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( May. 28th, 2013 06:32 pm)
Can it be called a "plot point" when discussing the upcoming season of a "celebrity"-based reality show?

I mean.  "Plot point" kinda makes you think "someone thought this up and crafted the story just-so" not hey, this event in my life is a "plot point" for this "season" of my actual life...

Still hating most of what is on television.  Enjoying exploring streaming netflix (through the Wii!) and getting introduced to all sorts of wonderful British TV dramas ("Cracker" and "Waking the Dead") and catching up on some movies I've missed.

So - I'll take recommendations of things to see!

I just watched the British move "From Time to Time" which is a family drama with supernatural overtones, and stars Dame Maggie Smith as the grandmother (basic plot - teenage boy sent to live with his estranged grandmother during WWII while his mother goes to London to seek information on his father who is MIA.  The family estate has secrets and ghosts.  The supernatural elements are well done).  Well crafted, and with understated elegance of storytelling - which the British do so well and the Americans generally have a difficult time doing at all.
Seeing ads on tv makes you go huh? sometimes.

I would have LOVED to have been a fly on the wall of the pitch session where someone thought the movie "Battleship" was a good idea. That it got all the way through production and is about to be released and all along the process no one questioned a movie based on a kids board game was possibly not a good idea.

I mean, how can this not be a massively bad movie?

I suppose there is president. After all they've made movies based on video games and amusement park rides. But "Battleship"? Couldn't they have picked something like "Risk" or "Stratego" or even "Monopoly"? It had to be "Battleship"? You know if nobody comes out and actually says "You sunk my Battleship!" the entire movie will not be worth the cost of admission, right? That would be like telling the joke but not the punchline.
"Cowboys and Aliens" suffered from way too much plot.

More actual explosions, please.

That is all.

(side note... it is nice to see Harrison Ford being a cocky arrogant badass)
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( Dec. 25th, 2011 11:12 am)
Good movie! I recommend it. A bit of a departure for Martin Scorsese, but not as much of one as you might think. The bits of ancient movies and re-creation of ancient movies is pretty phenomenal. And the kids who play Hugo and Isabelle are terrific (the boy is set to play Ender Wiggin according to IMDB(!).

As we were coming out of the theatre one of the preview posters for coming attractions caught my eye. It is a large orange poster - and the tag line reads "Lost In Our World Found In Another" and there is this (half naked) man figure in the foreground and a a bunch more indistinct figures in the back ground.

It took me a minute of standing there picking my brain to figure out why that name was familiar. Disney has made the Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars series into a movie.

I've not read the Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars (Barsoom) series so that I even knew what this was referencing even obliquely was a major win for the trivia in my head. It took me until this morning to follow the thought train to even know how I know that.

I was introduced to John Carter indirectly via Robert Heinlein's work. Especially the first Heinlein book I read "The Number of the Beast" (bad bad BAD place to start reading Heinlein, IMO because it references so much of his other work - kinda like he fanficced all his other books, and all the books and authors that might have inspired him).

I think maybe I'll check out the Project Gutenberg copy of "A Princess of Mars" which is the first in the Barsoom series. It was written in the nineteen-teens so I expect it to be pulpy, and swashbuckling. Could be fun!

BTW - Merry merry to all who celebrate any kind of holiday or festival or celebration here are mid-winter time!
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( Dec. 8th, 2011 06:22 pm)
So Coworker C and I have a fondness for SyFy Original Movies, and even though we live on opposite coasts we try to keep each other updated with possible New Movie News. Today we had this conversation via jabber:

