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( Jan. 15th, 2012 08:07 pm)
We celebrated my mom's birthday today (its really tomorrow). Lunch with the fam is always a barrel of laughs.

My younger niece, B, is a complete chatterbox who does not know when to be quiet or quit asking the same questions (she is incredibly single-mindedly persistant). She is the one who, at five asked if I had pet and then told me I could get a baby (like I could pick one up at the corner store).

She is turning eight next month and today's conversation went a little like this:

Aunt A? Do you have any children?
No, B, You would know them if I did. They'd be cousins like K (their cousin on their mom's side)
Oh. That's too bad.
Well. I don't think its too bad. I wouldn't be able to spend my time with you if I had kids of my own.
Aunt A? Are you married?
(at this point I'm a little wtf?)
No, B, you would know if I was married, you would know him. He'd be your Uncle.
Oh. That's too bad. (this was said slightly less sincerely)
Well. I don't think its too bad, I'm pretty happy as I am.
Aunt A? Do you have any pets?
No, B. I live by myself.
Oh. Don't you get lonely?
No B. I really really don't.

And then I proceeded to tell her we've had the same conversation several times over the past several years. And I was hoping that we'd not have to have it again. She made no promises.

Ugh. I really don't like being grilled by my ALMOST EIGHT YEAR OLD niece on my marital and family planning status. I mean, I can take it from my grandfathers - each of them asked in his own way before he died if I was going to get married (ever), and as one died when I was in my mid twenties and one died when I was in my mid thirties, I didn't really have a good answer for either other than, "maybe if I find the right person." I'm okay with defending my life choices to my grandparents (all of whom are now gone because I am Just That Old), but not to my niece.

Yes, I could have a baby, or a spouse, or a PET even if I chose to do so. I could adopt or get artificially inseminated or any number of things. But I am not ITCHING to bring a child into the world or rear one myself. I really am OKAY with that.

My S-I-L told me that even now, all B wants is to be a mother herself. She has always been all about the baby dolls. I sure hope this dream doesn't come true TOO quickly. Maybe not before she is twenty-eight or so? Because this one has A LOT of maturing to do!
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( Jan. 3rd, 2012 12:11 am)
I got home from New Years in New York City (awesome time, avoided Times Square like whoa, and hung out in Central Park for fireworks at midnight. Sadly we ended up next to the Asshat Hipsters Who Were Loud and Annoying. We moved away from them finally (omg if I had to listen to one of them congratulate himself for having a passing resemblance to Eric Stoltz one more time I might have killed him. With a book. Because apparently, that is something I seem to be capable of).

Fireworks were spectacular, Central Park was wall to wall people (the night was fairly mild, so people were all over the city).

Bergdorf Goodman's holiday windows were far and above the absolute best in the city. Macy's kind of were a let down and looked amaturish, and Saks Fifth Avenue's out and out sucked.

I got the bus home and arrived Just in Time to have cake with my brother's family for G's TENTH birthday. She got her ears pierced today as part of her birthday. Lovely end to a wonderful holiday weekend. Back to work tomorrow. Ugh!
Flying to the San Francisco Bay (Fremont) area tomorrow late afternoon. I'll be in Fremont Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday - flying home on the red eye Thursday night into Friday morning, and then flying to Orlando, FL on Saturday (home Monday night).

So! I'll be online, but likely doing a million other things at the same time (Tuesday I expect to be offline for a good part of the day).

Today we finally gave L (who turned 3 this summer - when he and his mom and sisters were on the Cape) his (un)birthday gifts. We had a little party with lunch and cupcakes. And then we played Sardines and Hide and Seek. K (my S-I-L) hid first for the first game of Sardines (one person hides, everyone seeks, and as each person finds her they join her in her hiding spot). She hid in the laundry on top of the dryer. My brother found her first and squeezed himself into the space next to the washer. I found them next and had to quietly displace a couple of the dirty clothes sorting hampers to join them. And then it took a good five minutes for anyone else to find us.

After that we played plain (unfancy) hide and seek - and both my brother and my dad cheated by moving spots. My dad was actually very clever. He left his slippers in the middle of the floor in the living room, and (as seeker) I came into the house from the deck and cleared the kitchen/family room first, and after I'd passed by he snuck into the kitchen behind me to sit on the floor next to the door. My brother just chose a really uncomfortable place to hide and it took so long for someone to find him he moved.

