if you advertise something as "the best of" whatever, let me give you a hint. If whatever the thing is you are saying this one is "the best" of is pure shit... well, the best of shit is STILL shit.

So. Here endeth the lesson.
Seeing ads on tv makes you go huh? sometimes.

I would have LOVED to have been a fly on the wall of the pitch session where someone thought the movie "Battleship" was a good idea. That it got all the way through production and is about to be released and all along the process no one questioned a movie based on a kids board game was possibly not a good idea.

I mean, how can this not be a massively bad movie?

I suppose there is president. After all they've made movies based on video games and amusement park rides. But "Battleship"? Couldn't they have picked something like "Risk" or "Stratego" or even "Monopoly"? It had to be "Battleship"? You know if nobody comes out and actually says "You sunk my Battleship!" the entire movie will not be worth the cost of admission, right? That would be like telling the joke but not the punchline.
Sometimes, in the suburban parking lots near my neighborhood, tractor trailer trucks overnight. The state thru-way rumbles by less than a mile from here, and I can usually hear some of the traffic on quiet nights - and in my neighborhood all the nights are quiet. We'd have to be having huge storms for it not to be quiet.

Tonight, the subsonic rumble from *something* (I suspect one of those tractor trailer trucks) is driving me out of my mind. And keeping me up. It isn't exactly a sound - but there is a definite (if subtle and very very low) vibration. I feel like there is atmospheric pressure on my ears - but that isn't quite right to describe this feeling/sound/whatever either. The best I can tell it is similar to that thing that makes noise-canceling earphones so uncomfortable for me to use - I hate them, can't use them.

I can't fall asleep - and the constant rumble/pressure/pain has me keyed up.


I suppose it doesn't help that my house is a slab ranch - meaning its foundation is a flat concrete slab that house sits on. No basement.
I can hear the drums of the HS marching band on the football field.

It took a few minutes to place exactly WHAT I was hearing (and sadly, no bagpipes, just drums).

...that statement in the parens makes more sense if you know where I went to college.

Drums. HS. Friday night in October. Should not have taken so long to figure it out.
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( Sep. 21st, 2011 01:05 am)
The things you think about while trying unsuccessfully to fall asleep...

My brother's new laundry room is only slightly smaller than my small bedroom. His laundry (once complete) will be 9x9 feet. My small bedroom is *almost* 10x10.

I need to do laundry myself fairly soon.

If I rip out the whole front wall of the house in the living room to take out the in-wall air con unit and replace the window I might be able to fit in a bay window.

I need to take my car in to get inspected... it was supposed to be inspected last month - oops.

The grocery store was out of a ton of stuff tonight and I am not sure why Tuesday night is a night when a lot of shelves were empty.

We are getting a Wegmans "near by" - where "near by" is about fifteen miles away. But I think it is the first Wegmans in Massachusetts.

I've got to make tracks for my 40th birthday gift to myself. Hello big four oh! I am looking pretty much straight at you!

Don't pack away the summer clothes too soon - remember Taipei is coming up in less than two months, and currently their daily highs are still in the high eighties.

I wonder if I should try to get a flu shot before I go galavanting around the world.

And thinking of travel, California in two weeks and Florida the weekend after that - all still mid-eighties during the day. So just because the home temps are low sixties does not mean summer has passed by completely.

Okay. I think maybe I can try to sleep now.

...We're so surprised.

Max has taken to turning himself around and backing up while moving to a different part of the same room. And more times than not he gets tangled up in himself because he won't get out of his own way.

Oh, Max. You are such a loveable, loving doofus.

Saw my folks for lunch. They're both doing well - we discussed my vacation and their travel to Rochester, NY to see friends and family (apparently in HS my dad was known for running fast, always being late for school, and being smart. Not surprised. My Mom also found out his HS nickname but he would not let her tell me), and Max's time spent with my brother where he whined all night. Well, yeah, he's only been away from home once before since my folks brought him home, and my brother wanted him to settle in a New Place that smelled like Another Dog? Oy. My brother is not SMRT sometimes. He should have stayed at my folks' house overnight instead of moving Max.

My Dad is still planning to go golfing with his brother and cousin(s) in October. But neither my mom nor I have faith that if Cousin R is making the arrangements (you're *sure* R knows he's supposed to find you all somewhere to stay? Absolutely positive? Really?) that they will be able to find a place at this late date. But that is all up to R. R, who has a habit of monologue-ing in his broad NJ accent (his funniest, that horrifies his daughter and makes his son laugh is he is going to create and install an ATM machine (Afterlife Teller Machine) as his headstone that has a video interface so he can dispense their inheritance to his kids in multiples of $20. And he can harangue them from the grave "You! We never see you unless you want money! You want a hundred bucks? Here - here's forty. Come back next week and visit maybe I'll give you a hundred!" or "What - back again already? Its only been two days - what did you do with the last money I gave you?" Yeah, Cousin R is a riot - unless you're one of his kids, I suppose).

