Holy hell, how did it get to be Thursday al-frickin-ready? I am not ready for it to be the last weekend before Azkatraz. Really really really not. I have a metric fuck-ton of crap to do before I fly outta here on Monday morning at O'darkthirty. All pieces of my Project Wizard entry are nearing completion, but the finishing work on them is going to take days... I have one big item that needs something like eleventy-billion button holes, and then all other finishing work can be done by hand if absolutely necessary. The hat is fucking awesome - one of my favorite pieces. And one I made on a whim.

The corset is done enough - although it can use some finishing. The blouse needs closures, the skirt needs trim, the foundation stuff is all finished, though - both the bloomers and the underskirt. The robe needs a wand sheath as well as trim and buttons/buttonholes, and the final bit of lining tacked down. Victorian clothing is fucking fussy. Beautiful, but fussy. I want someone to take pictures in almost every stage of me getting into it. Because damn. It is really hard to do fittings when you are alone in the house - so I have absolutely no idea if anything is going to fit better or worse when I have someone to help me into it.

The final banner is complete (FINALLY!). And the last bit of printing has been done, as well. Although I have one more stamp to pick up - it was supposed to be done on Tuesday, but I have it on good authority it should be in tomorrow.

And packing - good lord - so much crap to pack. I think I'll have a bag to check and a bag to carry on. Plus the damned banner.

Then I get on a plane on Monday, work in the office in Fremont Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and up to San Francisco for Azkatraz Thursday afternoon, in time for dinner before the movie line party. Then a weekend with some fabulous people, in time to fly home on Tuesday night. I am exhausted just thinking about it, but I am also looking forward to it. I'm just NOT READY YET!!!
I find the process of making the corset I am making fascinating. According to the pattern, there are about twenty-billion bits and pieces, and twenty five steps. I am on step seven. But it is shaping up into a recognizable corset. It already has about four channels for stays, and it is very shapely. I've used my tailor's ham to iron its contours. I think the outer fabric I chose from my stash is pretty cool.

I kind of can't wait to get to the busk and grommet step - I'll have to set thirty-six grommets for the lacing up the back. As the corset I wore in a play in college didn't actually have a busk, the busk is a new thing for me. The one they made me at college was a one piece, laced up the back eighteen eighties/nineties pattern. And yes, I had someone lace me into it every evening for about five weeks - it was the first bit the costume shop finished, so we wore them for rehearsal starting about two weeks in. By the time the show went up we were very very comfortable in the corset, long skirts, and shoes we wore in the show. Which made the show that much better, as we had lived in the clothes for so long there wasn't any "fussing" with costumes tech week.

So as this is the first time I am sewing something so complicated, I am hopeful the rest of the outfit is easier to make. And once this bit is done, I can do one piece every few days. I am hopeful the corset will be done this weekend. Because I can't start the underskirt, blouse, skirt or cloak until I can fit it onto my body in the corset. Of course, I am going to have to figure out a small bustle for everything to fit properly. But I think I can wing it. I hope.
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( Jan. 16th, 2009 01:07 pm)
It has gone up thirteen degrees in the last hour. Sounds impressive, doesn't it? But when you start with a temperature of 2F even 15F isn't all that impressive. So yeah, kinda cold here.

In other news I am coming to the end of the costumes I have to make for Hansel and Gretel - only three more items and I'm done. And one of those items is over halfway complete. But I do have a number of props to complete before Sunday's rehearsal. So I have a feeling that tomorrow will be another long day at the sewing machine.
Huh. Ever hurt yourself and not know how? I bruise fairly easily. Or well, bruises show up on my pale pale pale skin very easily (you think I'm kidding about the paleness of my skin - I'm really not. Once, I was wearing a skirt during the summer and no stockings and someone asked me wasn't I hot in my white tights. I had to admit that I wasn't wearing tights, and she actually reached over to feel my legs just to make sure. Good thing she is a friend!). I usually have brown-blue or fading yellow-green marks on my legs and arms. Sometimes, if I press them, I have a flash of sense memory of how I got them. Good times.

Today I have a burn on my arm. Small - maybe an inch and a half - little red mark. I close my eyes - oh yes! I was ironing out one of the costumes yesterday. And I'd tipped the iron back to its resting position, and scraped the inside of my arm over the tip by accident.

War wounds, I tell you!
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( Nov. 2nd, 2008 09:00 pm)
Well. The Halloween Mega Store sell off was quite the place to be today! I wandered in and as I was passing the very first display I got stealth hugged! I was not Paying Attention, and a friend got the drop on me.

The guy behind the register looked like I was going to explode into violence, and seemed relieved when instead I hugged her back. It was awesome to see her. She was there with another lady I know and they bought almost $1200 worth of stuff (for under $400). I guess she goes to these sales and gets costumes for her dance studio. It was an amazing amount of stuff she pulled out of the cart.

I got the boater hat (politician) (fifty cents apiece - I got four - two for rehearsals and two for the shows - cheap-ass styrofoam hats, I don't expect them to survive very long - and in case the styrofoam boaters do not survive, I got a straw one for about 3 dollars I can add red white and blue ribbon to it to make it a typical political boater hat), the top hat (magician), some fancy gloves (just for fun), and a captains hat (sailor). Couldn't find any sailor hats. The store will close for the season on Tuesday. Amazing sales.

Then I spent some time doing various fiddly errands today which kept me out until the sun was setting (so early!).

I did not get the chance to rake. Oh well. Maybe next Saturday.


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