All in all it was a very enjoyable day. And now I gotta pack for BOTH trips.
Between Friday night plans (tickets to a local production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"), Saturday errands and Saturday night plans (dinner and budget meeting with [ profile] flourish and [ profile] gwendolyngrace (and Dr. Blue joined us for just the dinner part), Sunday plans (lunch with my family in honor of my mom's 72nd birthday) and rehearsal Sunday night, this weekend was quite busy.

Highlights include the show (which was pretty damned good, very high energy, but the narrator was a little flat, and kind of annoying), trying out Flourish's Kinect (which I am hilariously bad at, because I am not terribly coordinated on the best day), glancing out my parent's back windows and seeing what I *thought* was a deer at first in the woods (big grey brown/grey shape moving through the snow), but what resolved itself to being the biggest (most gorgeous) damn coyote I've ever seen. He was picking his way over the snow along their property edge just within the yard's tree line. Just passing through.

No rehearsal tonight, but I've got rehearsal tomorrow and Thursday. Today I am kicking around in my PJs because I can, and the end of this cold is being a bitch to lose.

We still have one more number to choreograph for Annie - the "Gonna Like it Here" number. "New Deal for Christmas" is fairly simple for us Adult Ensemble members. Lots of getting into position and standing there, but I found out I can not kneel down on one knee and lean back without tumbling over. Balance issues. The precision needed for the "You Won't Be an Orphan For Long" number is something I am working on daily - none of it is terribly difficult choreography, but it is necessary to do it precisely and at exact times. So I work on it. Our two teenage boys in the adult ensemble are thirteen and fourteen, but both have had their first growth spurt, so both are taller than me, I was telling them that I watch the videos we make each choreography rehearsal every day. Neither one has even looked. But then, one is Dancer Boy and the other is also pretty damned good. I need the remedial training.

Ah well. That's the news from this ice-encrusted part of the world. And we expect more big snow this week. The idea of the spring thaw kind of scared me this year.
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( Jan. 17th, 2011 09:40 am)
Went to a small gathering this weekend where I was told by one other party-goer that her forties were absolutely her favorite and best decade. She'd re-live her forties in a new york minute. So. Something to look forward to, I guess, since I am very close to starting that decade's journey.

I find it interesting that the awkward social anxiety I usually feel around big groups (and by "big" I mean more than seven-to-ten) of people in a "party atmosphere" never materialized. I am not good with big groups of people when there is no stated "purpose" beyond "hanging out" or being purely social. Give us a purpose (such as rehearsal, or doing something) and I usually have no trouble. Just a party, and I need a couple of days to psyche myself up, and if I'm not in the right frame of mind I sometimes don't go.

Yeah, my people - meaning my family - are not very social. We're actually fairly reclusive as a whole. So I know where it stems from. Plus I am not the type of person that thrives on other people's energy unless I'm on stage. Other people generally wear me out, and I need down/quiet time to just be for a while.

Dropped by the shop yesterday on my way to rehearsal - mostly so I could briefly see my mom and wish her happy birthday. We'll celebrate next Sunday when my brother and his family are back in town, and I don't have a mid-day rehearsal - next week, the rehearsal on Sunday is in the evening, so I can spend the afternoon at my parent's house (probably playing with the ickle-kiddies)

MLK day - which means no work today! Yay.
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( Nov. 25th, 2010 11:33 am)
My mom loves this story.

Thirty-mmnrghphl years ago yesterday, my parents were living in a two-bedroom apartment in a urban suburb of Boston. They had one child, a boy (just 18 months old at the time), and were awaiting the arrival of their second, a girl (me, for those playing at home). I was due in mid-December.

So they invited my father's father and his wife to join them for Thanksgiving. They drove the seven or so hours to get to Boston from where they lived, and arrived Wednesday late afternoon. The Boston area was hunkering down expecting a storm. A Nor'easter. My parents met my grandparents at the door with this startling pronouncement: Watch M (my brother), we're going to the hospital!

Nor'easter blows in over night, as do I. In the wee hours of Thursday morning, I arrived, three weeks early.

