Last night when I got home my computer did not boot up. Or at least I had no way of knowing if it booted up - I mean it made all the whirrs and clicks and booting noises, but the screen - she be blank.

This morning I hied myself to the Apple Store that had morning appointments still available and talked to Daniel. Daniel was a nice young man (and wow, do I feel old describing anyone as "a nice young man"!) who took my sad computer, tried to reset it, and finally worked his magic "in the back" - where he took off the back, removed the battery, and made sure all the cables to the screen were seated properly (it was a loose cable, he said confidently when he returned my baby to me). So at some point, the laptop got enough of a jolt that the wiring inside that connects hard drive to screen came loose.

Thank goodness it wasn't anything more serious! The poor woman next to me dumped water into hers and fried it. Although, the woman after her did some file cleanup someone suggested and now couldn't locate all her files and didn't know what she did. She looked to be in her eighties, though, and that she was having trouble sounds like she had the computer set up the way she liked it and could find everything and some well-meaning moron came along and made her think she was "doing it wrong" and filed everything away where she couldn't actually find it.

Well-meaning morons should keep their opinions to themselves. Some people just like to have shit all over their desk top so they can find it and know where it is. Some people can't stand that. Myself, I do both. Anything that is immediate or even long-term-but-working-on-little-by-little goes on the desktop. Everything else gets filed. But see - every couple of weeks I clean up my desk top. Its MY system, and it works for ME.

Off topic. Anyway. Daniel, of the interesting tattoos, even more interesting piercings, and dude who fixed my laptop. Thank you.

Also. I took a trip to the town clerks office today. I have voted. All those phone calls and mailings and awful political ads can now stop.
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( Oct. 12th, 2011 03:22 pm)
Mississippi, what the fuck?

"Personhood"? REALLY??? What a shitty shitty thing - dubbing a cluster of cells with "personhood" to criminalize abortion (and by extent miscarriage). Read more:


That people all over the country aren't up in arms about this wacked out fringe group (Personhood USA) that wants to do away with Roe v. Wade (jesus, this war was already fought. pro-choice WON. women get to have their reproductive rights to be between them and their doctor without the gods-be-damned govn't stepping in to stop them. Get the fuck over it already).

What's next? Compulsory pregnancy for all women able to bear no matter if they want children or not? "You have the equipment you must use it"? It is a slippery slippery slope from here to there. I am a childless woman in my very late thirties (in fact I'll be leaving my thirties in a matter of weeks). That I have no children of my own is sort of a luke-warm issue to me. I was open to having kids if it happened, but it didn't happen. It likely won't happen, just because I am getting too old to bear my own. I hear no clock ticking away my fertile years - I am not desperate to have a baby to prove my femininity or whatever the hell. But if I did get pregnant in any of the years before - or any of the years after now, I would have and would still want the CHOICE to either have the child or not.

I am not saying I WOULD choose abortion. It totally would depend on the circumstances of the conception, the health of myself and the health of the baby. If, gods-forbid I miscarried a pregnancy (as so many of my friends and neighbors have done), would I be brought up on charges that maybe something I did made me lose the pregnancy?

Personhood USA doesn't come right out and say that I would in their very scary rhetoric, but with the way they throw around words, it is a very short leap to think that, yes, if the laws are enacted the way they want, I would likely be facing criminal charges if I miscarry.

When you sit back and look at their conversation points (and who else finds it incredibly distasteful they liken abortion to the civil rights struggles of African Americans and Native Americans?), they are TAKING the rights from the WOMEN who would bear the child to confer rights to the grouping of cells that would become a child IF the cells developed far enough to be carried to viability. I am so sorry, but the rights of the WOMAN are more important, in my opinion.

This gets worse the more I research...

A question is raised about ectopic pregnancy - and if Personhood USA has their way any fertilized egg would be given the full rights as a person. What does a doctor do about ectopic pregnancy? Would it be murder to abort? Would it be self-defense or defense of another? Would it be criminal to save the woman?

What about the issue of in vitro? Where "personhood" would be conferred to groupings of cells in a petri dish - remember personhood is conferred AT FERTILIZATION, not at implementation, not at the viability age of the being - at FERTILIZATION - when SPERM meets EGG. So what - we're going to get a lot more octomoms because it would be criminal not to try to birth ALL of the children conceived in fertility clinics?
And also for things like this.

The high school friend who posted this link asks plaintively why republicans hate America. I just want to know why folks are stupid enough to believe the hate-mongers that seem to be the fore-front of the republican party these days. I know there are republicans who don't believe this crap, but they are very very quiet and let the idiots do their talking for them. Why is that?
Watching local news is a pain because every other ad is a political ad. I've just seen two Scott Brown and *four* Martha Coakley ads in the last commercial break. I spent a long time at my parent's house this weekend and their phone is ringing off the hook - twice while I was there it was a pre-recorded message from former President Bill Clinton, once it was President Obama amongst family and friends of Scott Brown. We finally had to stop answering the phone.