Me: Having to do with nothing really I read that SyFy is having another terrible original movie this Saturday  "Snowmageddon" --which I think premiered last week, but I haven't really been paying attention to TV lately.  Points to SyFy for the ridiculous in the extreme.
Coworker C: I'm actually really surprised they haven't already used "Snowmageddon" as a title
Me: Yeah - except it is supposed to take place in Alaska (which looks suspiciously like Vancouver woods *not in winter,* but whatever) on Christmas - and stars a magical freaking snowglobe.  Oy.  Even the Magical Easter Island Heads Save the World had a better (if just as thin) plot.
Coworker C: Oh, Vancouver.  It looks just like everywhere else, except how it doesn't really
Me: Yeah.  And funny how no matter where in the world a SyFy Original Movie takes place it ALWAYS looks like the Vancouver woods.
Coworker C: Magic snowglobes, huh?  But is it an EVIL snowglobe?
Me: Well, YEAH.  Anything that happens in the snowglobe happens in the town.  Apparently.  Although I have to give it to the actors they get for these things.  They're all SRS BIZNESS and the audience is all "ORLY? HAHHAHAHAHAHAAH!"
Coworker C: Like a voodoo snowglobe?  Oh, man, THAT's what I should have asked for for Christmas
Coworker C: (And yes.  Those poor, poor actors and their dignity)
Me: VOODOO SNOWGLOBE! (voodoo - who do? you do - do what? remind me of the babe) From a "synopsis": When the Miller family discovers a mysterious gift outside their home on Christmas Eve, they could never imagine it would contain the power to doom their idyllic mountain community. The gift contains a snow globe with a perfect reflection of their own town inside. When they shake it, snow even begins to fall - whatever happens inside the snow globe happens to their town for real. But when buttons on the snow globe unleash a series of terrible disasters on the town, the family must band together and find a way to destroy it - before it’s too late.
Me: (I assume they mean destroy the GLOBE not the TOWN.)
Coworker C: HA!
Coworker C: And who did they get to star in this masterpiece?
Me: David Cubitt ("Medium"), Michael Hogan ("Battlestar Galactica"), and Magda Apanowicz ("Caprica") star in this Cinetel production from director Sheldon Wilson (Shallow Ground, Mothman)
Me: So people you will likely recognize but not know immediately...
Coworker C: Yeah, SyFy tends to have a lot of "Hey, It's That Guy" people
Me: Well, they gotta make mortgage payments and rent payments and eat, too.  Want to do a SyFy Original Movie? Uh, well, gotta eat, so sure.
Coworker C: See, if I was an actor, my response would be, "Only if it's extremely ridiculous."
Me: ITS SyFy ORIGINAL MOVIE!  Of COURSE its ridiculous!
Coworker C: Exactly
Me: I swear they must be written by committee - and not a good one.
Coworker C: Round-robin!
Coworker C: continuity? what continuity!
Me: If these are the scripts that get made into movies, I REALLY don't want to see what their "reject" pile looks like!
Coworker C: I'm guessing that the reject pile is frequently visited for new ideas
Me: ...oh.  oh.  OH!  THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!
Coworker C: Quick!  We have 48 hours to write a new movie!  'Well, if we take the first act of "Megatron vs Sharktopus" and put that after the third act of "Really Cold Weather" and tie in the dropped plot threads from "Ridiculous Movie X..."'
Me: No funds for location shots?  Okay we can just transplant whatever ancient thing we need for this plot point somewhere else in the world and bury it underground... Aliens did it!
Coworker C: Ooooh!  Rip off Stonehenge Apocolypse and make the plot be about a terroforming device that's changing the Earth to be EXACTLY LIKE VANCOUVER
Me: ...when Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is an exponentially better movie than anything you can come up with it might be time to hang up your screenwriting... YES - Stonehenge Apocalypse REMIX!  (THE VANCOUVER CHAPTER)
Coworker C: :D

And what I didn't tell her, but will tell you... I've read better BADFIC than some of the crap SyFy comes up with for scripts. On the other hand, they do sometimes cast some pretty people. So at least there's eyecandy to go with the Ridiculous Plot of the Moment(TM).
Tonight I am going to (finally) see that new Harry Potter movie everyone seems to be going on about. It came out during my recovery phase from China. Thanksgiving weekend would have been the first weekend I would have been able to see it, and yeah, no way was I going near a movie theatre that weekend!

And then, well, I went to NYC. So. Tonight. Movies. Yay!

...and then I go to California on Monday - which *should* be my last trip before I go to Prague in March!
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( Jul. 1st, 2006 11:24 pm)
This time next week I will be in Montreal. I am told it is a beautiful city.

So Gwen and I spent the day doing stuff for Lumos. While we were crafting our fingers to the bone we watched a couple of movies. Both of which I have never seen. "The Others" with Nicole Kidman - very nice. I'd like to see it again knowing the hook and the twist.

I called the hook in the first hour or so, or part of it, and we theorized from there and we got wilder and wilder, some of which was right, some of which was not. It was as intreguing as the "Sixth Sense" in a way. I'd love to see it again knowing the hook and the twist, and construct what we know when we know it. I do wish the whole movie hadn't been broken up with so many commercials. Nine and a half minutes of movie for every seven minutes of commercials? What are you, nuts? TBS, man. Sucks to watch movies on that station. And not in that good way, either.

The second movie was Gwen's netflix (yay commercial free!). "Stage Beauty" of the same type of period theatre-geek movie as "Shakespeare in Love" but *I* thought way better done. Gwen doesn't agree with me, but I found "Shakespeare in Love" to be too much of itself. Too wink-wink nudge-nudge are-you-in-on-the-whole-quoting-the-plays-thing?, beautifully crafted word-wise, but paper thin in plot and interest. "Stage Beauty" I found a much better as a whole-crafted movie. The struggle of Ned, whose entire self is caught up in, and has worked his entire life to be, an actor who portrays the female characters on stage. He is now supplanted and must find a way to act the male parts. The struggle of Maria, who only wants to act even if she knows very little about it. The history around the two when the King overturned the decree banning women from the stage and makes the decree that men can only play men's parts, and women can take the women's roles. The fall of one once celebrated and the rise of the other from obscurity. Well done. Very pretty costumes, good use of color, lovely sets. Sublime acting. Four out of four stars. And Billy Crudup has very pretty eyes. Very very pretty. He makes a passable woman, but he is more striking as a man. With pretty eyes.


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