...why did no one ever tell me this game existed? It is awesome. (for those that don't know it is like apples to apples - but rated NC-17, XXX - so totally hilarious)

One of my top ten memories of Ascendio is playing this game on Friday night with a whole group of people - Mark Oshiro of "Mark Does Stuff" included. That man is a total riot (also way way WAY clever).

And I got to say incredibly wrong and dirty things out loud to a whole bunch of people. Good times.

Finally home from Ascendio. Exhausted (so exhausted I actually slept on the AUTO TRAIN). Con report:

Was awesome. Spent too much money. LOVED seeing everyone. Chalk Twins was another top ten highlight - along with Cat Tosenberger - because she is Cat Tosenberger.

Afshan Azad is a total sweetheart - and Chris Rankin can SING. Hotel was gorgeous; food was great; all the pre-con work paid off.

Bed now.
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( Jul. 2nd, 2012 12:45 pm)
Not that that is a news flash to anybody.

Stress-induced insomnia has me working with about three-four hours of sleep a night for the last two weeks. Somehow the hours between 5am and 8am are the best hours I've been able to consistently sleep.

Last night I got over five hours and so am feeling a little hungover - without the usual reasons to feel hungover.

Gearing up for vacation - although it is less vacation than "time off real-life work." It is still work, just not work I get paid for. Gwen and I leave here on Saturday, car packed to the gills, and make it to just outside Baltimore Saturday night. Sunday we go the rest of the way to Virginia and catch the Autotrain to Orlando. Monday morning we'll arrive in Orlando and check in to the hotel. We'll be there until the next Monday when we retrace our steps to Boston.

Maybe then I'll be able to sleep.
So the next few weeks are going to be crazy here at chez etakyma. Reg packet creation for Ascendio this weekend, travel to Florida next weekend, Ascendio the weekend after that. Get home and I'm onstage in a one-night musical review the next Saturday and the week after that I go to Vancouver for eleven days.

That takes me in to August. All is quiet for a couple of weeks and then I get one week of Real Honest-to-Goodness Vacation where the most taxing thing I'll be doing is deciding whether or not to go outside to fly a kite.

And then Summer ends.

On the one hand it is going way too fast, and on the other it will be relief when August 17th rolls around and I can finally rest.

Tonight won't be like last night. last night I couldn't sleep and around four AM I realized I hadn't brought my recycle bin back from the street so I hauled my ass out of bed, dressed, and wandered out to get it. One less thing to worry about. Took another forty minutes, but I did eventually sleep for a while.

Gonna try that now. Hopefully this recitation of everything future will calm my mind enough to sleep like worry dolls.

How pathetic is it I have a "sleepless nights" tag? Ugh.
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( Jan. 10th, 2012 05:30 pm)
So Ascendio is moving along. Tickets to the private WWoHP park event are on sale at a discount right now, so if you're going to get one I suggest you do so this month.

We're still accepting programming ideas - a lot of the informal programming is coming together - musicals and movies and wrock, oh my! Quidditch and live chess and fashion show and and and and... Again it looks to be a schedule full chock-o-block to the rafters with things to do at nearly every hour of the day and night. http://hp2012.org/

In slightly more ridiculous news I spent some time this past weekend using an online resource to learn how to fold origami flowers.

We have a co-worker getting married the week after we all get back from Paris in April. We will likely take her out at some point while in Paris to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. Last time we were going to do this in Taipei for another one of the client leadership, Coworker C and I spent an afternoon making a crown and a (pretty wonky) flowered lei out of cardboard, blue gaff tape, small round pink stickers, a couple of meeting lanyards, and extra blue paper. We had office scissors (read not very sharp, and kind of huge - no delicate cuts possible!), black sharpie markers, tape, and staples (and a sewing kit from one of the hotel rooms).

I am prepared! I can make a delicate origami flower wreath or something for Coworker A that will be lovelier than the thing I whipped together in an afternoon in Taipei on short notice and with no contemplating time.

I think I like the origami tulip the best because if you fold it correctly you get to "inflate" it and it is so damned cute. But the lilies will be the easiest to form into a crown of some kind, I think.