Ah well. Day off tomorrow. ♥
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( Sep. 3rd, 2011 01:17 am)
Reality TV is particularly terrible. But I think it was said best this way:

"The prettiest sight in this fine pretty world is the privileged class enjoying its privileges."

Which, granted, it doesn't have as fine a ring to it written as it does spoken, where it was edged in sarcasm and gentle mocking.

But yeah. Reality TV.
I went to the WB site and got my Patronus...

It is a Phoenix. The little wrietup about it says they are "known for their faithfulness and healing powers" and then goes on to mention Dumbledore's patronus is a Phoenix.

Interesting. I'm not sure it is completely accurate, but what the heck does an app from the WB really know about anyone, right?

(and if you want to get your own, you can go here: http://apps.warnerbros.com/hp7b/patronus/us/index.php)

So the temp is dropping (55 degrees at 7am when I put out the trash and recycling for collection, 33 degrees right now), and it is INCREDIBLY windy here.

Lost power for about twenty-five minutes due to the wind. Happily I'd already bathed for the day, so I wasn't forced to take an ice cold shower/bath/washup.

Tonight is the cue-to-cue, tomorrow is our first dress, which worries me as I have only one complete costume. I have bits for one more, and two others are a complete ???? I don't really want to be naked on stage, so I hope they have come up with something by tomorrow.

I'm on green room snacks tonight - gotta go cut up some veggies!
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( Mar. 7th, 2011 10:31 am)
I was looking for a mention I made in my journal about something a few months ago and I got caught up rereading old journal entries.

OMG, I totally need a "useless crap I thought up with nothing better to do" tag. Or a "Random babble from the depths of my brain" tag. Because, geez, guys, I tend to go on and on and ON about nothing of consequence. EVER.
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( Jan. 17th, 2011 09:40 am)
Went to a small gathering this weekend where I was told by one other party-goer that her forties were absolutely her favorite and best decade. She'd re-live her forties in a new york minute. So. Something to look forward to, I guess, since I am very close to starting that decade's journey.

I find it interesting that the awkward social anxiety I usually feel around big groups (and by "big" I mean more than seven-to-ten) of people in a "party atmosphere" never materialized. I am not good with big groups of people when there is no stated "purpose" beyond "hanging out" or being purely social. Give us a purpose (such as rehearsal, or doing something) and I usually have no trouble. Just a party, and I need a couple of days to psyche myself up, and if I'm not in the right frame of mind I sometimes don't go.

Yeah, my people - meaning my family - are not very social. We're actually fairly reclusive as a whole. So I know where it stems from. Plus I am not the type of person that thrives on other people's energy unless I'm on stage. Other people generally wear me out, and I need down/quiet time to just be for a while.

Dropped by the shop yesterday on my way to rehearsal - mostly so I could briefly see my mom and wish her happy birthday. We'll celebrate next Sunday when my brother and his family are back in town, and I don't have a mid-day rehearsal - next week, the rehearsal on Sunday is in the evening, so I can spend the afternoon at my parent's house (probably playing with the ickle-kiddies)

MLK day - which means no work today! Yay.
The time has come, the Walrus said, to speak of many things...

* I can haz a smartphone. I can haz voice, text, and data capability. For the first time I can TEXT MESSAGE!

* So if you have my cell phone number, you can text me AND I CAN ANSWER YOU!!!! So exciting!

* China in just over a week. Yikes!

* Got new shoes - comfy and able to be worked in! Especially as I know the hotel in Beijing is HUGE and spread out - comfy shoes to wander will be key.

* Am definitely going to California the second full week of December...
Yahoo news has an article about how most Americans can't answer the simplest questions about their own, and other people's faith. (Take the quiz yourself before reading the article: http://features.pewforum.org/quiz/us-religious-knowledge/)

Read the article:


I was raised Unitarian, in probably the most organized of any Unitarian church I've ever seen or heard of (it is also one of the oldest Unitarian churches around). But what they did really really well while I was growing up was giving us glimpses of other faiths, and told us any and all faiths were valid, and should be respected.

I no longer consider myself Unitarian. Or even Christian of any flavor.

But I got a 100% on the quiz - better than 99% of the people who took it. There was only one question I guessed (and guessed correctly) on. The majority of the questions are Judeo-Christian in content, but there are a couple that are (broadly) related to Hindu, Islam, and Buddhism.

Now, I know that the article is about a slightly different test - one with 32 questions, while this quiz only has fifteen, but I still felt pretty good about the score I got. Between my liberal arts education and my Sunday school curriculum I did okay.
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( Jul. 6th, 2010 02:50 pm)
havin' a heat wave, a tropical heat wave...

It says it is 99 degrees out there.

I think it is too hot to wear pants. Today should be survived pants-less. I'd escape to an air-conditioned Starbucks but for a. lack of pants, and b. I have a teleconference at 4:30...

Joy. Weather dot com says 101 degrees right now for my town (feels like 105 degrees).

serves me right for even looking...

lemonade, I think.
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( Jun. 28th, 2010 12:10 pm)
So this weekend was our big Infinitus Registration Weekend of Awesome (Value of Awesome May Vary), we had a number of people in and out of the hotel suite helping out. Many folks I had never met before, or met, but never interacted with before. And some folks I've known for a long time (BIG THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ATTENDED!!!).

