There is absolutely no way I am going to see HP7.2 tonight. I was up wicked early this morning, and there is no way I'd be able to stay up until three am - and I have to work in the morning (I can't take a day off right before the meeting - I just don't have the time). Perhaps next week before I go off to Canada I'll be able to go and see it.

So everyone who is going off to see it when it opens at midnight, have a great time! And please cut tag any spoilers... please? Thank you!
I went to the WB site and got my Patronus...

It is a Phoenix. The little wrietup about it says they are "known for their faithfulness and healing powers" and then goes on to mention Dumbledore's patronus is a Phoenix.

Interesting. I'm not sure it is completely accurate, but what the heck does an app from the WB really know about anyone, right?

(and if you want to get your own, you can go here:
At the Museum of Science in Boston. Tonight was their press/preview party reception where we were tagged with V.I.M. badges (Very Important Muggles, if you must know!). Gwen and I went in at 7:00pm to view the exhibition. And we didn't get out until about 8:45. I am so going back with a sketch pad to take some costume notes! I know photography is forbidden, but looking closely and sketching a bit should be okay.


Madam Hooch's robes - wow are these ever more fabulous in person!

Seeing how wee the kids were when the series started.

Gryffindor Dorm beds! They're numbered!

The Gryffindor Common Room Notice board - way cool!

Buckbeak - hand dyed, hand cut, hand attached feathers. And he is animatronic - they would "play" with him following people with his eyes on set.

Throwing a Quaffle!

Raising a mandrake!

Sitting in Hagrid's chair!

The centaur, acromantula, and Hungarian Horntail.

Educational Decrees all end with "blah blah balbbity blah"

Lockhart's costumes - with the G crest.

Percy's pinstriped shoes!

Ron's historical Chudley Cannons posters.

The moving portraits!

Floating candles in the Great Hall.

Yule Ball costumes - including Poor Ron (which is what every person mentioned when going by), Hermione, Harry, Cho, Cedric, and Professor McGonagall.

The Sirius costume was a delight in stripes - the outer was very upper middle class, the shirt was quite working class, and the boots were well worn in.

Lucius Malfoy's costume was black with red pinstriped pants, dark greenish black with *red* patterned not-quite paisleys, the belt is quite wonderful with a fabulous wand sheath that he, unfortunately does not use (as they put his wand inside his cane - bonehead move in my opinion).

Snape's under robe is dark *blue,* not black - what a surprise, there!

So much more I can't even articulate it all. If you are a fan of HP, and within traveling distance of Boston, MA anytime in the next few months (the exhibit is here until mid February), try to get to see it.

Awesome experience.
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( Jul. 15th, 2008 05:12 pm)
So, after over a year of planning and working and creating stuff from nothing, Portus is over. I don't think I can do a regular "con post" because I saw exactly three bits of formal programming - so I'll review those later in this post.

My three hand painted banners made over two hundred dollars in the auction! Yay! Although, I will say the Gwen mentioned that she had hoped they’d go for more. However, since they are each going to such good homes (and I know the people who won them!) I am not dissatisfied with how it went.

The past week has been one of the best ever - and that is entirely the fault of the Portus Staff. You all are incredibly talented, wonderful people.

Thank you all for an amazing event! Some personal impressions, thanks, stuff I forget to say in person because I am a t00b. In no particular order, then…

[ profile] keytothecage, I don't know how you did it, but we had press coming out of the woodwork. You are amazing amazing amazing. The Dallas newspaper that printed the story ON THE FRONT PAGE (even if it was below the fold, who cares, it was ON THE FRONT PAGE!!! SQUEEE) only two days before the event - got picked up by the radio station the same day! I credit you with all those local people coming out of the woodwork. GREAT job! Even if you did it without brownies!

[ profile] crisgo4, I know you worked about twenty-two hours a day, and did it with calm and grace, and a sarcastic wit and wry humor that not everybody had the pleasure to experience. Your socks totally win. Hopefully you got some good sleep, and we didn't scare you away for good.

[ profile] debmclain the F&B was incredible. The menus were fun, and had something for everyone – even those of us with restrictions could find something at every single meal/snack. I know that 26 food events in four days is a LOT of work, but you really did yourself proud. Thank you for keeping us going!

[ profile] kei_rin, you managed to be everywhere at once. I don't know how you did it. And you were unfailingly polite, even when I was so tired I wasn't making any sense what-so-ever. You kept us organized and on task, and did so with style. You can't get away from us now, you are ours forever.

[ profile] krissielee, my best idea EVER was you. Meet and Greet was awesome, especially for someone who took it over only a couple of months before the event (with no volunteers in existence). I know we were all a little hurting for volunteers, but the ones you got were stellar at the end. So I fully expect Azkatraz M&G to rock *completely* out (with you in charge, how can it do anything else?). Love you so so much!

