So my BFF has gotten into ice hockey.  Just one specific team that she roots for or is dismayed by in turn depending on whether they are winning or losing.  This is fine, I have no problem with ice hockey - I haven't been super interested in ice hockey (ever) before, but I've now watched a few games because, well, BFF.

She was trying to explain the reorganization of the leagues/regions/what-have-you.  Something about east and west but also within east and west there are blah blah blah.  Whatever, I kinda tuned some of this out.  All I really heard was Because Reasons.  I am fine with that.

But when I got confused I went and googled the reorganization on the NHL site and what I DON'T understand is why Florida has two professional ice hockey teams.  And why California has THREE.  Although New York also has two (three?), and for gods know what reason TENNESSEE has a team.  Really?  TENNESSEE?

I mean, wouldn't it make more sense to have ice hockey teams where there is actually, y'know, a possibility of ice?

Don't even get me started on the silly names of some of these teams (I mean at least penguins actually have something to do with ice and that kind of makes sense, but ducks? ...).

I do take a great perverse pleasure in quietly rooting for whatever team it is her team is playing against, so there is that.
The last few days have been not quite a haze of jet lag, but I certainly know I've hopped time zones.

Germany was fantastic - I hope we go back!  I got to see the Victory Column (totally near the hotel - we were on that end of the Tiergarten) along with random men-killing-things statues (they used to hunt wild boar on the lands of the Tiergarten, so it really isn't a surprise). And the Deutches Technikmuseum (social event for the win with train cars!) and the Checkpoint Charlie museum - right at Checkpoint Charlie - the guardhouse is still there with taxis and buses whizzing by it.

Lots of things I didn't get a chance to see - like the Brandenburg Gates - they were on the opposite end of the Tiergarten from where we were and I just didn't have that much free time to try to go see them.  I went to the Checkpoint Charlie museum instead.

I am gearing up to go on vacation - which is my next big ADVENTUR!  Hopefully a ton of relaxation and driving around the area dorking about small history bits with friends.  Low key.  And maybe there will be enough breezes to fly a kite or two.

I find as I get older I care less and less about what "people" think.  Introvert that I am people wear me out, but it used to be paired with social anxiety where I would push to do something even knowing I would maybe have a good time doing it, but would pay for it later with exhaustion because people tend to suck my energy dry (except for when I am on stage, where, oddly, the exchange works the other way).  I have less anxiety about saying no.  Maybe it is age.
When I was a small child, my maternal grandparents (both now gone - each lived into their nineties, but they are at rest) lived in a charming little house on Cape Cod.  The "Orleans" house.  The one on Harbor Hill.  It was a charming little Cape - I remember they had red walls in the living room.

This past weekend my mom and I were going through family letters and photos (her cousin is looking for photos and now I have a few to scan and send to her).  Mom made a comment about the space my grandmother made for me.  My brother got the bedroom, and I got the bed shoved in an upstairs alcove dormer area.  The hallway between the two bedrooms.

It has *never* occurred to me that that was a weird set up.  That me sleeping on a cot in what amounts to a hallway was in any way strange.  My mom's perspective was that I was (possibly purposefully) shafted because my grandmother did not want to put me in an actual room (and as I recall they did have another room - a little sewing room the cot could have just as easily been put in there).

At the time I thought it was kind of cool - my grandmother had set up a cozy little corner with a table and lamp and she always left a book for me to read.  Although looking back it was kind of odd that people were always traipsing through my "room" because it was in all actuality a hallway.

Then came the two years my grandparents refused to talk to my mother - or any of the rest of us (family Drama with a capital D) and after that time my brother and I never stayed overnight with them anymore.

Then my grandparents started to move around the cape - every couple of years they bought a new house.  Until my grandfather sold his last house to my dad. 
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( May. 28th, 2013 06:32 pm)
Can it be called a "plot point" when discussing the upcoming season of a "celebrity"-based reality show?

