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( Jul. 14th, 2013 10:32 pm)
Today's major accomplishment:  I helped my mom wash their dog.  This was an item on my father's "things I want to happen today" list.  But after lunch, he was watching golf (ladies PGA - Park won) and fell pretty deeply asleep (he thinks it is some of the meds he is on right now - I mean, the man had pretty serious open heart surgery less than eight months ago and it takes a long time to recover - he's also 78).  Mom and I were puttering around as we do and I mentioned at about five if the dog was going to be bathed it should be soon.

We totally took the dog out on the deck and hosed him down and shampooed the heck out of him.  He was a little confused, but didn't seem to mind (much).  And an hour later when my dad woke up and I told him we made sure he could check that off his list of things to do he was shocked he hadn't heard us do it.  He had no idea it was happening (we were, no lie, about twenty five feet from his chair on the other side of the glass door).

So they are doing well - and their dog is clean.  I also discussed my mother's cousin - who keeps unearthing things on the Interwebz - this time some paintings my grandmother did were auctioned off in 2008 and the records from the auction house for the sale are online (and two paintings my mother did over forty years ago went in the same auction - I am thinking they were items from an estate because all four paintings were likely bought at the Kendall Gallery in Wellfleet - both my mom and my grandmother had work there for a few years in the late sixties early seventies.  Blasts from the past.
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( Mar. 31st, 2013 11:53 pm)
My parents have an electronic invisible fence for their dog, Max.  They've had to put it on the highest setting and make sure to place the collar high on his neck, because otherwise he goes right through it.  Because of this, today we had an interesting stand off between Max, a 70 pound black lab, and a couple of deer, just wandering by.

Max saw the deer when he was inside and started to go a little crazy wanting to go out (usually he is not a barker).  We didn't catch sight of the deer until he was already out the door and racing toward them.  Because of the fence, he stopped a good twenty feet from the deer that just stood and stared at him.  He spent five minutes growling and barking while the deer just stood there just inside the tree line and looked at him.

When it turned and bounded off (only a few yards - maybe thirty) Max chased her along the treeline (and along the "fence") until she met up with her deer-friend.  Then he turned around and came back, happy he'd driven them off... while they continued to stand in full view and nibbled on the undergrowth.

Big hunter-dog.  Chased the fearsome deer for all of a handful of yards before feeling like he'd done the job and returned inside.

Didn't lose power (yay).  DID get about 27 inches of snow - and most of it fell between 11pm Friday night and 11am Saturday morning.  Breaking out of the house was fun on Saturday, and I got the drive shoveled (I am one of the last remaining person-powered snow removal device users left in the neighborhood).  Took two hours, and that was having parked the car down the drive just out of reach of the kick-up from the plowing.

So Saturday was a complete loss - there was a travel ban on until 4pm and nothing was open ANYWHERE.  I think it was noon before I saw a car actually traveling down the road, not just pulling out to shift the snow from around the parking spot.  But man, any vehicle they could slap a plow to the front of got one.  For thirty-six hours the plows were working pretty much non-stop and they did a phenomenal job 9yes, even though the plow crust across the head of the drive was waist-high and packed three feet wide.

Went to my folks' for lunch today.  Mom and I washed the (stinky) dog.  He doesn't quite know what to do with snow that is almost taller than him.  He can stand and rest his chin on it - which makes it a little bit of a daunting prospect for him to forge through it.  He can, because he is a 70-plus pound lab.  But it is still daunting.

Dad went off to watch the girls swim at their meet today.  I guess they both did all right.
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( Nov. 13th, 2012 10:53 am)
So my s-i-l is in Florida until tomorrow seeing her grandmother. My brother has been alone with the kids since Friday. Sunday, he brought them over to my folks' house so he could fix the decking and entrance to their house, and my mom and dad could play with the kids.

It was fun - we got into all kinds of mischief. I found out the oldest, G, who sepent the last couple of years half-heartedly playing the upright bass and the violin is FINALLY learning an instrument she likes! She is playing the Saxophone! I've always wanted to play the saxophone - I don't have the manual dexterity required of it in my left hand anymore. But she LOVES the saxophone! Both my mom and I are delighted - we're both a little soft over the type of sound the sax is capable of.

B went off mid-afternoon for soccer evaluations. Came back after all sweaty and windblown, having had a lot of fun. L spent the afternoon flitting from one activity to another. After B had returned my mother mentioned Max needed washing. So the kids and I washed the dog (mom just supervised and kept them on task)... I got a LOT wetter than when my mother and I wash the dog... G had hold of the nozzle for a bit. B thought washing the dog was great fun in theory - but when it came down to it, really didn't like getting wet, soapy, or having Max's fur come off on her hands.

L kept opening the door to see what was going on, and I had to hold Max pretty firmly so we didn't have a wet, soapy dog running amuck through the house. We kept telling L to make a choice, in or out and he kept choosing out. But he really wanted to be in, and so the door kept opening and I got wetter and wetter and wetter.
I am spending six days with my parent's neurotic, crazy, very sweet but rather large Labrador Retriever, Max. My folks went to South Carolina this morning because starting tomorrow there is a reunion of his Navy ship. He served on board the destroyer the USS Knapp in the fifties - in fact he was a member of the crew when it was decommissioned and he was with her through the process until she was mothballed. She wasn't sold for scrap until the early seventies - she had been decommissioned once before right after WWII and recalled to service for the Korean War.

Anyway, I guess they have these reunions every once in a while. My dad isn't even sure he will know anyone there - the ship was built in the early forties and mothballed in the late fiftes - so not quite fifteen years of service (it was decommissioned and mothballed for nearly five years of that). But all told, with a crew complement of over 300 men in the years she was active a lot of men served on her. And the reunion is for anyone who ever served.

Max has spent the day tailing me from room to room and lying as close to me as he can get. He watched my folks drive away this morning and I think he is a little bit unhappy they're not here and his regular rhythms are all messed up. To add insult to injury I haven't been able to let him out in the yard since this morning because the lawn service came around 1pm and put pesticide on the lawn. Hopefully we'll get some rain like it has been threatening and tomorrow he'll be able to go out whenever he gets anxious.

Its gonna be a long six days...


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