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( Oct. 29th, 2009 06:05 pm)
After a very very quiet summer, my phone just rang with the first winter announcement from the town via the reverse-911 phone service. The winter parking ban begins on Sunday and parking is prohibited on ODD sides of the street from Nov. 1 to April 1. And also prohibited on arterial roads in a snow emergency (these are also announced via reverse-911 calls.

I also paid a bill in person today, as when my oil was delivered they stuck the bill in the front door storm door. And it was raining. I managed to salvage the bit with the total, but the rest of it was just pathetic and sad. So since I was going to be passing by the company anyway, I popped in to pay it with the sad looking little clump of paper instead of mailing it as I usually do.

I spent a few minutes wandering around down town Natick doing errands in the bright sunshine. I love autumn days like today - bright sun, blue skies, crisp air, crunching of leaves underfoot and about fifty degrees of yummy. Maybe I'll have an apple for dessert tonight

Tomorrow - Spookapella (a halloween-time a cappella concert at a local arts center). This year a local high school group is opening the show for the professionals - how cool is that?

Tonight I will snuggle down in my fleecy vest and lap quilt over my legs. Mmmmm I love autumn!
**I saw the 3D UP! last weekend. What a surprisingly lovely movie! I loved Carl and his grumpy-ness. I loved Dug and his obsession with squirrels (one thought... does the South American Jungle have squirrels? How does the Dog Militia know what one is, and that they are awesome to chase?) I love the Wilderness Scout (Russell? Randall? Reynolds?). And Kevin is also a wonderful character. Well done Pixar!

This movie has a love hate relationship with gravity. It is only useful when it is USEFUL if you understand what I am saying. And yes, we all cried at various points. The sniffles in the nearly full theatre were pretty epic.

**Saw the PBS Great Performances "Chess in Concert" on Thursday night. Awesome! Tim Rice did preface the show by saying he thinks they've finally worked out a throughline story that works the best. It has good points, bad points, and parts that were fucking AWESOME. Yes, Josh Grobin cannot act. We know this. However, he does have a gorgeous voice, and was perfect as Anatoly, since he didn't have to do much more than put genuine feeling into the music, he did quite well. Adam Pascal as Freddie was also incredibly well cast - his brash, bold, "Fuck you" attitude as the Ugly American was pitch perfect. Idina Menzel as Florence did well. I wish she had enunciated a little more, because we lost some of her words in the duets, trios and quartets. The man who played the Arbiter was suitably creepy and MIB-like. But one of the stand out performances was for the woman playing Svetlana - she was amazing, even though we don't even meet her until Act Two. "Someone Else's Story," "I Know Him So Well," and "Anthem" were my favorites, followed up with "Nobody's Side," "Pity the Child," and "The Arbiter."

Really really well done, even the bits that don't *quite* work, plot-wise. I loved the whole duality that the minimal set and costuming punched up. Black and white. I also liked the ballet bits of the chess matches. I will be watching it again, for sure.

**Tonight Gwen and I went to see Cadence at TCAN - a Toronto-based a cappella quartet. So much fun! The guy who was the bass/percussion for most of the performance was amazing. The new tenor to the group also quite musical - as a number of their arrangements were done by him. They sort of mimic the tones of instruments - horns, strings, percussion. And they seem to specialize in jazzy music from all musical eras of the twentieth century. And they are incredibly funny. I think I loved the "noir" bits the best. One note guys - "On the Street Where You Live" is NOT a jazz standard. I mean it may be a jazz favorite, I don't know, but it is originally from My Fair Lady and is a MUSICAL THEATRE standard. Lerner and Loewe. 1956. Ring a bell? So there.

I do love their Web site tag line... "Instruments are for Surgeons." LOL! It doesn't sound like they need instruments - they take care of all of that vocally. Awesome - I recommend seeing them if you ever get the chance.
Merry merry everyone - something that has been around a while, but still full of the spirit of the season!

Like all the best a cappella, it starts off kinda normal, and devolves from there.

The Kinsey Sicks! Dragapella "Beautyshop" Quartet (yes, it is exactly what you think it is). Featuring such classics as (these links go to youtube, so likely not really worksafe):

(Locked out of the)Chapel of Love

We Arm the World

When You're Good to Dubya

I Wanna Be a Republican
Yeah - me neither.

Today kind of rocked my witchy socks off. But first, I spent last night holed up in Gwen's apartment avoiding the trick-or-treaters of my neighborhood (her neighborhood avoided her, so we both won). But when I got home it seemed I got trick-or-treated anyway as hanging from my doorknob was a political flyer for a guy running as a write-in state rep candidate. Among other things, he wants to establish tolls on a couple of additional roads (not rte 90 which already has tolls on it), abolish the turnpike authority, tax alcohol by consumption, build a casino, and make parents 100% responsible for the actions of their children. Oh - and he will only be in office one two-year term, and won't draw a salary or take any kind of contributions from anyone. Um. No. Thank you, Mr Crackpott, but I want someone who is not going to try to be all things to all people, and I *want* to pay my rep. I want my rep to be answerable to me because I pay his/her salary. I also want the rep to WANT to do the job for more than one term. To fix stuff and keep it fixed instead of leaving a mess for the next guy to have to clean up.

Anyway - TODAY!!! Went to the Fandom Apartment of Awesome Halloween bash (awesome place guys! So much fun!) but had to leave that quite early in order to make it to TCAN an SPOOKAPELLA V! The groups this year were amazing - and the vocal percussionists were awesome! The show opened with Firedrill - seven guys who have one CD and another one (sort of, maybe, possibly in the next few months *cough* years) on the way. Following Firedrill was Syncopation, a four person jazz vocal group (but they also play horns - just not tonight). Two women and two men - the vocal percussionist was GOOD.

Finishing up the show was Ball in the House - five guys from around here who tour, tour, tour. Their vocal percussionist is not just good, but GREAT. He started the group about eleven years ago they said. And they also have a CD about to come out of holiday music. They did do one holiday song, and it was a jazzed-up version of an old song. Lovely. They also plugged my favorite radio station - WERS 88.9 - because they play all their stuff on All A Cappella (saturdays and sundays 2-5pm). Yay Ball in the House - you guys rocked (and as Gwen mentioned, they seem partially staffed by the Brothers Black)!

One of the highlights of the show was when Firedrill put down the microphones and did a song completely clear, clean, natural - gorgeous!

Tomorrow I have a bit of shopping to do (the Halloween store is starting their 75% off sale - and I need some hats for Hansel and Gretel. If I can get them 75% off - so much the better!). And then I don't know. It seems about sixty percent of the leaves are down off the trees, so I may start raking tomorrow. Depends how I feel when I finish shopping, I guess.

A little bit extra sleep tonight is going to feel good!

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( Oct. 29th, 2005 02:25 pm)
The Duende and Five O'Clock Shadow concert last night rocked! I loved Duende far more than I thought I would - and the vocal percussionist and bass were, I think the hardest working ones of the six of them. The vocal percussionist was so cool as he had his "drum sounds solo" - it was incredible listening to this guy go through the various drums and cymbals with nothing but his voice and a microphone. So COOL!

And Five O'Clock Shadow was amazing. FOCS ended the night with a "true" a cappella song - no mics at all. Just the pure voice. Amazing.

I bought the Duende CDs and Gwen got the FOCS ones. Actually she bought half of mine, too, because I only had two fives in my wallet.

Vancouver this coming week. I really don't want to fly cross country again, but I've never been to Canada, or the northwest part of the US - so Vancouver should be fun - once I get there. *sigh* Another week and a half in a hotel. Fun fun.

ETA: WTF? It's SNOWING??!!??


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