I mean.  "Plot point" kinda makes you think "someone thought this up and crafted the story just-so" not hey, this event in my life is a "plot point" for this "season" of my actual life...

Still hating most of what is on television.  Enjoying exploring streaming netflix (through the Wii!) and getting introduced to all sorts of wonderful British TV dramas ("Cracker" and "Waking the Dead") and catching up on some movies I've missed.

So - I'll take recommendations of things to see!

I just watched the British move "From Time to Time" which is a family drama with supernatural overtones, and stars Dame Maggie Smith as the grandmother (basic plot - teenage boy sent to live with his estranged grandmother during WWII while his mother goes to London to seek information on his father who is MIA.  The family estate has secrets and ghosts.  The supernatural elements are well done).  Well crafted, and with understated elegance of storytelling - which the British do so well and the Americans generally have a difficult time doing at all.
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( Sep. 21st, 2012 10:16 pm)
Local pronunciations on television shows crack me up. And while they generally do pretty well with naming surrounding towns and cities (not always, but usually), local pronunciations still elude them.

Googlemaps are great for things like roads/distances/time it takes to get there, but it actually WON'T tell you how the locals pronounce place names.

Bowie, Maryland is NOT actually pronounced "BOW-ee" like the knife. It is pronounced "BOO-ee" by locals who are actually local. Something I learned on vacation this year - and something that stuck out at me when the television program I was watching mentioned it in a list of cities and towns the characters were discussing - they pronounced it how it is spelled and not how it is actually said.
Things I learned today:

* Mr Snuffleupagus has a first name - Aloysius.
* Holding four different conversations simultaneously via IM is difficult and crazy-making.
* That those four conversations were about the same work "bug" just coming at it from four different directions did not help.
* [ profile] gwendolyngrace was a precocious child. Even stranger and more precocious than I realized (♥)
* My client announced four new leadership people that I will be working with closely for the next two years... Three of the four have no clue what they just let themselves in for.
* My aunt is on Facebook. This is my mother's sister. My mother doesn't do anything with a computer. At all. Ever. Apparently Aunt Kelly has no such issues. Mom has an iPhone which she makes and receives calls on, and is able to check the weather app, as well as snap a photograph. Other things are a bit beyond her (and she has no email anyway). It is the very first generation iPhone and is pretty creaky and slow.
* Martin Freeman is adorable and has no idea how wacktastic his fans are. Although in the next few days he is likely to get that point hammered home.
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( Jan. 29th, 2012 11:59 pm)
So I was discussing this with my mom today - [ profile] gwendolyngrace and I went to see the Pompeii exhibit at the Museum of Science (MOS) on Saturday (since I have a museum membership I got us in for very little $$ - less than a movie ticket in fact). Almost the same exhibit I saw last year in NYC (NYC exibited it better, though - the MOS didn't lay out the exhibit very well or with a thought to crowd control - which was unfortunate). NYC had a couple of extra things (the brothel room was missing from the MOS as was a couple of the more explicit items) and the MOS added some general things about volcanoes and some learning stations personed by museum docents. Anyway, to what I was talking to my mom about...

Why, in ancient statues depicting the (always naked or nearly naked) gods are the male gods just standing there looking pretty and the female gods (usually not quite as naked) always doing something fierce?

Its like the male gods are saying "yeah, I'm here... hangin' out. Go ahead - adore me!" and the female gods are all "I'm gonna fuck your shit up if you mess with my people!" I noticed this in both the little alter bronzes and the large stone garden statues. It isn't as if the male gods were pushovers, so why were they depicted as just pretty?
Periodically something brings home to me that while I am able to sing... I sing in a very limited kind of way.

