So if only heterosexual couples are allowed to marry because only heterosexual couples can become unintentionally pregnant it follows that argument that marriage licenses should only be issued to those that ARE "unintentionally" pregnant.  No one else can marry, ever!  Only if you are pregnant unintentionally!

Because some asshat (and yes, on behalf of my ONE loopy State Supreme Court Justice, I offer my condolences) used the argument a decade ago to vote against same sex marriage here (he was soundly defeated, because the other state supreme court justices are more rational and not asshats).

A decade.  The actual laws change took a bit longer - it was 2004 when the first gay marriages were able to take place. But it has been a decade since the ruling.

I do not envy the Supreme Court.  But have my fingers crossed that the asshats using that ridiculous premise are defeated and the DOMA is overturned.  Because it is a stupid law and a hundred years from now people will wonder at the quaint customs we held as "modern" culture.
I'm noticing a trend in literature - especially YA literature - that publishers are numbering books in a series... oddly.  There will be a book series, say its a trilogy, so you get Book One "Foo,"  Book Two "Foo Too," and Book Three "Foo as Well."  Then, there will be a prequel, maybe not even a full book length called Book ZeroPointFive "Before Foo," and between Book Two and Book Three there might be a side-story for a secondary character that doesn't fit in the story arc called Book TwoPointFive "Not Foo, But Related to Foo."

I mean, I know Douglas Adams did it for laughs (I'm looking at the Hitchhiker's guide "Trilogy" that went on for five books and one omnibus was called "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: the Trilogy of Four" and after that came the fifth book which had as its subtitle "The fifth book in the increasingly inaccurately named Hitchhiker's Trilogy").

But really?  Producing a novella or a short story and then tacking a PointFive to whatever number you want it to come in the story arc as a whole just seems like shoddy storytelling.  Either develop the story fully, or cut out the bits that don't add anything but giving anything a PointFive numbering looks like a marketing ploy in order to get more money out of me so I can read the "Full Story/Back Story/Secondary Character's Story."

I mean, I guess I have accepted that the publishers are asshats along about the time they re-numbered the Narnia series in 1994 to be "in sort of chronological order" even through if you read them for the first time in that order you would be very confused and kind of put off (You NEED the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe to get the introduction to Narnia - starting with the Magician's Nephew when you don't KNOW what Narnia is about just makes no sense - and the Magician's Nephew is kinda boring anyway). 

I guess I am Just Not A Fan Of The PointFives.
if you advertise something as "the best of" whatever, let me give you a hint. If whatever the thing is you are saying this one is "the best" of is pure shit... well, the best of shit is STILL shit.

So. Here endeth the lesson.
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( Aug. 11th, 2012 04:21 pm)
JFC I wish the utility companies and cable companies gave you a TAD BIT more time between the billing and the payment due date. Because I was out of the flippin' country from the day the bill was likely delivered (day I left) to the time it was actually due (day before I arrived home).

And don't tell me I should "pay online" - I know WAY TOO MUCH about exactly how not-secure the Internet is to be comfortable doing that. Hazards of the job. Maybe when security comes a little farther (and yes, I am aware that for 99% of the people the security holes in online banking will never be breached so the odds are in my favor. I still can't do more than check my balances).
Sometimes, in the suburban parking lots near my neighborhood, tractor trailer trucks overnight. The state thru-way rumbles by less than a mile from here, and I can usually hear some of the traffic on quiet nights - and in my neighborhood all the nights are quiet. We'd have to be having huge storms for it not to be quiet.

Tonight, the subsonic rumble from *something* (I suspect one of those tractor trailer trucks) is driving me out of my mind. And keeping me up. It isn't exactly a sound - but there is a definite (if subtle and very very low) vibration. I feel like there is atmospheric pressure on my ears - but that isn't quite right to describe this feeling/sound/whatever either. The best I can tell it is similar to that thing that makes noise-canceling earphones so uncomfortable for me to use - I hate them, can't use them.

I can't fall asleep - and the constant rumble/pressure/pain has me keyed up.


I suppose it doesn't help that my house is a slab ranch - meaning its foundation is a flat concrete slab that house sits on. No basement.
Feel free to skip this - I am unavoidably grumpy.

I just got the FOURTH baseball schedule from a real estate agency in less than a week. I don't care about baseball. I am not a Red Sox fan, or part of Red Sox Nation, or whatever the hell. STOP spamming me with the schedule of games as fridge magnets, or postcards, or placards!

RELIGIOUS ADVERTISING - WTF people? Why all of a sudden are the catholic religious advertisements all over television? The whole thing is fairly distasteful. And a little creepy, to be honest.

Those TD bank commercials with Regis and whatsherface. The latest one must have been shot when they were both sick, because hearing their congestion and raspyness makes me cringe - I have to mute the TV when they come on - neither one have particularly aurally pleasing voices anyway.

Automatic cell phone OS updates - I am not pleased that the latest update renamed and erased some of my most used apps. Minor irritation that I know I'll get used to - but why relabel "Alarm Clock" just "Clock"? It USED to be the very first app - now I have to hunt for it under "C."

As much as I love my Wii, the little Fit Plus scale critter annoys the crap out of me. No, I will not "think about" the reasons for my weight gain. I gained two pounds. I am hormonal, not snacking or eating late. Just normally HORMONAL. grrrr.

Huh. I feel better. But I reserve the right to come back and bitch the next time I need to.
And I get to go all over the world.

USAmericans also "sprung forward" on Sunday to enter Daylight Savings Time, which means we lost an hour of sleep (because in their infinite wisdom they *thought* mucking with clock settings in the middle of the night would not "inconvenience" the largest population of people (making us all sleep deprived and confused doesn't count)).

Well, the American Government decided a few years ago to EXTEND Daylight Savings Time when the rest of the world did not.

So I go to the Czech Republic on March 22. And SPRING FORWARD AGAIN with the European Union on March 27. I am just going to have a massively messed up body clock by the time I get home on April 2.

So not fair.
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( Aug. 27th, 2007 05:15 pm)
Netflix is so much fun - and quite the mixed bag...

Movie Reviews )
Other than the movies, not much going on here. The last few days have been extremely hot and humid, and the weather seems to be unstable, as today started out fairly cool and dry.

I auditioned for a play, but did not get cast. I knew I would not get cast, because I don't dance, and dancing was essential. I won't say I *can't* dance, because it kind of remains to be seen. Lets say I have never *studied* dance. And being the klutz I am, dance was never going to be a very good fit. However I always wanted to learn at least some of the basics. I just haven't had the opportunity. One thing I wished I had growing up. Less piano lessons. After just over two years of lessons my teacher told my mother perhaps piano wasn't the right activity for me. Old bat.

Ah well. So no rehearsals in my near future, sadly. I always love the process of putting together a show. Its just that this show slotted so neatly into my schedule. I so need a new job so I don't have to plan around these stupid meetings anymore.

Well, I've finished my bitchfest. What's new out there with all of you?


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