Today's major accomplishment:  I helped my mom wash their dog.  This was an item on my father's "things I want to happen today" list.  But after lunch, he was watching golf (ladies PGA - Park won) and fell pretty deeply asleep (he thinks it is some of the meds he is on right now - I mean, the man had pretty serious open heart surgery less than eight months ago and it takes a long time to recover - he's also 78).  Mom and I were puttering around as we do and I mentioned at about five if the dog was going to be bathed it should be soon.

We totally took the dog out on the deck and hosed him down and shampooed the heck out of him.  He was a little confused, but didn't seem to mind (much).  And an hour later when my dad woke up and I told him we made sure he could check that off his list of things to do he was shocked he hadn't heard us do it.  He had no idea it was happening (we were, no lie, about twenty five feet from his chair on the other side of the glass door).

So they are doing well - and their dog is clean.  I also discussed my mother's cousin - who keeps unearthing things on the Interwebz - this time some paintings my grandmother did were auctioned off in 2008 and the records from the auction house for the sale are online (and two paintings my mother did over forty years ago went in the same auction - I am thinking they were items from an estate because all four paintings were likely bought at the Kendall Gallery in Wellfleet - both my mom and my grandmother had work there for a few years in the late sixties early seventies.  Blasts from the past.


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