Had a road trip last weekend and I popped "Big River" in the CD player... My range and Huck's ... well, pretty much the same. Yup. Teenage boy. *sigh*

On the plus side Huck's music in the musical is pretty damned awesome. "Waitin' for the Light to Shine" is both an awesome ballad *and* a rockin' hard driving song. "Worlds Apart" is probably the best non-lovers love duet I've heard. And "Leavings Not the Only Way to Go" rips your heart out. And in each and every one of them the part I can sing most comfortably and reach 95% of the correct notes? Huck's.

And yes, I can growl out "Guv'ment" along with John Goodman - but there isn't a ton of musicality needed for that.

One of the things I really wish I could do - and do really well - is sing. Oh well. Maybe in my next life.
In the grocery store tonight I was picking out gum (I get the three-in-one packs in the candy aisle) and I notice "Stride" has a new(ish) flavor. I've never noticed it before - but I have no idea how long it has been on the shelves.

the flavor is called "Mega Mystery." Now, this may be just me but the LAST thing I want when I pop a piece of gum in my mouth is a MYSTERY. I mean, what is that? Is it fruity? Bubblegummy? Minty? I want to KNOW what I am likely to get.

I mean I picked up a pack a few weeks ago of 5 React 2 which had the dubious tag line of "a unique mint flavor experience" on the packaging. Now, I don't really know if it was a "unique" experience with mint flavoring. I mean, it was kind of peppermint meets spearmint with a dash of wintergreen. But at least the packaging told you out right it was MINT! You expected mint, you got mint.

I'm not likely to try "Mega Mystery" because... well... I want to KNOW.

(apropos of nothing... watching the Big Bang Theory repeats on cable and they just mentioned Zork. Yay Zork! (and I likely played the "buggy beta version" Sheldon mentions... because I played it while it was in development many many many moons ago in a galaxy far far away...)
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( Nov. 10th, 2011 10:15 pm)
So Taipei. It is humid. And rainy. And omg my hair is so tightly curled at the moment from the sheer humidity.

Tonight, one of the NOC guys who is also a Google Employee took a bunch of us up to the Google office in the Taipei 101 tower (73rd floor!). It was a dry run for Saturday when he is going to take a group of people up there for a meeting that he couldn't find any other space for. I so wanted to take a picture of the Google sign on the wall made from Rubik's Cubes - but I'd "signed" in and promised I wouldn't take any pictures. But I found this youtube video of it being created:

We marveled at the fun stuff - I played with this wall screen thing that gave dimensional views of places on earth via Google Maps, but also of the moon and Mars. I spent quite a bit of time following the paths of the Spirit rover on the surface of Mars. Come on, who DOESN'T want to wander the landscape of Mars?

The hotel is lovely - and I forgot that in most Asian countries they take Hospitality very very seriously. I have, not only shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and soap BUT also a loofah, shaving kit, emery board, toothbrush kit, shower cap, q-tips, and cotton swabs. Also I was provided the use of a robe and slippers, a bathroom scale, sewing kit, shoeshine kit, shoehorn, lint brush etc. etc. etc. So in other words, I could have forgotten ALL my toiletries and not needed to have purchased a thing.

(The view from my room is of the Taipei 101 building - which is pretty awesome!)

Breakfast is included in the hotel rate - and omg this breakfast buffet is ginourmous. European breakfast, Asian breakfast, American breakfast - whatever you want they have! I'm kind of fond of some of the hot offerings over at the Asian buffet - but you can be sure for the amount of time I am spending here I will get a chance to sample everything.

The convention center is full of Breast Cancer people - they're in until Saturday (and to tell you how distracted and tired I was today we wandered into the building straight into the breast cancer exhibits and I completely missed the two huge wall murals of boobs - I quipped that they come in pairs after they were pointed out (and wow, that they *needed* to be pointed out because BOOBS about fifteen feet high!) - so we don't have parts of our necessary space until Sunday - but reg opens on Sunday which means Sunday morning will be more fraught than usual trying to get set up and working before the hordes descend.

