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( Oct. 16th, 2013 09:19 am)
...the Christian Conservatives on my FaceBook feed post a ton of Christian Religious Right Crap all at once.  I don't mind the stuff that is political - everyone has their political views.  It is the social stuff that annoys the hell out of me - the "boycott the Muslim-themed post office stamp!" the "put God back into the holidays by saying 'merry Christmas' instead of 'happy holidays!'"  Its the exclusionary tone of this crap that gets me.

Unfortunately, most of the folks that post and repost and REPOST this stuff are mostly relatives.  So I can't just remove them from my facebook feed.  And I don't mind the posts about their animals and all the horsey-themed homilies and such.

The best I can do is hold my tongue and not post snarky socially liberal shit back to them.
So I went into Babies 'R' Us for diaper pins. Its to complete a project ... well, that isn't really the POINT of the story. I was sucked into the grim land of pink and blue for a quick errand, and discovered a lot of what is wrong with gendered society.

It begins at birth when your binary choice is externally obvious, and all of a sudden boys are "tough guy"s and "daddy's little hero" and "I ♥ firetrucks!" Girls are stuck with "I'm Cute!" and "daddy's little princess." What the fuck? What the fuck is WRONG with a society where we label our kids right off the bat with gender stereotyping. It isn't stereotyping because it is true - it is stereotyping because we've all been BRAINWASHED SINCE INFANCY.

Kind of glad my parents had literally nothing when I was a baby - I might have had six different outfits total and lots of those were hand-me-downs either from my brother or neighbors- or my mom made them for me (I should also point out here that it was the very early seventies when I was a baby - so the color palette for fashion was dreadful - mom-made clothes were far preferable to some of the stuff that was out there).

Heck, when he was born my brother was breech. Back then they didn't actually KNOW he was breech until he was already partway born. My tiny, petite, small-framed mother delivered all nine pounds six ounces of him backward (butt first). Because all the birth-bruising and odd shaping happened to his back end and not his head, people always complimented my mother on "such an adorable girl" even when she dressed him in all blue.

I escaped with the diaper pins I went in for - I got the pins that were neither pink nor blue. They're mostly yellow and green and orange!

If I had a baby I would totally dress it as gender neutrally as I could. And I'd totally get any daughter of mine the "I ♥ firetrucks!" outfit.
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( Oct. 12th, 2011 03:22 pm)
Mississippi, what the fuck?

"Personhood"? REALLY??? What a shitty shitty thing - dubbing a cluster of cells with "personhood" to criminalize abortion (and by extent miscarriage). Read more:


That people all over the country aren't up in arms about this wacked out fringe group (Personhood USA) that wants to do away with Roe v. Wade (jesus, this war was already fought. pro-choice WON. women get to have their reproductive rights to be between them and their doctor without the gods-be-damned govn't stepping in to stop them. Get the fuck over it already).

What's next? Compulsory pregnancy for all women able to bear no matter if they want children or not? "You have the equipment you must use it"? It is a slippery slippery slope from here to there. I am a childless woman in my very late thirties (in fact I'll be leaving my thirties in a matter of weeks). That I have no children of my own is sort of a luke-warm issue to me. I was open to having kids if it happened, but it didn't happen. It likely won't happen, just because I am getting too old to bear my own. I hear no clock ticking away my fertile years - I am not desperate to have a baby to prove my femininity or whatever the hell. But if I did get pregnant in any of the years before - or any of the years after now, I would have and would still want the CHOICE to either have the child or not.

I am not saying I WOULD choose abortion. It totally would depend on the circumstances of the conception, the health of myself and the health of the baby. If, gods-forbid I miscarried a pregnancy (as so many of my friends and neighbors have done), would I be brought up on charges that maybe something I did made me lose the pregnancy?

Personhood USA doesn't come right out and say that I would in their very scary rhetoric, but with the way they throw around words, it is a very short leap to think that, yes, if the laws are enacted the way they want, I would likely be facing criminal charges if I miscarry.

When you sit back and look at their conversation points (and who else finds it incredibly distasteful they liken abortion to the civil rights struggles of African Americans and Native Americans?), they are TAKING the rights from the WOMEN who would bear the child to confer rights to the grouping of cells that would become a child IF the cells developed far enough to be carried to viability. I am so sorry, but the rights of the WOMAN are more important, in my opinion.

This gets worse the more I research...

A question is raised about ectopic pregnancy - and if Personhood USA has their way any fertilized egg would be given the full rights as a person. What does a doctor do about ectopic pregnancy? Would it be murder to abort? Would it be self-defense or defense of another? Would it be criminal to save the woman?