I've answered the phone at home twice (but apparently I don't rate President Obama, or former President Clinton), once from Scott Brown's and once from Martha Coakley's people who wanted to remind me to vote on Tuesday. And ask me how I am voting. I told them both the same thing. Yes, I am voting, but no, I will not share who I am voting *for* because it is none of your business. I know it because I am registered unenrolled. And I know both my parents are registered unenrolled. It is like having a massive bulls-eye target on our backs... "TRY TO SWAY ME TO DRINK YOUR KOOL-AID!"

Tuesday can't come soon enough.

So maybe I am just grumpy. Or feeling like being a little bitch. Or maybe it is because I got my period today, But I am so ready for this stupid election to be over.

But otherwise, this weekend was a good one. My mom's birthday was Saturday, so my dad put together a small family birthday party for her. Of course, he neglected to actually *invite* me to the party before he called to see if I could come early to help him set up. When I had to admit I couldn't come EARLY if I didn't know to come at all. Oy.

My younger niece, B, wasn't feeling well at all, so she went home when my brother and sister-in-law took L home for a nap. G stayed and played with my old Fisher-Price castle and town. After I had to leave, G and my mom continued to play, and made letters for the mail truck to deliver to the town (the letters were probably all lost when I was a child).

I saw my folks again today - my mom and I went shopping after lunch, which was lovely, and we should do more often. I think my dad was a little miffed I went instead of him, but my mom said he would not have wandered as we did. My dad is a real goal-oriented shopper. My mom, once you actually get her to go out to a shopping center, is as likely to wander and be a hunter-gatherer type of shopper. We went to look at clothes for her, and wound up getting two practical items for her kitchen. Par for the course with Mom, but my dad wouldn't have had the patience to let her search out anything that caught her eye.

It started to rain as I was leaving my parent's house, and it has been intensifying. I understand we're expecting 4 to 8 inches by tomorrow afternoon. Grumpy.
Yeah - me neither.

Today kind of rocked my witchy socks off. But first, I spent last night holed up in Gwen's apartment avoiding the trick-or-treaters of my neighborhood (her neighborhood avoided her, so we both won). But when I got home it seemed I got trick-or-treated anyway as hanging from my doorknob was a political flyer for a guy running as a write-in state rep candidate. Among other things, he wants to establish tolls on a couple of additional roads (not rte 90 which already has tolls on it), abolish the turnpike authority, tax alcohol by consumption, build a casino, and make parents 100% responsible for the actions of their children. Oh - and he will only be in office one two-year term, and won't draw a salary or take any kind of contributions from anyone. Um. No. Thank you, Mr Crackpott, but I want someone who is not going to try to be all things to all people, and I *want* to pay my rep. I want my rep to be answerable to me because I pay his/her salary. I also want the rep to WANT to do the job for more than one term. To fix stuff and keep it fixed instead of leaving a mess for the next guy to have to clean up.

Anyway - TODAY!!! Went to the Fandom Apartment of Awesome Halloween bash (awesome place guys! So much fun!) but had to leave that quite early in order to make it to TCAN an SPOOKAPELLA V! The groups this year were amazing - and the vocal percussionists were awesome! The show opened with Firedrill - seven guys who have one CD and another one (sort of, maybe, possibly in the next few months *cough* years) on the way. Following Firedrill was Syncopation, a four person jazz vocal group (but they also play horns - just not tonight). Two women and two men - the vocal percussionist was GOOD.

Finishing up the show was Ball in the House - five guys from around here who tour, tour, tour. Their vocal percussionist is not just good, but GREAT. He started the group about eleven years ago they said. And they also have a CD about to come out of holiday music. They did do one holiday song, and it was a jazzed-up version of an old song. Lovely. They also plugged my favorite radio station - WERS 88.9 - because they play all their stuff on All A Cappella (saturdays and sundays 2-5pm). Yay Ball in the House - you guys rocked (and as Gwen mentioned, they seem partially staffed by the Brothers Black)!

One of the highlights of the show was when Firedrill put down the microphones and did a song completely clear, clean, natural - gorgeous!

Tomorrow I have a bit of shopping to do (the Halloween store is starting their 75% off sale - and I need some hats for Hansel and Gretel. If I can get them 75% off - so much the better!). And then I don't know. It seems about sixty percent of the leaves are down off the trees, so I may start raking tomorrow. Depends how I feel when I finish shopping, I guess.

A little bit extra sleep tonight is going to feel good!

Because other people can articulate better than I can on the subject of politics, I am going to link to [ profile] setissma's very thoughtful, non-party political post.

And that is really all I am going to say about politics.

In other news it is about 62 degrees out today, and the snow is melting like crazy. Very warm for January in the North East! I know it can't last, but today is lovely. And the ice has finally melted off the driveway (watch it snow tomorrow)!


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