...the Christian Conservatives on my FaceBook feed post a ton of Christian Religious Right Crap all at once.  I don't mind the stuff that is political - everyone has their political views.  It is the social stuff that annoys the hell out of me - the "boycott the Muslim-themed post office stamp!" the "put God back into the holidays by saying 'merry Christmas' instead of 'happy holidays!'"  Its the exclusionary tone of this crap that gets me.

Unfortunately, most of the folks that post and repost and REPOST this stuff are mostly relatives.  So I can't just remove them from my facebook feed.  And I don't mind the posts about their animals and all the horsey-themed homilies and such.

The best I can do is hold my tongue and not post snarky socially liberal shit back to them.

From: [identity profile] thistlethorn.livejournal.com

Amen, sistah! (Er, so to speak. ;-)) I actually only have my middle-of-the-road family members friended on FB. B/c who needs that crap? Plus, I also have just a few fanish/liberal friends posted--enough that MY feed has suddenly become quite a pleasure to read, promoting equal rights for all and pro-atheism. (Or at least not evangelical Christian.)


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