Mom never did cook Thanksgiving dinner that year.

Every so often the calendar brings Thanksgiving on my birthday. This is just one of those years.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving all my fellow US folk - however you celebrate! *This* year I get birthday cake with my pumpkin pie.
Watching local news is a pain because every other ad is a political ad. I've just seen two Scott Brown and *four* Martha Coakley ads in the last commercial break. I spent a long time at my parent's house this weekend and their phone is ringing off the hook - twice while I was there it was a pre-recorded message from former President Bill Clinton, once it was President Obama amongst family and friends of Scott Brown. We finally had to stop answering the phone.

I've answered the phone at home twice (but apparently I don't rate President Obama, or former President Clinton), once from Scott Brown's and once from Martha Coakley's people who wanted to remind me to vote on Tuesday. And ask me how I am voting. I told them both the same thing. Yes, I am voting, but no, I will not share who I am voting *for* because it is none of your business. I know it because I am registered unenrolled. And I know both my parents are registered unenrolled. It is like having a massive bulls-eye target on our backs... "TRY TO SWAY ME TO DRINK YOUR KOOL-AID!"

Tuesday can't come soon enough.

So maybe I am just grumpy. Or feeling like being a little bitch. Or maybe it is because I got my period today, But I am so ready for this stupid election to be over.

But otherwise, this weekend was a good one. My mom's birthday was Saturday, so my dad put together a small family birthday party for her. Of course, he neglected to actually *invite* me to the party before he called to see if I could come early to help him set up. When I had to admit I couldn't come EARLY if I didn't know to come at all. Oy.

My younger niece, B, wasn't feeling well at all, so she went home when my brother and sister-in-law took L home for a nap. G stayed and played with my old Fisher-Price castle and town. After I had to leave, G and my mom continued to play, and made letters for the mail truck to deliver to the town (the letters were probably all lost when I was a child).

I saw my folks again today - my mom and I went shopping after lunch, which was lovely, and we should do more often. I think my dad was a little miffed I went instead of him, but my mom said he would not have wandered as we did. My dad is a real goal-oriented shopper. My mom, once you actually get her to go out to a shopping center, is as likely to wander and be a hunter-gatherer type of shopper. We went to look at clothes for her, and wound up getting two practical items for her kitchen. Par for the course with Mom, but my dad wouldn't have had the patience to let her search out anything that caught her eye.

It started to rain as I was leaving my parent's house, and it has been intensifying. I understand we're expecting 4 to 8 inches by tomorrow afternoon. Grumpy.
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( Nov. 28th, 2009 04:48 pm)
...Thanksgiving make my birthday into a birthweek. Which is the difficulty of having a birthday at the end of November. It tends to get lost in the hustle of holiday *stuff.* [ profile] gwendolyngrace took me out for dinner on my birthday proper, which was lovely and was capped by divine pumpkin bread pudding (OMG so GOOD).

But I won't celebrate it with my parents and whatever segment of my brother's family shows up until tomorrow (one is working on either a cold or the flu - so who knows how the rest are feeling now).

Thanksgiving was very nice - my Uncle V came for a couple of days and hung out with my dad. I know my dad treasures the time he gets to spend with his brother, even if he wouldn't put it in those words. We had turkey and lasagna (Mom is mostly vegetarian - she will eat fish, but not any other types of animal protein) - with a few fixings. Just a few, since there were only going to be four of us. My brother's family went to his in-laws for most of the day - and then stopped by for about an hour with overtired, but still pretty manically-cheerful sprogs. Only L, who'd had a nap, was really all that awake. I do not envy my brother and sister-in-law getting the kids to sleep that night.

I successfully avoided most retail establishments for the last few days. Although, I did shop a bit on Amazon, only because when I checked "Supernatural Season Four" is on sale for $15. and since I've been waiting for a good price, I went ahead and ordered it. Sadly, I stopped watching Supernatural since I missed a number of programs in a row last season and haven't caught up yet.

So hopefully while I am off between Christmas and New Years (my company pays us to not work between December 25 and January 2 - no vacation time needed) I will catch up on everything I've been missing.

I'm also contemplating doll clothes patterns. My nieces are old enough now to appreciate and not destroy anything I might make for their American Girl Dolls. And my younger niece is very into clothing - both her own and her dolls.

