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( Nov. 13th, 2013 08:59 pm)
So I have figured out that Wednesday night is when all the stores in the mall have their most awkward, uncomfortable-speaking-to-other-human-beings employees working.

I was trying on boots (shut up they're Danskos and super comfy) and the shop dude would NOT stop nattering at me in the most awkward, let me stick my whole leg down my throat and then chew it off STILL TALKING way possible.

I wanted to tell him, just stop TALKING already!  You are making me embarrassed FOR you on how much you are bombing at small talk!  Really really BAD small talk.  And the thing is I am sure he was miserably AWARE how bad he was at small talk - but it was like he couldn't stop himself.

And then I wandered in to look at the pretty (and extremely expensive) teapots in another shop and the shop dude there accosted me with a million and one facts about the teapots and asking me all sorts of questions about what teapot "called to me."

Whatever happened to the polite greeting and then letting the shopper GET ON WITH IT, BY HERSELF?!?  I mean, I do not need people fawning over me while I shop.  Or trying to engage or whatever.  I thanked them all very politely, but I probably would have stayed a little longer and considered my choices IF THEY HADN'T CHASED ME AWAY with all their awkward chatter!

Lesson learned.  Go when there are more shoppers about than a really slow Wednesday night!


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