Well, I am exhausted - so I am going to head for bed - it is the end of my Thursday - even if most of you are just starting your Thursday...
Te town I live in has a bunch of brand new school buses. All the new ones have working wheelchair lifts, even if the bus drivers are not quite all sure how to use them (actually, that isn't quite accurate. All can work the lift itself. Securing the child in the wheelchair safely inside the bus is another story.).

I know the regular bus driver is not driving the route for the little girl next door this week, since it usually takes the regular, very experienced driver about 90 seconds to load J on and off the bus - with J's mom's help. The bus just idled outside for over five minutes trying to get J off the bus.

Usually, the bus pulls up and the door is opened (flashy lights, side stop sign and all - which of course stops traffic). J's mom (or dad if he isn't on shift) opens and secures the wheelchair lift door. The bus driver walks to the back of the bus and lowers the lift. J's mom backs J's wheelchair onto the lift and secures her on it with the safety straps. The bus driver lifts the lift to bus height, unsecures J and backs her up into the bus, and then lifts the lift all the way into the bus so the lift door can be closed. J's mom unsecures the door and closes and locks it. The bus drive is at that point parking J's wheelchair and locking her into place on the bus itself. Then the bus driver moves to front, closes the door and starts driving (reverse the bits in the middle to get J off the bus in the afternoon).

Not an insignificant task - lots of little steps to make sure it is done properly and safely - especially for J, who is mostly non-verbal, so she can't say of she feels "off". She is, I want to say fourth grade? Maybe only third grade. She is smart, but she was born way way way premature and had all this delays and disabilities because of that. So she is unable to assist a less experienced driver with any of it. The poor driver they have on the route standing in for the regular driver has been trying his best, but he isn't used to the rhythm of it, and the past two days he's ticked off a bunch of people because his bus is just sitting there with the lights going and stop sign out and they just don't KNOW that there is a little girl in a wheelchair that he is trying to get on or off the bus.

I suppose we can be thankful that my street is a relatively quiet street that is not really a shortcut to anywhere - so only residents of the surrounding area would be inconvenienced.

Ugh. Already the latter half of September. Where the hell has the year gone? I was just getting used to it being Summer!
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( Sep. 3rd, 2011 01:17 am)
Reality TV is particularly terrible. But I think it was said best this way:

"The prettiest sight in this fine pretty world is the privileged class enjoying its privileges."

Which, granted, it doesn't have as fine a ring to it written as it does spoken, where it was edged in sarcasm and gentle mocking.

But yeah. Reality TV.
I love that my battery-operated CD/cassette tape player is considered "old" and "outdated." But who do they come to when they need something that will play a CD but there is no possible power? Me, with my old, outdated, obsolete technology.

Some things your iPod just does not do.

I even have a dual cassette at home that will still dub cassette tapes. Ancient, ancient, ancient tech.

And lets not even discuss my turntable. I have some actual records I've had since I was a kid - and I have the technology to play them!
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( Mar. 6th, 2011 11:48 pm)
So in the show I am currently in - that opens on Friday (eep!) - there are ten little girls (okay, so most of them not-so-little) playing the Orphans (yup - I'm in Annie - three long months of earworm songs that I won't even name for fear of setting the earworms to all of you).

And there are about three of them I am trying to tell apart from each other. Some are easier than others. Caitlin I've known since she was in the womb (quite literally), Little-Lauren is our Annie, Mid-sized Lauren is another orphan and another kid I've known for a couple of years (Big-Lauren is playing Grace. Yeah, three Laurens in one production!), Haley is playing Tessie (whose line is one of my action cues, so I memorized who she is, and what I was waiting for), Natalie is playing Molly - who has a tap solo (and probably the "cutest" of the kids - all silky hair and chubby cheeks with a smile that doesn't quit), Chloe is most talented and one of the SWEETEST people (plus she may not know this, but I know her cousins - they told me I was in a show with her), Thea is daughter to the director. It is Betsy, Mary, and Gabi I have trouble with. Today I discovered MARY IS THE BLONDE (and besides our strawberry blond Annie, and Natalie-also-Molly, whose hair is sort of golden brown, and Cailtin who is our only curly-haired girl - also sort of blondish, Mary is our only true BLONDE)- tall girl with stick-straight blond hair. Give her a few years and she will be supermodel gorgeous. She is at that awkward nearly-pubescent teenager stage, but her bone structure is stunning. She will never be "cute" but she will very soon be "beautiful."