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. And if you braved the retail crowds, I hope you were able to get that item that tempted you out for it.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes - I so appreciate it! And [ profile] hazelhawthorne - happy belated birthday to my birthday twin.

Random thoughts about life, not necessarily connected in any way shape or form.

**So my week of vacation is less than a week away (huzzah!). After so long anticipating, it will be sweet to be in the company of good friends again (sadly this year we will be missing a couple of our number due to family obligations).

**Saw both my parents and my brother yesterday. We celebrated my dad's seventy-fifth birthday, just the four of us. My brother's family was on the Cape, but he didn't join them this weekend. He's doing better. He starts physical therapy on August 10 - but he's already testing his range of motion and using the arm. He went off to pick up his dog and take his painting stuff out to catch the five-o'clock light. He may not be able to work on the house, and the forced inactivity is driving him a little insane, but he has time to paint now. Which is not a bad thing, in my opinion.

**My dad enjoyed his day with us - he got a couple of books on golf, a plant, and some shirts. He also got "tickets" for the local movie theatre, so he can take my mom to the movies. Which is something they used to do, but haven't done in a long long time. This is the first year in several I've actually been around on my dad's birthday - usually I am traveling for work this time of year - and I would have this year, too, but I didn't actually have to go to Stockholm. So that was nice. And my dad has never made a big deal about his birthday - for many reasons.

**My mom and I had a lovely chat - I love just sitting and talking to my mother. She'd talked to her sister recently, and I got to hear all about how my aunt is doing. I kinda wish I knew my aunt better - but since I only met her for the first time less than ten years ago, that is sort of a hopeless kind of wish. Which is really okay - I'm not pining. My mom's family are not any kind of close, so I never really had that anyway, even when her parents were still alive. From what my mom says my aunt is gripping onto the past, past hurts, past wrongs done her, and past miseries. Which make their conversations draining and difficult for my mom.

**As far as I can tell, I've received all the boxes sent back to me from Azkatraz - except for the tea lights which were coming back from the decorations chair, who took them home before packing them up and sending them back - mostly because they were all mixed in with all of her decorations stuff already - and not directly from San Francisco.

**The big box arrived with the plethora of tee-shirts included. I need to dig out any HP themed fabric I have... Which, admittedly is not a lot - but even touches might make the theme quilt sparkle a little. Anyone have any I can have? Fat quarters are fine - even scraps are good...

**looks like rain again... damned weird weather pattern!
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( Jun. 28th, 2009 09:29 pm)
So my nephew turned one today. We spent the day outside - first wandering around Drumlin Farm (a working farm that is also run by the Audubon Society - lots of conservation/ animal exhibits), and then back to my brother's house for pizza-on-the-grill and cake in the yard. I suppose when you are a vegetarian, you have to do *something* with the charcoal grill that was a wedding gift. Pizza is a fascinating choice, but there you go. (And when I say "on the grill" I mean just that - pizza dough slapped down on the grill over the charcoal. Part of the process is flipping the partially cooked dough, removing it from the grill to put on the sauce, cheese, and toppings, and putting it back on the grill to heat and melt through. Remove from grill, cut and eat. While I will say the dough got a little too blackened in parts, on the whole the pizza was quite good.)

The neighbors on the right sort of ignore the family, and the neighbors on the left are very very quiet. Seeing as the left of the house is the old part of the town cemetery (dating back to before the town was a town - and seeing as the town was founded in 1711, that was a heck of a long time ago).

We were also celebrating L's other grandmother's birthday (not my mom, my brother's wife's mom). So Nammy and L share a birthday (which I suppose I might have known, but not really).

L's pile of gifts was bigger than him, and he wasn't too interested in the whole proceedings. He was more interested in smashing cake everywhere, and crawling off to the far reaches of the yard. All in all a very enjoyable day (and we made my brother sit down as much as possible, as he has foregone pain medication entirely during the day. Moron.).
So we've gone from mid springtime to deep summer without so much as a "by your leave." Temperatures are *supposed* to be in high-fifties and mid-sixties for this time of year. This weekend? Eighties. Today? Ninety-four! Ninety-four? Really? That sucks!!! Heat makes me cranky.