What about the issue of in vitro? Where "personhood" would be conferred to groupings of cells in a petri dish - remember personhood is conferred AT FERTILIZATION, not at implementation, not at the viability age of the being - at FERTILIZATION - when SPERM meets EGG. So what - we're going to get a lot more octomoms because it would be criminal not to try to birth ALL of the children conceived in fertility clinics?
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( May. 30th, 2011 10:56 pm)
So I ventured out to exactly one sale today - Michael's was having a huge sale and I got a whole bunch of stuff (art supplies) for under twenty bucks.

I must have had my "Remus Face" on while looking at the on sale paints because a mother and son were there debating colors for the kid to use in some kind of project. I didn't ask what kind of thing the kid was doing, but he was looking for green, brown, black, and white paint, and debating each color choice with his mother who was by turns asking if he *really* needed all that paint and whether he had *enough* paint. Wow, talk about your mixed messages!

Anyway, I imparted a little color choice and paint type wisdom on them because they *asked* and so I gave them my honest opinion. But then I sort of wandered away until they (loudly) went on their way, so I could peruse the paint in peace. Because OMG, they were wearing on the nerves.

Which brings me to today and my hermit tendencies. I wasn't really fit to be out in the world today with my hormonally moody self (which is hormonally moody EARLY, tyvm Mother Nature you raging bitch), so I came home right after Michael's and stayed home for the rest of the day. I decided not to inflict my grumpy ass on friends who were having a get together - because I'd have had to psych myself up to even go - which had I been feeling less hormonally homicidal and achy I would have had an easier time doing.

As it was I couldn't even get comfortable with a heating pad to make me feel better because it was eighty-five fucking degrees today and I couldn't even fathom a heating pad.

Also - what the hell happened to spring? It blew by here in about three days and left us with disgusting humid deep summer temperatures. I want my lovely sixty-five degree days! We went straight from 40 degrees to 85 degrees without even a by-your-leave.

Ugh. Horrible horrible day.

Well, back to work tomorrow. Bonus is tomorrow is payday, so yay for that.

And this made my grumpy butt laugh like hell today (so thank you, Drv, for that! I obviously needed it):
On the plus side they have finally started ASKING me if I have a fucking timeshare before pitching their "sell your timeshare" crap.

On the minus side THEY'RE STILL CALLING.

No. I DO NOT have a timeshare. I have NEVER had a timeshare. Whether the people who owned this phone number before me had one is immaterial, as this has been my number for over TEN YEARS.

The ones that annoy me the most are the ones who insist I do. That I must. I DON'T!!!
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( Nov. 16th, 2010 05:34 am)
Oh my god, airline that I shall not name, I did not need you waking me up at 4:30AM just to tell me my bag had arrived at my house after being awake for nearly forty hours of travel.

I mean, thanks and all for the door delivery, after my bag didn't make the connection - but really, nothing was gonna happen to it on my front walkway. It could have waited until I'd had more than four hours of sleep. Honest.

Been awake for an hour on the rush.

Not cool. Totally not cool.
I've always had a love/hate relationship with math. I've always kind of struggled with math and science, so much so I took the bare minimum in college to get out of the requirement. I was always much more focused on my major, and the hours I'd spend at the theatre.

So I came out of college and was thrust into the real world without much practical math. I figured it out, as you have to just to live your life. Yesterday, one of my flist wrote a useful essay on her own expereince with math and the belief she was no good at it. And could honestly say "I don't do math" and not feel there was anything wrong with that but there should be. So you can go here, to read someone being way more eloquent on the subject than I can be. But I agree with her. We should not, as women (those of us who are), be complacent about math in our lives and blithely assure those around us "oh, no, I don't do math." Yes, actually, we do do math. Everyday. I'm not talking fancy math, like calculus or even algebra. Just simple stuff.

Can you calculate your state sales tax (for instance, you know that 5% sales tax means for every dollar you spend on a taxable item, you will pay an additional five cents in tax)? Do you keep an approximate running tally when you grocery shop? Balance your checkbook? Make change? Know how to figure out ten percent of whatever amount? This is not hard to do, and some other useful math it is not hard once you've been given the tools.

So, yes, ladies, we can "do" math.
Geesh. You'd think someone up there was trying to tell me something. This is the third time in the last week or so I've had the "cut the hair" dream.
A hair razing tale - beware - a silly rant )
But, good lord! If I have to have the haircutting dream for the next two months I'm gonna go barmy.


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