Gabi must be the "other" brunette I can't place as any of the other girls(I think Gabi is the one who loves hats - she's always wearing one, and they are all different... I think), because Betsy, I discovered today, is the tomboy. I swear, this child is NOT a "Betsy" - she is sarcastic, and hard-edged (I can totally see her dying her hair crazy colors, and getting multiple face piercings).

I don't know. "Betsy" makes me think of someone who bakes cookies or is timid or shy (probably the literary "Betsys" I am thinking of that formed what my image of what a Betsy would be). The name does not conjure this sarcastic, eye-rolling kid who looks like she would rather be kicking the soccer ball around than singing and dancing on stage. I don't know. I don't even know if the Betsy is short for Elizabeth, but if so I could see her as a "Liz," or "Lizzie," possibly even "Beth" - but "Betsy" is still a little disconnected for me.

Is it because we nickname kids before they are fully-formed personalities? I mean, my niece G is so totally fitting with her nickname (which is basically lopping off the last four letters of her full name), and my niece B also fits her nickname, I think (which, oddly enough is just lopping of the first three letters of her full name). And my nephew, L, well, his name is already so short I'm not sure you can make it any shorter - by lopping letters off or not.

I know a Susan who hates to be called "Sue" but will answer to "Susie." My mom hated her first name so much she added an "e" to the end of it to make it better for her. And then there is my Aunt who was born "Eve" (or "Eva"?) but claimed "Kelly" as her real name. My grandfather's sister-in-law who was born "Fara" but much preferred to be called "Dolly." My great uncles who were "Jim" (really "Vincent"), "Al" (actually "Umberto"), and Dick (from "Dominic"). My grandfather was called "Jerry" but his real name was "Gennaro." Even my dad, who was named "Umberto" on his birth certificate has been "Albert" (unofficially - although come to think of it, since Albert is on his passport, I guess it is officially, although his birth record is still "Umberto") since he started school (his mother was told that he would fit in better if they used the anglicized version of his name - yeah, gotta love the 1930s).

Nicknames. Huh.
So we continued the costuming portion of the show last night (and then we ran act 2 OFF BOOK OMG!), and for the housekeeper I tried on a vintage dress. It is lovely, but slightly (very very slightly) too tight in the sleeve/upper back/bustline. It is a size 10, but a size 10 from fifty years ago is very different than a size ten today. Plus my girls are slightly too big. Now, most of this can be "fixed" with the proper foundation garment (not all, certainly, and I'll be watching what I eat far more in the next three weeks).

So I shall be looking for ridiculous, minimizing underwear this weekend. It has been a really long time since I went looking for ridiculous underwear. It is always a show that brings me to looking for it, too.

Other news is not so much news. I am singing, loudly, all the musical numbers I am in and trying to remember my harmonies. Sadly, I have to sing them down - where the basses are singing them, rather than up where the altos are *supposed* to be. Teenage boy voice, I swear.

And going to see the Full Monty tonight at Turtle Lane. Ugh, I want to see the show, but I kinda don't want to leave my house. The weather sucks outside.
...somewhere one of my college boyfriends is cracking up laughing and has absolutely no clue why.

Ah, nostalgia hits us all in very strange and unexpected ways.
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( Feb. 3rd, 2011 02:23 pm)
Every two weeks I moderate a two-and-a-half hour teleconference for work. These are internet engineers. They are "in the know" about many things, but the INTERNET being the biggest area of expertise they have. They are from ALL over the world.