This is normal for late JULY early AUGUST - NOT APRIL!!! (bring back my pretty april weather, pretty please?)

Yikes. So. I need shorts, seeing as all of mine are currently four to eight sizes too big. I was hoping to put off any clothes shopping for another month - but if the weather is going to be this warm, I cannot go around in jeans. Right now I'm wearing an oversized tee over my underwear, because wandering around the house in jeans is Just Too Hot. Especially considering I don't have air conditioning.

In other news - I know so many people born at the end of April! Happy birthday [ profile] pegkerr and [ profile] drvsilla! I hope your day brought you tea and cakes and peace!

Run, don't walk, to see this movie. In 3D.

spoilers here, beware! )

Not a spoiler - if you do see the 3D version (which I totally recommend - worth the $2 surcharge) stay until the very end of the credits for a final visual effect. And the 3D is throughout the movie - so keep the glasses on full time.

I totally want to see it again, just to bask. One to own the special edition of with hopefully the making of footage. Nearly perfect - I give it a solid A
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( Feb. 7th, 2009 11:16 am)
To my bestest, [ profile] gwendolyngrace, who is away this weekend with her boy.

Hope you're having fun, babe, because I am holding your gifts hostage until I see you again. A teaser: included is something note-worthy, something scent-worthy, and something colorful.
Happy Birthday [ profile] hiddenhibiscus! I hope you had a lovely day!

I spent today at a matinee of "Titanic: the Musical" done locally. Fairly well done! The choreography was limited (and a little silly in places) but it was simple enough that all of the people on stage could do it - no matter their ages, or their ability to dance. The voices were all quite wonderful - I didn't lose many words at all - I think having the band off stage left helped tremendously with that - they didn't overwhelm any of the voices.

I had friends in the show and while the man playing Captain Smith was wonderful *as* the captain, he didn't get a chance to sing much. Which is too bad, because he has a marvelous voice.

My parents threw me a family birthday party - I spent an hour coloring with G and B, and some time cuddling L. B asked me who I live with. And if I had a dog or cat or bunny rabbit. And when I admitted I live alone, with no pets, she sunnily informed me I *could get* a dog or cat or bunny rabbit. Or, I could get a baby. Love her view of he world. I could just up and *get* a baby to live with me in my house.

I've been invited to my niece G's seventh birthday party - which is happening a whole month early, because there is a family friend who does concerts for kids, and she's invited all the girls in her class to go to the concert, with pizza and ice cream cake for afters. How can one turn down such an awesome invitation? One cannot, so I am going to get to see the kids next weekend. Yay!

And I am currently kicking around plot ideas for a multi-fandom ficfest I signed up for in the new year.

Must we go back to work tomorrow? And must it be December, already? *sigh* Oh, all right.
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( Nov. 25th, 2008 01:36 pm)
Than you [ profile] heidi8 for the (adorable) pink and purple PONY!

Thank you [ profile] bekkio for the lovely musical card wishes!

Thank you [ profile] conjured_1 and [ profile] thenightsfall for the sparkly (woo - fancy!) wishes!

I just spent some time shoe shopping (no success). And I got the box of chocolates to take to thanksgiving my brother tasked me with (Godiva Dark Chocolate Assortment). And saw lots of cute clothes I did not try on. Now, I am doing laundry, and after that some sewing. Sadly, the yard work I would have done is canceled due to rain (but I can't be chuffed about that - because, well, yard work).

I will be going out to dinner with Gwen tonight... A very nice way to spend an unexpected (and comp) day off.

And to [ profile] hazelhawthorne Happy Birthday (on the day!)!!!
Happy Birthday [ profile] ksl2025! Hope you had a terrific day!

Still fall. But this weekend was warmer than it has been for a while - actually got up into the mid sixties. Went shopping yesterday. Ended up with a couple of things from the LnT (from their sell off sale) and a direction for the over-cloak for the Project Wizard costume. Oh. And a new shirt that cost all of three dollars (score!).

We also looked through one of those Halloween costume shops. One that is already advertising their November 2nd sale. And saw lots of hats I'll be able to hopefully pick up on the cheap for Hansel and Gretel costumes this winter.