[ profile] bluejeanbaby01 - Your Securors were awesome, and you did an amazing job. And heal fast. :D (I think I will remember “and douche ends with an e, too. Coincidence? I think not!” for a long long time and chuckle every single time I remember it!)

[ profile] eibbil_libbie I am so so so glad you were able to come this year. Your energy and honest appreciation for everything are always welcome and refreshing. Love you!

[ profile] sap_78, I know you weren’t an “official” member of the team, but that does not matter when you were right there, willing and able to lend a hand. Your support – even if you didn’t quite “get” us all the time – was invaluable. You are awesome, and we’re like the Hotel California, you’re not getting away now! You’re too awesome!

[ profile] bekkio. What can I say. I will never regret telling you yes. You made it easy. You should be so so so proud of yourself and your team. We love you, and you are going to be awesome in your next step with HPEF. New challenges await, and Azkatraz looks to be a great one!

[ profile] jennclack. Thank you thank you thank you for being you. For being terrific, and competent, and gracious, and just so... you! I keep saying people are awesome, so it feel so redundant to keep iterating it over and over again, but I just don’t have any other words. So yeah. You are awesome.

Quidditch – Hedwig, don’t know if you have an LJ, but it is always a pleasure, and I know everyone had fun who played.

The IP ladies who worked their asses off for the Ball, the Common Room, the Wrock Concert, the Dance Party, the Movie room, and every other informal programming event – you are too many to mention, and I’m not sure I could remember all your names, anyway (Lauren, Jodie and Court – the three most prominent in my mind, thank you for all you did for Portus). To your fearless leader [ profile] utkario2 your team of volunteers did you proud, honey. Hope you are feeling better!

Volunteer coordinator Lindsay. Wow wow wow. You have got to be the MOST organized person I know. Also one of the genuinely NICEST human beings on the planet. We must keep in touch. Must must must. What I said about the Hotel California? You’re in, and we won’t let you leave. :D

For Jimmy and Mary Ellen (and Mary Ellen’s friend whose name I never did learn). Volunteers extraordinaire! Thank you for being technically savvy. And willing to do anything.

Wilene and Jessica, It was great to see you again, and I know you did a shit-load of volunteering for Portus in many different facets. Thanks for each and every one of them.

For Mel and Heather who were not able to join us, after making sure we all looked damn good in print and on paper, the graphic designs really were the perfect crowning touch to the event. The program book is amazing, and I know it added so much enjoyment. I constantly passed people in the public spaces who were avidly reading their program book, and looking for all the colorful little touches you added in. Awesome job.

For anyone I may have missed, however accidentally, chalk it up to the lingering exhaustion.

ETA: I am going to edit this entry a lot, I can tell, as I remember people. For Christine and Paul. I could NOT have done it without you. You were *essential.* And willing to work your fingers off for me. I hope the weekend was everything you hoped it would be. I can't wait to see your photographs!

And friends, old and new ([ profile] moony, [ profile] flourish, [ profile] heidi8, [ profile] zorb, I am looking at you ladies in particular) it was wonderful to renew acquaintances! [ profile] pegkerr I hope you and your family had a marvelous time! Your girls are beautiful and charming!

And in conclusion, one of you lovely ladies mentioned a love of maple sugar candy… who was that? Heim, was that you? Let me know!


For programming sessions, I saw Dr. Henry Jenkins of MIT give his keynote address. He was just as good as the first time I saw him. He is a thoughtful, intelligent, passionate speaker, and his talk was tailor-made for us. I am a fan. Big, big fan.

I also saw Monique Trottier give her keynote address, and we all geeked out with her. She was instrumental in getting the books published here “across the pond” and is a huge fan besides. She was witty, and fun, and just as big of a dork as the rest of us, and proud of it. Gracious, articulate, and entertaining. We hope to see you lots in the future!

And of course, I had a (reserved! front-row!) seat to the Jim Dale plenary session. OMG. He read little snippets and then spoke about finding the voices for all the *hundreds* of voices he created for the audio books. I was lucky enough to get a ticket to the dessert reception where he spoke to intimate gatherings, and did a few more readings and entertained us all. He and his wife are warm, funny, entertaining people. And I hope they had half as good a time with us as we had with them, because that would mean they had boatloads of fun.

And for Pat – who geeked out with me on more than one occasion. We love you. Your costume to the Masquerade was the best I saw all night.

Mr. Dale’s autograph sessions I only got a chance to briefly look in at, and I noticed he signed everything from Barnum CDs to DVDs of Pete’s Dragon, to Portus programs, Peter Pan audio books, pictures, etc. I got the audio book of book three (my favorite book) signed.

So I am home after a week away. Tell me, dear Flist, did I miss anything important? And for Portus attendees, link me to pics?
Hi y'all! I'm back!
Chicago! ) Toronto and Prophecy )

That's me in a nutshell. How have you all been? What've I missed? I feel so out of touch.


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