Today, one of our attendees from the UK said that he heard this morning via a news outlet there that the Internet is full.

WTF the INTERNET IS FULL? What does that even MEAN? I mean, the Internet is not a vase or glass or bucket to be filled and emptied. It is more akin to a vast city.

So. What would you say if you were told by your media news company that the internet is full? Discuss amongst yourselves!
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( Jan. 26th, 2011 12:14 am)
Or possibly just my level of geekery. Had to describe to a room full of people what a Mickey Finn was. A fair number of the people in the room were older than me.

I know this shouldn't surprise me, but it really really does. I mean, the under fourteen crowd you can kind of excuse from knowing that... but people my parent's age?

Does nobody watch old movies anymore?
So I've been watching a lot of DIY shows recently - since most television is crap nowadays. And cooking shows - be it how to or goal/prize based. I love the baking ones, just because bakers are crazy, but I've also seen a few of actually teaching people how to make things, and not to be intimidated by the mysterious implements in the kitchen.

I find this funny, because, well, I don't cook. Pretty much at all. It has never been something I enjoy, and while I can make a few dishes, and am able to follow a recipe and have it mostly turn out okay (although my mom was of the "if you must add salt, add less than half that a recipe calls for" camp, so I grew up adding very little salt to anything). Some things I just don't cook with. Onions, I hate. Unless they are pureed and unknowable I can't stand them in food. I pick them out. I pick them out of stews, sauces, just about anywhere they are visible those suckers end up on the side of my plate. Tomatoes have to be... non-chunks of tomato. Sauce is okay - sparingly, but not salsa.

Salads are never dressed. To me there is nothing worse than oily or icky salad dressing. I like my salad to TASTE like salad - plain, unadorned, naked.

Which brings me to the evil that is cilantro. Now, those that can, LOVE cilantro (also known as coriander). Most people have no taste-aversion to cilantro, and don't understand when I can tell immediately when fresh or dried cilantro has been added to my dish. It permeates the whole dish with a soapy taste.

It is very complicated and has to do with the chemistry of cooking, but I would no sooner eat anything with cilantro in it than I would willingly consume my bath soap for dinner. Some folks say they can *smell* a soapy odor, I don't generally smell it, but I sure can taste it. It makes dining out at a Mexican restaurant difficult, since cilantro shows up in anything from the table guacamole to your entree.

I know. Weird. But you know what? My whole family is the same way. I never encountered cilantro until I encountered it in a restaurant and couldn't eat what they served me since I couldn't verbalize what was wrong with it. I've since learned to ask if anything has cilantro in it.

But yeah, food shows when someone adds cilantro to a dish make me wince a little bit - because my gut reaction is "ew, ick - it sounded good right UP TO THAT POINT!"
So I woke up this morning in time to put my trash and recycling out - it was still dark. Then I went back to bed, because dark=night and night usually=sleep (but not always). So when I went out later, the trash and recycling trucks had been by to pick up my trash and recycling.

My recycling bin was not quite empty. It had a bit of "rejected" recycling, which is fine, if something is not recyclable, I am glad they are screening and rejecting items that don't fit. This is not what confuses me.

What confuses me is that the rejected bit of recycling? Is not something *I* recycled. I mean, my bin was full to the top - can't fit anything more in it (I still have a bag that did not fit that I'll have to add to the recycling in two weeks). So WHERE the heck did the reject come from? Was my bin just lonely for extra cardboard? Have they pegged me as the go-with-the-flow kind that will make the item recyclable and try again? I mean, all it needs is the plastic wrapping to be removed from the cardboard part, and BING! Recyclable!

Should I give all my neighbors the stink eye and teach them all how to recycle properly ("one of you doesn't know how to recycle! I am watching you!)? Is that another step on the long road to becoming the crazy cat lady, only with no cats as alas, I am allergic?

Yeah. I don't know. But it was something that made me go "huh?" when I went out earlier.


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