two girls dance for *years,* Since they were pretty wee.

We all went for dinner after an extremely quick strike (I got to be the "drop folding maven" again, and lots of the teens have been part of my drop folding 101 speeches, so this drop got folded so damn well, and really damn quickly). Dinner was a lovely capper to the day, and the snow had not yet started to fall by the time I got home.

I was exhausted when I got home so I went to bed fairly early. No snow. Got up this morning and OMG SNOW. Between twelve and fourteen inches fell overnight into the morning. I went out midafternoon to shovel and it took me about two hours. It was lighter than the first snow of the season (which was rain, snow, rain, so half what I shoveled was wet slush/ice), but there was about three times as much of it. This snow was cold,snow,stilldamncold - so there has been no melt at all.

So unless there is an unseasonable warm up, we are white for Christmas. And New Years. And likely through January and February and into March (although, who knows, they are predicting highs in the fifties on Saturday, and possibly rain).

I was *going* to have lunch with my parents today. I was also going to continue my holiday shopping. Neither happened. Instead I shoveled out my driveway, cleaned off my car, and not much else.

But I have food, water, power and the internet, so I am better off than many up and down the east coast (especially in those states that don't know what to do with (or just don't have the machines available to take care of) snow/snow removal... like the DC area).

Hope everyone is okay! How was *your* blizzard?
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( Dec. 17th, 2008 01:13 am)
Yeah, totally screwed. I got just acclimatized enough to California to have my sleep schedule fucked up for the last few days. So yeah, after 1am and I am still wide awake. It is snowing here. Supposed to turn to rain in the morning, and rain for while tomorrow (later today). Whatever - its gonna be messy. But the snow won't stick around since it is supposed to get up into the forties.

No response to the email I sent detailing *why* I said no when asked to do something for the production this March. The president of the group responded, and we talked a little bit tonight. But the producer(s) - nothing. I know they got my email. I did find out one producer has dropped the project entirely.

Still feeling conflicted and crappy about it. But I still feel I made the right decision, so. There is that.

Was at rehearsal for the children's theatre production tonight. I am filling in for the stage managers because one is sick, and the other can't come to rehearsals until after Jan 15. Blocking act 2 - in a tiny tiny space. But I think they'll be fine - even if they only have about a month to mount this production. Wish they had about ten more feet in every direction to play in. Because the stage they will be playing on is frickin' huge.

Ah, well. How can it be December 17th already? I am so not ready for the holidays. Want to sleep now, please. And it seems I am really damned random when twiddling my thumbs in the wee hours...
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( Dec. 15th, 2007 03:19 pm)
So the North East is braced, and waiting for snow. Out Thursday storm dumped about nine inches of snow in my area starting at about noonish. Knowing it was going to be bad I worked from home. After listening to the horror stories that the Thursday Commute engendered, I thank the impulse that said "y'know what? Just don't go out."

I didn't. And my next door neighbor (the sane ones, not the crazy ones) was out snowblowing his driveway late (the storm petered out at about 10ish) and he used his snowblower on my driveway too. All I had to do was clear off the car and shovel out the head of the drive (where the plows plowed me in) and be on my way. So nice!

I know that Gwen's commute, generally about an hour or so on public transportation took her just over four hours in the storm. Some people spent four or five hours trying to drive under fifteen miles. Terrible!

So because I haven't had the time to do any shopping for the holiday, I got up this morning insanely early to go to the mall. There is really no one around at just before 8am at the mall. I was done in about an hour. All told, I got home from my pedestrian errands and shopping trip around noon.

I've been watching the day turn from bright sun to overcast, and am expecting to see snow at any moment. It is supposed to get really really messy. So I've ticked all the adults off my shopping list and I just need ideas for the wee relatives. Next weekend I'll roam a bit farther afield I think...

Everyone doing okay? Don't let the weather get you down!
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( Dec. 9th, 2005 11:07 pm)
And I've shoveled out over 14 inches of snow. Since I have somewhere I need to be early tomorrow, I went out just after the snow ended to clear the driveway and car. All I have to do tomorrow is clear what the plows plow into my driveway.

So yeah. What was supposed to be 1 to 3 inches and then 5-8 and then 6-12 ended being a "wintercane" (winter storm with hurricane force winds) and 3-6 inches of snow *per hour* at the peak of the storm. We also had thundersnowshowers (like a thunderstorm, but with snow instead). So, yeah. I spent most of the day inside my house. A little bit of cabin fever, but on the whole not bad.
They are *STILL* predicting 1-3 inches of total snowfall for today when we passed the three inch mark at about nine o'clock this morning and the snowfall has just gotten heavier. Um, Weather channel people? You might want to *update* your local weather updates...


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