... but I'm not gonna lie.  The Fruit of the Loom ads with the race car pit crew doing their thing in their boxers makes me laugh every single time.  And the announcer is talking about how high performance their underwear is in crazy prose.

Well done, ad people!  Clever ad, that is entertaining *and* was good enough I remembered your product. (Yes, I realize there is the stunt woman action sequence for the ladies, but it was the crowd of guys swarming a car in their undies that I saw first).

From: [identity profile] thistlethorn.livejournal.com

I agree--the funny and clever ones often hold my attention, but 75% of the time, I couldn't tell you which product they were for. Like the one where the guy's car is his baby..portrayed by an actual giant baby--it's cute and funny, and I think it's for a car insurance company, but I couldn't tell you which one. Nationwide, maybe? So the fact that your commercial leaves you knowing what the exact product/brand is is huge.

There's another really funny one out there that I have forgotten at present, but which makes me laugh every time. Oh, and another one: the Kayak.com one with the brain surgeon manipulating the patient's hands via touching sections of the brain to type in travel site urls on a laptop during brain surgery. Hilarious!


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