Yeah. Origami flowers. So not as difficult as they look!
So many things are going on lately. Last weekend Gwen and I spent Saturday at the International Steampunk City Festival here in Waltham, MA - it was a heck of a lot of fun, and if I'd had my shit together I would have gone all-out costume wise. My shit was not together enough for that, but I have big ideas for next time (hopefully there will be a next time!).

It started to pour half-way through the day and we took refuge in the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation where they had a huge Steampunk exhibit. I am completely enamoured of the huge cast iron stoves that have been retro-fitted with modern cooktops and such. So so pretty.

And the Steampunked guitars were incredibly cool. And if they hadn't been over a hundred dollars, one of the Steampunk flash drive might have come home with me.

I also really liked the girl who was upcycling silver plated items - old tea services and such, by stripping off the ugly tarnished silverplate and kiln-firing shiny single-colored enamel. Very very pretty stuff. Old shapes in modern shiny colors. And while that old ugly silverplated stuff handed down might not be so serviceable anymore as tarnished and looking a little sketchy, this girl is making it useable again.

Things they did right: the event "program" was in the style of a newspaper - so damned cool. Using the entirety of downtown Waltham. Choosing a good weekend - even if it did rain. Getting all the entertainment they were able to - from the Steampunked guitars to the Morris dancers to the guy who made his own small organ and "Magestic Bellowphone" to the hurdy-gurty players - it was a lot of fun.

Things they did wrong: Having one of their vendor/performance spaces hard to find and get to. A limited access building was not conducive to what they were trying to do. Because of the rain, having some of their vendors outside was a bit of a gamble. They could have used more signage. And their pre-event Web site was difficult to navigate.

On the whole I'd go back next year.

Oh! and I got the new computer last Friday - thank goodness! I am still getting used to the more spread out keyboard, and the trackpad/button combo. And well, having things slightly different. Like, I have the most up-to-date version of Word. Which has far more bells and whistles and everything is in different spots - and I've had to use the help menu several times when I'm trying to do the simplest of things. The problem is Word is just NOT that SIMPLE anymore. I'll get used to it.

In other things - plans for Ascendio move apace. Look for some thrilling announcements very very soon.

And I think my mom and I are going to take a little trip into Boston tomorrow for some Mom-Daughter time. We'll likely be home in time for lunch, but the morning should be very enjoyable.

How the heck is is the middle of May already?
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( Aug. 3rd, 2010 11:27 am)
So I've been home for a couple of days and worked through a ton of backlogged snail mail. I've been basically gone since July 10. That is a lot of mail.

One bit of mail that I saw when I was home for something like twenty-three hours on the 19-20 was a summons for Jury Duty. Which you are supposed to respond to within ten days. Oops? I finally (on August 2nd) did respond, but I have no idea if it arrived here on July 10 or July 19. All I know is that I was quite late in responding.

Since the summons is for mid-September, I don't think anything bad will happen. And I did respond through the Web site, so they got it right away. And I can prove I've been out of the state as well as out of the country for two thirds of July...

Oy. Jury Duty. At a courthouse that is about an hour from my house. Joy. Rapture. And almost EXACTLY three years from the last time I served (which is the minimum time allowed between serving - three years). I last served in September of 2007.

In other news, I am finally home from Maastricht - and the trip was "the usual" mixed in with some "that's pretty cool" and a LOT of walking around the city. Plus train travel. Lots of train travel. Don't think I've done an "Infinitus" post, yet, but since most of "Infinitus" I spent assuaging and smoothing over problems, I don't think anybody wants to hear that - and even if you do, there isn't a lot I want to say about the entire ordeal. The bits I was not "on duty" were pretty awesome - also rare. Next time I think I'd like to see a few more formal programming sessions other than just the two I was able to see (both Keynote Luncheons were awesome).

Things I Hope We've Learned For Next Time:

No waitlists for any reason, ever. No one is ever happy who sits on a wait list.
No matter how good the discount is, DO NOT offer regular Park tickets for sale to attendees. It is not worth the angst and agony.
Have a system that ALERTS your registrar when someone tries to register and it fails - for WHATEVER reason.
People will try to scam you. They suck. Suck it up and deal, though, because they are everywhere.
People are stupid, and don't read. And they will make shit up if they don't have real information. And spread that shit far and wide no matter what you do.
HPEF has the best volunteer pool of anyone going. Ever. They are all awesome, and keep coming back for no discernible reason. ♥


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