Unsurprisingly, the halloween shop was packed with people. Kinda-did-but-shouldn't-have surprised me there was a lot more (cheap ass) fetish gear than I was expecting. I'm going to be really lame this year, and wear my "spooky" tee-shirt, my halloween socks, and kinda leave it at that. I also will be hiding somewhere not home next Friday. I just can't deal with the dozens of kids that troll my neighborhood. If it were just the neighborhood munchkins (of appropriate age), I would be fine with that, but it seems we get packs of roving (older) teens, too. And with trick or treat being a Friday night, I'd rather just skip the whole thing this year. Too bad the party I'm going to had to be scheduled for the first, I could have avoided the whole give-candy-out-thing completely. Maybe I'll hide out at Gwen's. Last year she only got one group of trick or treaters.

And then, after the party I've got Spookapella V! This year we've got Firedrill, Syncopation, and Ball in the House. None of whom I've seen live. Last Spookapella was Duende, Moosebutter, and Harmanatryx. It will be a really good time!
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( Apr. 28th, 2008 10:26 am)
I have come to the conclusion...

...everyone is born at the end of April.

Happy Birthday [ profile] drvsilla!

Happy Birthday [ profile] pegkerr!

Happy Birthday [ profile] mudblood428!
I spent the holiday weekend *immersed* in family. Thanksgiving was lovely. Found out I have a new niece or nephew on the way (which I believe I posted about on Thanksgiving itself). Spoke with my uncle and cousins at length about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They all seem to be doing very well.

My birthday celebration was small - and filled with wee relatives playing endlessly with blocks, hide-and-go-seek, and romping merrily on the beds my parents bought for the girls so they can Stay Over at Grandma and Grandpa's. G very gleefully whispered The Secret to me (mommy's going to have a baby!) as we built wonderful things with the colored blocks and the plain wooden oak blocks. B brought the bear she built at build-a-bear-workshop and kept making it sing the birthday song at me. It was a little odd that a mottled pink bear with embroidered butterflies burst out with the tinny deep man's voice chanting "happy birthday" to scratchy music.

M and K and the kids gave me a lovely wind chime. My parents started the fund for the serger I want to get for myself (it is a five thread overlock machine). Gwen gave me a hand-made bracelet (very pretty) and later we went to the movies and saw "Enchanted."

This movie is so cute! A very fluffy film geared towards kids, but that adults will enjoy because it has all the best disney-princess cliches without going too far into meanness. It starts off animated (hand drawn animated!) and the wicked queen sends the princess-to-be to "where there are no happily ever afters" - also known as Times Square, NY. And there all turn into live people (of course). The music and lyrics were written by Alan Menkin and Stephen Schwartz - both brilliant in their own rights. The foppish prince was delightfully played by James Marsden (who we last saw in Hairspray, but is most widely known for his work in the X-Men movies as Cyclops).

And YouTube has a number of the musical numbers... my favorite is the Central Park scene, because it is just so perfect. Here: That's How You Know

All in all, it was a delightful day.

Now I am gearing up for my eight-day stay in Vancouver. I'll leave tomorrow and be home December 7th. But no worries! I'll be online almost all the time!
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( Nov. 25th, 2005 09:15 am)
So I spent Thanksgiving at my brother's house and my neices wore me out! I read a whole bunch of books to G while B ran around and screamed like a crazy person. Her Ogo (maternal grandfatehr) calls her an "interesting person." She's a bit of a drama queen, and if you are not paying her any attention you better watch out 'cause you'll get it. Usually in top voice next to your ear. Ouch! But seeing as she is nearly two, it all comes with the territory.

G was shy of having all of us in her house, even though she knew who we all were and have seen us before. At nearly four, she was better behaved and only became a little balky when it was time to sit down for dinner. She didn't want to sit at the table by herself, so my brother patiently held her in his lap while she ate. Which meant he didn't eat 'til she was done and gone to the corner to play quietly. He joked he was on the second shift for dinner. He is an amazing father, but don't tell him I said that! I'd *never* hear the end of it!

While I am nattering on here, Happy Birthday to my birthday twin, who I hope to meet at Lumos - 2006 next year! Happy Birthday [ profile] hazelhawthorne! I hope you have a wonderful day!


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