Two lovely people who came on Friday night and single-handedly cut apart tickets and ripped apart almost four thousand wristbands. They stayed a couple of hours. Toward the end, the young man mentioned in the course of conversation that I "seem like the kind of person who could pick up a book and kill you with it." Which I sort of missed the context for (I was printing in the bedroom part and they were sitting around the conference table part).

I don't know. Do I seem like the kind of person who could pick up a book and kill you with it (it is sort of mostly the book part that I get stuck on. Pen, sure; spork, messy but doable; but a book doesn't seem like a very useful item when talking killing. Although, the innovative/creative factor counts... blunt force trauma, death of a thousand paper cuts, etc.)?

[livejournal.com profile] gwendolyngrace says "yes."
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( Jun. 23rd, 2010 07:44 pm)
Saw my brother's family on Sunday when we had lunch with my mom and dad for Father's Day. M and K (my brother and sister-in-law) took L home for a nap (he turns two in a week or so), they left the girls with us.

Whew! Exhausting! B will NEVER stop talking, and G is quite the maniacal mastermind of crazy ideas.

But when K came back to pick them up later that afternoon, she mentioned that they are doing daily journal entries for the whole summer. They're going to do a "family journal" that will detail all the playgrounds they can find on the Cape (where K's parents have a house, and K takes the kids to a lot). But the way she talked about the journal made me laugh... she said 70 days to go. The summer is 72 days long, I guess, before school starts again, and K's numbered the days in a countdown to School (third grade and first graders! yikes!).

She's go her hands so so full with all three active kids all summer long. So they go back to school in 66 days.

Other news - I'm at the tail end of printing the STUFF needed for Infinitus. I've got a few more things to do - Ball drink tickets, extra Feast tickets, etc. This weekend is THE BIG WEEKEND to put 2250 registration packets together. yikes!
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( Jun. 22nd, 2010 12:47 am)
So every time I travel to the SF Bay Area to visit the mothership... I mean the home office... which happens about three or four times a year, I make a visit to a used bookshop a couple miles from the hotel that carries a hell of a lot more than books. They also carry vinyl, CDs, DVDs, games, cassette tapes - I even saw a small section of 8-tracks.

This last visit I picked up a couple of CDs - the two CD set of "Aspects of Love" a Webber musical that did not do well (and boy, I understand why!). I also picked up "Bloomer Girl" and "Starlight Express."

But while I knew nothing of "Aspects of Love" other than the main anthem ("Love Changes Everything"), I finished listening to it in the car. It has some nice anthems, but it is definitely WEBBER - with quite a bit of melodrama and overwrought-ness.

It traces the relationship among a young actress, her younger lover, her eventual husband, his long-time mistress, and the actress's daughter (with her husband - all we needed to make it more incestuous as well as molestation if the girl turned out to be her younger lover's). In short, it is more of a mess than the most convoluted soap opera. And it would be more believable if it took place in 1900-1920-ish instead of between 1947 and 1967-ish. Just for era and mores. Although I give it points for lesbianism (the long-time mistress and the young actress get along REALLY well when they meet, much to their shared man's delight. And the mistress kisses the young actress at her wedding to her husband - as the mistress stood up for the man as his "best man" she claimed her right to kiss the bride. I don't know, but it made me laugh - at this point in the story it is like 1950. So.).

I think I'll put in "Starlight Express" the next time I'm out. I am only really familiar with two or three numbers, and while I know its a pretty ridiculous premise, it still seems like it might be kinda fun. And well, it was all of seven bucks.
I love the National Geographic channel.

I have been enamored of the program "Expedition Great White" which I never thought would have hooked me so thoroughly - because y'know sharks never really did it for me.

But this program is fascinating.
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( Jun. 18th, 2010 11:37 pm)
just so you know, california drivers - especially in the Bay Area, are way crazier than massachusetts drivers. and far more terrifying.

My day started at 3:45am EST. My flights were uneventful and ontime. Everything one wishes for in a flight, really. And the captain on the plane came on when we were beginning our decent to welcome us all to the SF Bay area, and welcome home Gary ___ (last name I didn't catch) who was coming home from a Dungeons and Dragons championship of some kind and he came in second. And it was our pilot's birthday (he's twenty-nine, yikes!).

Free wireless in the room for the win!

I'm a little wacky with sleep deprivation, but here are some things I've learned in the last couple of days.

A director I've worked with before has taken up the drums. She is 67, and she's always been fascinated with drums, so she's taking lessons. She says shes got a whole five drum set to play on. She's also about five feet tall. I bet watching her play is a hoot (she says it is a damn good workout)! Another acquaintance used to play the glockenspiel. Anyone out there have hidden musical talents? Harpsichord, anyone? Bassoon? Didgeridoo? I've always wanted to play the bagpipes. Just because I think it would be neat to make all that noise (and I have a major soft spot for bagpipe music).

Anyone? Bueller?


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