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( Dec. 2nd, 2013 07:47 pm)
So I know the vast majority of you through fandom of one flavor or another so I feel okay with sharing this... I've very slowly come to realize something interesting.

Men write fanfic somewhat (and obviously) differently than women.  I know the majority of fanfic is written by women, but there are men who do it, too (and are fine writers of it).

I've recently found several authors who self identify as men (whether they are or not, well, who really knows on the Internet, right?).

And every single one of them have had their female characters want to be gently touched in the breast region.  And felt up, or ogled, or played with or whatever - perhaps sooner in the relationship any girl I knew would be comfortable with (and at younger ages, too).  I don't know (and didn't know) any girl at fifteen who absolutely knew how they wanted to be touched and had the confidence to flat out tell - no *instruct* a boy exactly how, where, and how much.  That is a very male fantasy, and something most girls need time and maturity to grow the confidence for (and experience of doing).

I don't mind the focus on the boobies - really - and some of the authors are very "fade to black" when it comes time to actually describe the boobies (I swear most women slash writers are more comfortable describing men's junk than these menfolk are describing the bit (or lot) of skin between a girl's chin and her belly button.  So far most of what I have gotten is "warm").  And most of the female sexual releases are described by how she sounds rather than what she looks like or feels like or anything else.

Most of the boys in these stories are grateful for the instruction, and willing to be led sexually, but perfectly able to also be "gentlemanly" about it.

I haven't found the men writers to be too much into writing the femslash - they're all about the het so far (never mind the slash of the menfolk variety - I am sure it exists but I haven't found much).

Anyone else have other observances between men fanfic writers and women fanfic writers (or people who put themselves out on the interwebz as male as opposed to people who put themselves out as female - or even those who never self identify as any gender)?


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